We Are The In Crowd

Possibly the last interview to go live this year for Music Remedy, it's been a fantastic year. So let's go out on a fantastic note! Poughkeepsie kids We Are The In Crowd just wrapped their holiday acoustic tour and we were lucky enough to catch up with one of the lead vocalists Taylor Jardine (who shares the lead vocalist role with Jordan Eckes) minutes before the show. We picked Taylor's brain about new music to come from the band and talked their crazy touring schedule these past few years. Read on for our new one!

So we have interviewed before but it has been a while. I think it was before 'Weird Kids' came out. I know this is the first day of this acoustic tour. Maybe how did you come up with the idea to do this short little run?
We've wanted to do it for a while. It's just really hard to get a small tour together. Especially around the holidays. Like a lot of things are booked. Just getting the promotion out there before every other holiday show comes out. We've tried to do it in the past and were just really late on it so this year, I remember in like August we were like okay we have to do it this year. It's been a long time coming I think. It's exciting, it's nice because we're just doing real small rooms. It gives us a chance to just feel like who our crowd is again. It feels good. Hopefully! I mean I don't know. It could totally suck! Maybe it will, I don't know.

I know last February The Maine and The Summer Set did something really similar and it worked really well. It's more of your die hard fans that get to go. Last time you headlined it was like a much bigger room. Then I know "Weird Kids" has been out since February. Are you even thinking about writing? Are you writing?
Yeah I mean I think it's also a brand new idea for us. We were thinking about it sort of just after the New Found Glory tour. We were like well what do we do now? We either continue to tour on this record that is almost a year old or we start writing again. I think that's the idea right now. It's all coming into play like as we speak so we'll see what happens. But yeah we're definitely making new music.

Then I know it was a bit of time in between the full length albums. Is that something that you kind of want to put out a full length pretty quickly after 'Weird Kids'?
Yeah because I think the last time, I think we waited too long. I mean thankfully we were able to tour on it for a while and I think that had to do with just switching it up. Going from like domestic tours to the international touring. We kind of spread it out that way. At this point I feel like we've even over saturated like the UK market. We need to take this time and break and get something new out. I think it will be really good.

Then you've been a band for obviously several years now and have retained the original line up. So maybe do you feel the writing process has changed a lot over the years?
Gosh I wanted to talk about that. I was like I wonder if she's going to ask that.

Yeah I mean I've been doing a lot of bands for a long time now like you guys and I think our first interview was a while ago. I just did We Came As Romans on Saturday and it's always been like Joshua Moore who's a big writer in that band. The Maine a lot , The Summer Set a lot and a lot of those bands have retained their original line ups.
Our writing process has changed though. I mean we've had the same people in the band but I mean we've also grown up together. We've learned how to write a record together. I mean I don't think you just start a band and everyone knows what to do when they're shoved into a studio together. You think you do. Everyone thinks they know what they're doing, trust me but you don't. Then you figure it out and I think we've learned a lot from each other. I think just being in our early twenties and just being in those progressive years of your life, you learn a lot of things. Expressing yourself is definitely one of those things. I've definitely gotten better about opening up. I think also just the writing process in general who does what and who plays what role. Even in the band. Like who does what in the band and who does everything I think is falling into place a lot better. Everyone accepts their roles and it's awesome.

So it's a pretty collaborative process from what you're saying?
Very collaborative yeah. It depends on the song. It always depends. Like if the story or the setting of the song mostly pertains to me, lyrically everyone will look at me first. If we're writing about something that Mike went through, it will kind of be a bit to him. It works itself out. We definitely know where to back off. I'm not going to try and write drums. Ever. Like really? I don't know what I'm doing!

Is that something you've tried?
Nothing in general that I've tried but I would kind of butt in. Like what does it matter? I should just let them deal with that .That's what they should be doing. That's what Rob should be doing. So yeah, we all kind of figure it out. It's cool.

