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It's crazy to think that I've been fully immersed in the alternative music scene for almost five years now and one of the bands I always make an attempt to catch and interview are the Arizona darlings The Maine. I've been interviewing the boys ever since 2009 when they dropped their debut full length record and "weird cousin" in Garrett's words "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" all the way up to their latest and fourth album "Forever Halloween". From asking the band about their favorite treat in the beginning to now grilling their minds over their current audience and the way their writing process has changed over the years. In our most recent interview, I sat down with Garrett Nickelsen from the band while they were on tour with Anberlin. There are several bands over the years that I've seen explode for good reason and The Maine will always be one of our favorites to cover!

Now that 'Forever Halloween' has been out for a few months and is definitely the most "different" amongst the discography, how do you feel it's been going over?
Good! Things are pretty awesome. We've been playing a few more new ones on this tour. I think it's given a little bit of time for people to learn the songs. They've been going over great. It's been cool. It's been a lot of fun.
Then being on this tour with Lydia, Anberlin and From Indian Lakes, is this the kind of touring environment that you think you're going to be sticking to?

Um, I don't know. You know, we never like doing the same thing too many times. There's a lot of bands who just do the same tours over and over and I feel like at least for me, as a listener, I want to see something new. So we like to switch it up. We just like to tour with friends but then again, you can't make new friends if you don't go out with new people. So it's been awesome. I mean everyone is great. We've known the Lydia guys for forever. Anberlin dudes are kick ass. Everyone's awesome. It's been cool. We'll see what happens.
Then I know with this album like I said it before, it definitely is going to be a big change for fans. Not in a bad way but just kind of growing up. Do you think you've gained a new audience from that?
It's so weird for us because in our heads, it seemed kind of like the next step from "Pioneer". I definitely can tell the difference from "Can't Stop" but "Pioneer" and "Forever Halloween" to me they feel like brothers. Then "Can't Stop" is like a weird cousin but we have heard that alot. That it is a lot different but like I said, we're not one of those bands who seem to do the same stuff over and over again. We're not in this to do like the same shit. I was never into bands who did the same record over and over. It's annoying. It just shows where their heads are at. They don't have enough confidence in themselves to try something new and push themselves. Maybe they mixed it up once and then were like 'Oh we messed up!' 'No one like us anymore!' I mean we've been lucky enough where people have grown up with us and have stuck around. I mean we've played here so many times (House of Blues, Boston). Every show here is awesome. We kind of feel we've done something right. Or at least not trying to fuck over our fans and do the same stuff because there's always that record. Maybe they like that record more then any of the other ones but they always have those songs. It's not like we make a new record and the old record is deleted.
You guys don't only play one album live. You still play old ones.
Yeah, we always play the old stuff and the new stuff. We never like to only do one record. Like when a new record comes out, only play that record. I mean we did do that once I guess (laughs).
But kids knew that! It was special.
Yeah, that was a special thing! I know it is different. I think that's the important part. That we're all pumped. We're all happy about what we've done and we still like making music so we're going to try and keep doing it.
We've interviewed you guys over several albums now. It's been a while. You guys were one of the first interviews I actually ever did. With Kennedy on the Boys Like Girls tour. Like VersaEmerge and when Rocket was just starting.
That's a long time ago. That tour was nuts.
I asked like what was your favorite treat. It was pretty embarassing so when I was putting the links in order in the email to 8123, I was like let's put this one farther down the list. I was like don't read the favorite treat one, let's put the heavier ones at the top.
That's how we kind of feel about certain things. It's like you're young.
I mean, that was like four years ago.
Yeah, I mean how are you not supposed to grow up from there.
No, of course! Then maybe to end it off, like I said you guys are always touring and this album is still really new. What is going to be coming up? Are you even thinking about writing for the next record? Are you going to take some time away from everything?
A "record" record, I think we still have a while but maybe like an EP or something. Maybe like an acoustic thing. Something is going to happen. We always like putting new stuff out but as for an actual record, probably not for a little while. We kind of rush records and we always like pumping new stuff out. We were like let's try to make this one last a little bit longer but we're always writing new music so there's songs sticking around. It will happen, I just don't know when!

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