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You know you'll go far when you have insanely famous for good reasons Randy Jackson as your general manager. But that's not why Jackson Guthy is famous. Jackson is the latest teen heart throb to be all over the radio and be killing it every night on tour. He just finished an incredibly successful US tour supporting Emblem3 and is about to hit the road with 5 Seconds of Summer!

With an album in the works and his new single Young and Single just dropping, the boy's star will only be getting brighter and brighter. Luckily enough, we were able to snag some time with him while he was in Boston! We learned about what he has learned from touring to his music process to what we can look forward to from him in the future!

Alright so you have been really busy these last few years, I mean touring with some huge acts like Big Time Rush, Cher Lloyd. What are a couple things you'€™ve taken from those tours, maybe some key points?
Um, the coolest thing about being an opener is like instead of being the headliner where you'€™re just focusing on your own act, being an opener you get to kind of see the way other people are doing their stuff. So going from like Big Time Rush and how they performed to Victoria Justice, Cher Lloyd, One Direction, and now the Emblem3 dudes. It'€™s like you take these little things from all the acts and you kind of blend them together which helps you develop yourself as artist like kind of pulling little things here and there so that'€™s been really helpful. So I really love that about playing on tours.

Yeah that'€™s awesome. So speaking of becoming an artist and still developing, you do have a pretty unique sound. Did you have influences at all growing up?

Yeah so I'€™ve always really liked Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars. So I don'€™t know I'€™ve always wanted to not necessarily be a kid who is always known as a kid act, or get stuck in that. I wanna be able to sell out arenas when I'€™m 19 but also sell out arenas and stadiums when I'€™m like 70 years old too. Because music is what I have always loved to do and I play piano and stuff, so it would be nice to have a really long career that'€™s more of a gradual build rather than shooting straight up.

Nice, and have you started to gather a body of work for like a full length album yet? Because you write all your songs correct?
I do, yeah. I put together probably about 10 songs that are already done for this record. But um, my first single comes out in March, which I'€™m really excited about. That goes to worldwide radio, so I'€™m super excited about that. It'€™s called '€œYoung and Single'€, and it'€™s basically a song that pretty much is something that can be really relatable. So I wanted something that is more than just relating to me but that other people can feel a connection with as well. So it'€™s all about being young and single just going out and having a good time and living life you know?

Exactly, and is it more of a pump up song?
It'€™s a pump up one yeah; it'€™s the closer of my set right now. So yeah I'€™m excited about that song, it'€™s gonna be awesome.

Nice I'€™m excited to see it tonight. And do you remember the first CD you ever had?
I remember N'€™sync '€œBye Bye Bye'€, I was really stoked about that. And I loved that disc, I was obsessed with the way the disc looked with like blue and orange. Me and my sister used to always fight over what songs we played in the car, but it always just ended up being '€œbye bye bye'€ for the entire hour long or whatever car ride.

Love it. And we kind of went over this already but you'€™ve already accomplished so much for only being 17, I mean from Ellen to One Direction that'€™s pretty big. Do you have a longer term plan right now maybe over 5 or 6 years or are you just going with the flow?

Yeah, so I'€™m finishing up this tour, then I'€™m doing the 5 Seconds of Summer tour right after this, which I'€™m super excited about because it'€™s just gonna be me and them, and that sold out I think in like less than 3 hours so that'€™s awesome. But basically my plan is not um, I don'€™t know I'€™m not really setting any dedicated goals like that are set, because everything is still up in the air for me. My main goal is to just get my music out there and gain more fans and I don'€™t know just kind of see where the road takes me, because at the end of the day music is what I love to do. I don'€™t wanna rush into anything that'€™s gonna get me stuck in a certain category, because it'€™s always really hard to break out of that. So I really just wanna put out the best music possible and keep writing my stuff and see where that gets me. If it gets me to the House of Blues it gets me to the House of Blues. If it gets me to an arena then hey more power to me. So I'€™m just trying to have fun with it and enjoy it as much as I can seeing where the universe takes it, I think it'€™s gonna be awesome.

Good, that sounds like great plan. And how is this tour going?
Yeah the Emblem3 guys are good dudes. MKTO are just as equal, yeah so theres a lot of dudes on this tour. The weird thing is it goes me, and then the 2 MKTO dudes, and then the three Emblem3 dudes. So it'€™s like 1,2,3.

That'€™s awesome, and are you going to take some time off in between this tour and the next or is it just right on the road again?
No, it'€™s basically I get home and it'€™s my 18th birthday so I'€™m gonna be 18 like three days after I get home, March 19th. Um yeah and then I pretty much go right into rehearsals and maybe a couple press things here and there, yeah and then right back on the road.

Is that going international or is that just in the states?
No not really, its basically all in the states. It does go up to Canada though. That'€™s the only thing, I really wanna go to like the UK, and Japan, I wanna see those other places because I'€™ve been all over the U.S. which is really cool, but its like all the same. I think it would be awesome to go to the UK and Japan or whatever, even Australia.
Yeah you got to get some new accents in there.
Yeah see something new, and maybe some bad ass accents. That would be awesome.

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