Then obviously you guys have a really big history of touring a lot (Tay starts laughing) but coming to the end of this year. A little bit. You tour just a little bit.
God I know (laughs). Our moms miss us.
So what's going to be coming up considering the year is coming to a close? A lot of bands aren't touring in December. Kind of doing those last tours of 2014.
Well this is it for us for the US. I mean this acoustic thing is our last shows for the year and then we're heading over to the UK for the Kerrang tour in February. Then after that, we're just going to really focus on writing and figuring out who we're going to do the record with. It's awesome. A lot of things are churning so we'll see.
But you think it will be a full length?
Oh, absolutely!
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Nick Santino

My next interview is with local Boston boy, Nick Santino! A name you know from his previous project where he sang lead vocals, A Rocket To The Moon, has just finished his second successful headlining run. His record "Big Skies" dropped in May and was on the road with friends in This Century, Technicolors, Austin Gibbs as well as on several dates each Brian Marquis and William Beckett! With the run ending on the 22nd, he told me that he was planning to release some new tracks he's been working on as well as the fact that he'll be heading out for a handful of dates with friends in We Are The In Crowd!

The first show actually happens in Boston so be sure to catch him on a rare hometown gig, at Mid East Club on December 16th!

So this is your first tour headlining since your solo album came out. I know you headlined before.
Nick: Yeah!

Maybe how has it been going so far?
Nick: Yeah, it's been going great. I mean I'm in the van with most of like my best friends just playing music!

Cool! Then "Big Skies" came out in May. How long have you been working on these songs? Maybe had some of them been done for a while, like after the band broke up. Are they songs that you had already written in the past that you just didn't use for your old band.

Nick: Yeah a few of them were ones that I had for a while. For a couple years, actually. Like "Back To Where I'm From" and "Can't Say I Miss You" were old ones but everything else, I wrote while I was preparing for the record. When I knew I was going to go record the record. So I started writing some new stuff. So they kind of varied from a couple years before the record started being recorded to, you know, the night before recording the songs. Kind of all over the map.

Then I know you were a main writer in your previous project and you started as a solo act. Has the writing process changed now, now that you're back to being a solo act? Or is it pretty similar to what you had already been doing?

Nick: No yeah, I'm used to writing with like a band. So now writing by myself again, it's like an interesting thing but I like it because I can be a bit more honest and real. With the content and like stuff that I'm writing about. Which I like because I can improve as a songwriter. When I'm kind of challenging myself to write better.

Then I know the album is still really new and you're still really new in touring this new act, Nick Santino & The Northern Wind. Is a new EP or new full length even being worked on right now or do you think that's still a while away?
Nick: I actually worked on like six new songs. I think either this month or next month, I'm going to put out like a little EP. They are a couple acoustic based kind of tunes but yeah I'm always writing. I'm always recording stuff so a new album would be like new content but not a full new record. It will be a while to the next one comes out but there will be a couple new songs here and there which is cool.

And is it pretty similar to what kids have already heard or do you think it's going to be a little different?
Nick: I think it will be a little bit different but I think they'll like it. I feel like I've noticed in the past that kids really like when I play acoustic kind of stuff by my self. So this EP is a lot of that. Acoustic solo stuff. So I think they'll dig it.

Perfect and then I know it's only getting started with these shows but what is coming up after this run?
Nick: After this run I'm going home for a couple weeks. I do five shows on the East Coast with my friends in a band called We Are The In Crowd. They're doing like an acoustic holiday run. Actually I'll be there in Boston. We're starting there on December 16th I think at the Middle East? Then I'm home for the holidays and then next year just focusing on touring. Getting a full backing band together and playing these songs off "Big Skies" the way that they sound on the recording.
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This Century

This next band were one of the first bands I ever interviewed at my "debut" into journalism at the 2009 Warped Tour date in Montreal! My eyes hadn't opened yet to what was cool to cover, who were the new buzz bands on Warped Tour. I made it a point to see at least a song or so of every band I interviewed which is incredibly hard after doing this for so long. This band, This Century though , caught my eye from our first interview. With the same line up intact since and now two full lengths deep with a third on the way, I still steadily catch up with the guys over time!

