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Pop punk shows are nothing but a good time and one of those bands that always brings is the loved New Jersey boys in Man Overboard. Kings of DefendPopPunk.com have been touring non stop since the inception of the band and are always a journalist stop I want to make. When the guys were out opening for Mayday Parade fresh off Warped Tour, I caught up with vocalist and bassist Nik where we talked the new album, "Heart Attack" to advice he'd give to new bands. With the boys about to hit Europe with Mayday Parade once again in just a few days and plans to tour the US again soon, the band doesn't show any signs of stopping and we hope to be there along the way!

So you guys really have been non stop touring since this album came out! You did Warped Tour, you're going overseas after this with Mayday as well. How do you think the album has been going over?
So far it's been cool. This is the first tour we've done so far where it's been like a lot of new songs. That's always a big change but we think it's been going good. I mean we're getting bigger tours so I guess that means we don't suck as much. Yeah, so far, so good!
How do you feel the songwriting process went for this album? Did it change from the past?
This process went differently because we have a new drummer on this record. So it's always a different change. It was good writing with Joe who's the new drummer. You just start to take things a little farther when you have the room too. So that was the first thing we did different. Then we went into the studio with different production people this record. It was the first time working with them. That was different too. It was a great experience as well. I think all those things combined is how we got what you hear on the record.
Then the new album "Heart Attack" was very recently released. Are you even thinking about working on the next album?
We never stop writing. So yeah, we're talking about doing an EP by ourselves. Doing a bunch of songs and recording them on our own. Like I said, we never stop writing so it's good that we have a studio to go to and do it for free. So that helps. We'll probably do that sometime soon. We'll see.
Perfect then I wanted to ask you. Obviously you're watching a local Boston band's hat that's success level is probably on par with yours in Transit.
Oh yeah! Of course, of course.
So maybe, especially considering your blog DefendPopPunk, advice to bands just getting started to kind of make that break out?
I mean, just don't go home for a while. Stay on the road as long as you can. Make your next move where ever you can. Play shows wherever you can and just give your music out for free. You're not going to make any money so might as well just give it away. Hope people will like it and will come out. Maybe.
Perfect, then just because we have interviewed the band a bunch in the past, the first CD or cassette you ever got as a kid and the first concert you ever went to?
First concert I ever went to was a 311 concert and the first CD I ever got was Coolio's single "Gangsters Paradise".
Do you think either of those influenced you at all?
Of course. You can tell. Playing pop punk listening to 311 and Coolio. No, I don't think they influenced me whatsoever but it was a start.
Then obviously the tour with Mayday has been announced for the overseas portion but what is coming up like after this?
We have a break at Christmas but then we go out for like three weeks with Mayday so staying on the road. Staying busy.

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