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Back in late February on a cold night in Cambridge, I got the chance to catch back up with Music Remedy mainstays The Summer Set yet got a bit of a different perspective of the band. We've steadily interviewed all the members of the band over the years we've gotten to know this group but as of late, we've been sitting down with lead vocalist Brian Dales. That's a great thing. Unfortunately a lot of the time, the singer is purely a front man. He doesn't write the songs he's actually singing and kind of leaves that work up to his band. Truly is just the image for the band. Luckily for The Summer Set, this is the exact opposite of the role Brian takes in his band. While he is the front man of the band and for good reason, Brian is one of two lead writers in the group and just since the release of Legendary last April, he has written a hundred and twenty songs. Not exactly taking a mind break!
We caught up with the guys and girl of TSS at the beginning of their very special acoustic tour across the states and lucky for us, the band will be back out in the US on what seems like their hundredth Warped Tour. If our interview is the truth for the band's year though, this will be your one opportunity to catch the band again this year! So buy those tickets and head out to support one of our favorite acts to cover!

It's only been a few months since we last interviewed the band so this won't be too extensive but how did the idea for this tour come about? You guys haven't really done this before.
I've always wanted to do it. We didn't want to do another tour that was one of the same. Same clubs that we have been playing in for a year. Four band bill. We also realized we wanted to tour by ourselves. To show that we didn't need support or that we didn't need to support someone and we have three albums worth of songs now. We wanted to play a lot of them and in order to be allowed to do that, we basically needed to be the only band on the bill. We're playing twenty songs a night and that's really cool. It's a long show. We're only two shows in and we haven't hit the cold yet till today. The first two shows were unlike anything we've ever done so it's been really awesome.
It's been a really good experience?
Having a lot of the kids being able to meet you too I'm sure really helps.
Yeah, I mean we're not meeting anyone new. These kids come to these meet and greets and we've seen them all before. I think more of the point is that we knew it was more of a tour for the super fan. It's not really a tour where we are meeting new people. These people come to the meet and greets and I've seen all their faces before. That's a cool feeling too. It wasn't so much a tour for growth purposes as it was a tour of us showing that we could do it and that's kind of awesome.
Then how is it set up? I saw the photo screen. Do you just play for like a straight two hours, do you do two sets?
We bring in about fifty kids first then we do a little meet and greet with them. We show them about a eight minute documentary on that screen that we made over the past year. Then we finish the meet and greet. We go on stage around 8, 8:30 every night. We play for like an hour, hour and a half, two hours. Kind of however long we feel and then it's over. That's it. Well, we play Legendary, our new album, front to back first then we walk off the stage. Then we come back on and do songs from our first records. Kind of however many that we feel like then that's it. It's been pretty awesome so far. It's really cool that every show has sold out as well. That's awesome.
Every show is already sold out? That's insane.
Actually Denver may not be but that one just went on sale.
It will happen!
I'll give Denver the benefit of the doubt.
Then you guys have been doing this band for so long as the same line up. Legendary is your third full length album and clearly it's been doing well. With everything going on like Macy's and IHeartRadio and Warped Tour this past summer. Huge. How maybe does that feel considering you've been doing this for so long? I mean we've interviewed you guys several times over the whole process.
It feels, it feels really good. We got to do stuff last year that we haven't been able to do in any previous years. I think that's the point. To always keep trying new things and having new experiences and what not. I'm not easily satisfied so I feel still there's so much further to go and that's a good feeling but there are a lot of other things that I want to do. That was a really cool year that we were very fortunate to have and I think that opened the door to a lot of new listeners and that's really exciting for us.
Are you even thinking about the next record or is that still a while away?
I've written a hundred and twenty songs since Legendary came out.
A hundred and twenty songs, really? Like fully formed with lyrics and everything?
Most of them aren't for sure Summer Set songs but who knows. It's kind of cool. John and I have both been writing a lot year-round now. Even outside of just band. Just writing to write which has been really exciting. Just fun to finish Legendary and keep writing. Not to stop and wait two years to write. Writing let's your mind take the back seat and not be so pressured about what The Summer Set sounds like. Allows you to kind of write just to write and try new things. Try to experiment with new types of songs. Kind of take your head out of the game which is always a difficult part and can get in your own way. I've written a hundred and twenty songs since Legendary came out in April. I counted it on the airplane yesterday and it's a really cool feeling. Who knows if any of them will be Summer Set songs. Some might, some might not. Who knows but we're not really working on the record but at the same time, we're always writing songs. We'll see!
Then you just started this tour, I know it's not too long of a tour but are you going to be doing touring this year? Just focusing on writing new songs?
We'll hopefully do one more US tour this year. Perhaps.

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