This time around we spoke with Joel about the new album, how the writing process was affected by founding member Alex leaving, and talked their tour that finished last week with 8123 mate Nick Santino. Read on for our exclusive and be prepared for plenty of news from these guys in 2015!

So to start it off, you're currently on tour with 8123 bands and playing as main support for Nick Santino. How do you think it's been going so far?
Joel: The tour? It's been going great! I mean it's been so laid back and easy because we're on tour with a bunch of 8123 artists who are our friends. So it's been going amazingly. Especially with it being an acoustic show, this is something that we don't really do too often but when we do, it's usually a very easy going tour. So everything's been really great this run. Fans have been amazing. It's been nice for us to be back out on the road because we haven't done something in like over half a year. So we're very happy with how's it being going!

Perfect then while it has been a while since you put out your last full length album, I know you just released the new song, "Talk To Talk". Is that an indicator of a new album coming or is that still awhile away?
Joel: That was more or less us just wanting to put out a song. We didn't really want to put any kind of label on it. We just kind of wanted to put out a song to show our fans that we were still here and we're still doing stuff. We were kind of forced into a break this summer so we just wanted to give them something new. We are working on the record. We're not exactly sure when it's going to be done. We're kind of just playing things by ear but the plan is to get back home from this tour and then finish up tracking vocals because that's really the only thing that's left. So we'll try to finish up the vocals then start doing our mixing. Working on the album art. Getting all our ducks into a row. The goal is to try and get something out early next year. Spring the latest. So that's when fans can be expecting to start hearing some new stuff from us.

Then considering you've been doing this band for so long, is the songwriting changing? I know there was a slight line up change but do you feel it is changing or was it not really affecting the writing process?
Joel: It was affected a little bit. Alex was pretty involved in the songwriting process but it didn't feel too much different. With this new record, the three of us just put ourselves into a room for two weeks. I mean we gave ourselves two weeks and that's it. To write a full record because with "Biography of Heartbreak", we had so much time. So it was different in that regard. With a time limit but it didn't really change in our roles really. We just kind of did the same kind of collaborative thing that we did with the last record. I think it worked out pretty well. With "Biography of Heartbreak", usually it would be like Sean had an idea with a guitar riff and then him and I would get together and write a melody and lyrics. Stuff like that. Then we'd bring it to Alex and he'd kind of do his thing with it. Then we'd all add our bits and pieces. With this new record, it was Ryan, Sean and I in a room together. We would kind of just jam out a song and kind of see where it took us. Then we would kind of add on like the melody and lyrics. So it was slightly different but it still felt pretty This Century.

Then at least to me, "Talk To Talk" seems like kind of a departure from your previous style. Do you feel the style has changed a lot with whatever is coming out with this new record or do you think it's pretty similar?
Joel: It's changed quite a bit. It's a bit of a different sound. If you were to compare it to "Biography of Heartbreak", it is for sure. I still think it sounds like This Century. It's just not dressed the same way as "Biography". That record is a very rhythmic, polished, pop/top 40 kind of sounding record. So with this one, we kind of were like let's just make the music that we like. I mean we loved "Biography" but it's been a little bit since we released it. Maybe our tastes have changed or it's just us getting older. So I mean we kind of just decided to go with it. I think fans are going to love it. It still sounds like This Century. It's got the same fun melodies and all that jazz but it's just dressed a little bit different. I would say we're going towards our roots again with the feel that we had in our first record, "Sound of Fire". It's not the same as "Sound of Fire". It's hard to explain so you'll just have to wait and see!

Perfect then I know you still have a little bit to go on this run but what is coming up? Are you just going to be focusing on getting the album out, do you think you're going to tour again pretty soon? What's the plan?
Joel: Yeah we're definitely planning on touring. Now that we're pretty much almost done with the album. Once we're finished with that record and have all that ready to go, the plan is just to tour as much as we possibly can. I mean that's always been the goal for us as a band. My vocal issues have kind of been a huge but all of that, it really shouldn't be an issue now that surgery is out of the way and all that stuff. So the plan is to do the record, tour as much as we possibly can. We don't really have any tours lined up as of now but again, we're taking it one thing at a time. Once it comes time to start working on putting together a tour, we'll do that.
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The Tragic Thrills

While I had interviewed these two guys in the past, The Tragic Thrills seems like something they should have been doing the whole time instead. We sat down with the guys at their first headlining show in Boston and talked everything to do with their new project. From their re-release of their debut album to even working on their second album already. Read on for our exclusive with the guys!

