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Cody Simpson
While I typically head out to punk and rock shows, I took a different step out on Monday night to cover the Acoustic Sessions tour which featured pop sensation Cody Simpson in the headlining position. Walking up to the venue to find both teen fans and parents alike hours before doors opened, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into but from the minute I met Cody to do the interview I knew that I was speaking to a genuine artist.
The incredibly young seventeen year old already has an incredibly successful full length album "Surfers Paradise" under his belt with plans to work on his next album right after his current sold out acoustic tour. While we also talked the writing and recording process, we talked about his journey to the point he is at now in his career and what he was listening to as a kid. Read on for our exclusive and be ready for so much more from this superstar in the making!

Obviously you have so much going on but to start off the three things that you've learned that you need to have with you while on the road to survive?
Three things I've learned I need on tour? My phone (laughs). A member of my family. Dad, my mom, something like that.
Of course
Always keeps me grounded, you know. What else? Good supply of music documentaries and like surf documentaries. For inspiration and to relax with.
Then you've been in Boston before with the full energy live show with full band and dancers and everything. This is an acoustic tour. How has it been so far playing these much smaller rooms then you played on that tour?
A lot more fun. It's more comfortable. I like it more. More relaxed I think. An easy tour. You know it's just so easy to get up there and play my guitar. It feels like me. Much more organic. Real fun live music. I really enjoy it. Tour kind of started on my seventeenth birthday so it was kind of cool to have like this new year means new phase in my career. New kind of tour especially. Giving my fans something that they've never seen before. In their demographic and the age that they are, they probably haven't been to a show like this before. People don't usually go to this style of shows until they are a little older. It's cool to be able to have that experience for the fans. It's new, it's raw, it's fresh.
Perfect and then I know the album "Surfer's Paradise" came out this past year. How did you go about the writing for the album? Like picking the songs and everything?
It started probably early last year. The recording process part of it and it was just weeks on and off in the studio. Working on stuff. Really wanted to put together an album that would be like the soundtrack to my fan's summers. That was my goal. I wanted it to reflect my lifestyle. I wanted it to reflect my hometown and that whole vibe back in Australia. I think I totally mastered that. I really put together an awesome summer album.
Then maybe for you the dream person to write with or to collaborate with on a song of yours?
Jack Johnson is my number one for sure. Looking forward to working on something. I actually met him like a month or two ago. Got to hang out with him for a bit and go to the show and him dedicating a song to me on stage. It was a really cool experience. I've been listening to him my whole life and he's my absolute favorite. It would be a dream to work with him one day on some stuff. Definitely see him as an inspiration. For sure an influence.
Then still being very young, doing music today and touring the US multiple times already and having this success. How did you first get interested in doing music? Like when did you know this is what you wanted to do?
To be honest, it was a hobby. Like it wasn't something serious. I loved to do it but it wasn't until like other people started messaging me and paying attention then I was like 'Oh, this could be something'. I was so young like I was only twelve when stuff went up online. When I just did stuff for fun when people actually started digging it. I was like hold on a second I should probably think about this more seriously. Then the light kind of switched on and then when I started getting emails from people, it was just something that I had to process a little bit at first. Try and wrap my head around the whole thing because that's such a big step for such a young kid. It was insane. Basically just going to the states, moving to the states and just getting settled here. To be honest, it was non stop. Roller coaster ride for basically four years.
That's crazy. I wanted to ask you just because I do interview bands and acts all genres but with in that, actually a lot of Australian bands and I know it's very expensive to be even heard here, to tour here. Maybe advice to bands to kind of break out of Australia and try to make that jump?
It's crazy. I kind of had a little head start when it comes to touring in Australia and then trying to break it out over in the states with social media. I got to skip that first step I think because I was so young. The original people that brought me over here were based in New York. So it all just kind of started here. To be honest, I've only toured once in Australia. I haven't really done a lot over there. It's funny because a lot of these Australian artists will end up finding success everywhere else in the world before they find success in Australia. People like Keith Urban or Kylie Minogue or somebody more like that. Australia didn't really pay attention until the rest of the world were like their biggest fans. It's a weird, really weird thing. I don't really understand it but I just go there because I like to travel everywhere. Just do my best everywhere.
Like until the rest of the world cares about you?
Yeah, exactly.
Then maybe the first CD or first cassette you remember buying as a kid or getting as a kid? Then the first concert you ever went to?
It was Johnny Cash when I was like eight. It was "Live at the Folsom Prison" or something like that. I grew up on country music. That was my first CD and my first concert was Keith Urban when I was ten.
Then you said you grew up on country. Do you think those experiences influenced you at all, like in the music you're putting out?
Somewhat. To become more of a well rounded musician, you have to be knowledgeable of many different genres. I don't listen to as much country as I used to but definitely it's something that will always be in my heart. So we'll see where it goes in the future.
Then coming up, do you think you'll put out another album pretty quickly, more touring after this acoustic tour?
Straight after the tour, I'm going to go back to LA to work on the next album which will be out in the summer time. I'm really looking forward to that. It's going to be much more mature. Much more organic and musical so I'm really looking forward to working on that next phase in my career.

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