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In first week of touring season for the new year, I caught up with everyone from EDM acts to pop stars, from Datsik to Cody Simpson, but one band that has always been a interview request for me are the the Arizona dudes in The Word Alive. I've been interviewing the boys since late 2009 which is when Telle Smith first joined the band. Ever since 2010, I've been steadily sitting down with Telle for countless interviews going through their album cycles and our latest happened on their Fall tour headlining with I See Stars!
The boys are heading back around the US with this March with Memphis May Fire where we hope to catch up with the band again but for now, read on for a sneak peek into the new album the boys are working on!

How has this tour been going so far?
The tour's been great. Most of the nights have sold out or done really close. Playing some of the biggest rooms like tonight that we've ever played with headlining. I See Stars, we've toured with a bunch of times. Crown The Empire a couple times. The Dayshell dudes, well we toured with Of Mice & Men when Shayley was in that band and Covette. Their old band toured with them back in like 2007 and then Get Scared, one of the guitar players actually used to work for Greeley Estates, my old band. Then Palisades, we used to play shows with their old band Maryland Is Dead. So every band on this package, we've known one way or another. Off and on in potentially up to the last six years. So it's been really cool. All the bands are friends and hanging out so it's been great.
Then maybe, obviously you guys have been playing as a band for so long and I think the first time we've ever interviewed you, you were first band opening here, if not second. You're finally headlining this room, how does that feel considering how long this journey has been?
It's been awesome. I will have been in the band five years next month and our first tour was in December or January of that year next year. So like 2009. The last four years of touring have been definitely as you call it a journey. We've gone through member changes, we've changed with management, booking agents. Just really trying to find who we were and what worked best for us. We just kept going forward through out the whole thing. It got us to here and we're definitely thankful that we've been able to make it through it. Some of those things a lot of bands don't make it through and we're stronger for it. I think our fans have stuck by us through everything. So, grateful.
Perfect and then are you currently working on the next album?
Yeah, we are. Most of it is done. We're recording after this tour and after our next tour. We're headlining in Europe and the UK right after this. So probably like January, we'll go back into the studio and finish the rest of the record. Then hopefully spring time, probably early/late spring, we'll have a new record out.
Then do you think the writing process is still changing or do you think it's become like this steady rhythm?
We utilize multiple different ways of writing. We have the songs that the full band will sit down in a room and we just jam it out and then it just comes to life. Then we have the songs where Tony wrote or Zach wrote or I wrote or Tony started and Zach caught it or Zach started it and Tony finished it. We're just trying to find what works best for us and sometimes. It's something different from the last time but we're really open minded with each other and we're very honest. If someone starts coming up with something and it isn't great, we don't just through it away because we're all there to help finish it. We're really supportive of each other's writing and coming out with the best songs we possibly can. So I think that will show even more so on this next album.
Then we've done this so often so obviously don't want to ask the same questions. You have the UK headlining tour. What is coming up for the band?
I mean we just took four months off.
So a little bit of a break.
Yeah, that's the longest break we've ever taken as a band. So that was the major break for our band. We have the UK and Europe headliner. Then we come home for Christmas then we go back out end of January/start of February with Blessthefall. We go to Brazil and then pretty soon announcing our Spring tour that we're on. It's a great tour. I'm not sure where all it goes to or not but it will be really sweet. Then we'll hopefully have the record out on tour and we'll see where we go from there!

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