This band are veterans in touring in other projects. Maybe what are the three things you must have with you while on tour? Playing these smaller rooms and having vans over big busses to tour in.
Cameron: Three things I've realized I must bring with me. Actually I have an answer for that because I was just talking to my family members a few hours ago today. I realized that on the road it is essential when touring in a van, like in previous projects we were in a bus, I highly recommend bringing your own bar of soap because certain people like myself have very sensitive skin. The hotel soap that we've been using has been making me very itchy and it smells terrible.
Zach: It smells industrial.
Cameron: It smells like you're at a hotel. If we're being honest, it smells like Comfort Inn. It has a very unique smell. Another thing that I would bring on tour would be, I don't know Zach I'll do the last one if you do the second one.
Zach: Every time I go on tour, I just decide I'm going to bring less the next time.
Cameron: Seriously
Zach: It's just a pain. Your clothes are going to get dirty and they are going to be next to your clean clothes and they're going to make clean clothes dirty. So it's better to just do laundry like once a week.
Cameron: Yeah!
Zach: Not much more then a backpack's worth of clothes I find.
Cameron: So a good reliable backpack is number two.
Zach: A good reliable backpack. That's mine, yeah.
Cameron: Yeah and number three, I would say off of what Zach said. That bringing less is more. So I stopped buying socks and I just bought foot spray because it gets the job done and there's no smell. I feel one with my shoes.

You feel one with your shoes?
Cameron: You know just really connecting with the sole, you know what I'm saying?
Zach: I do just buy socks and throw them away then buy new socks because they're only like five bucks and they get pretty gross pretty fast.

Then I know you've been doing this tour for a few weeks and tomorrow is the last day?
Cameron: That is correct.

Maybe how has it been going so far?
Zach: I think this has been the best first tour that we've done. Definitely the first tour we ever did sucked a lot more then this.
Cameron: I would say overall it was a success because we still had fans that really enjoyed The Tragic Thrills for what The Tragic Thrills is. I would say that we were fairly surprised at the draw and the way that our fans handled the new scene because the new venues that we've been playing are completely different and they're really fun. I mean there were some that for instance we played in Philly the other day and the stage was just so crazy. It was so small.
Zach: It was smaller then like a stage in a honky tonk bar in Nashville.
Cameron: It was like the size of a mini cooper. That was the size of the stage and we almost couldn't even fit but it was one of my favorite shows just because of the audience.

Then I know for the first album, it's self funded. How was that considering it's a huge risk going into your first album as a new band?
Zach: I thought it was a really unique opportunity at the time personally. I was going to do it regardless. I just wanted to put it out. I didn't really care what happened. So I wasn't really too worried about the risk at the time. Maybe more now.
Cameron: We put a lot of money into this album. This is a big project.
Zach: Yeah but I don't know. I really wanted to do it. Didn't really know what else to do with our time so we did it. So I think at the time it was really a unique situation because we didn't have anyone telling us if it was good or bad and we just kind of went for it. Most bands don't get that opportunity in their whole career. To not have people, A&R, just intensely guiding the process. It's really huge because you can do whatever you want. So it was cool just to feel like we did it and it was what it was. A unique opportunity.

Then how did you guys go about the songwriting for this record, this first album as Tragic Thrills? Is it one person, is it more collective? Do you kind of bring your own ideas?
Zach: It was a pretty intensive long process. A lot of rewriting. It was basically a year and a half of rewriting and working on about maybe twenty songs and narrowing them down to the ten that are on there. There wasn't any real trick to it. It was just writing lots of songs and it definitely had like a narrative in mind that I wanted to keep consistent throughout all the songs. So that definitely helped. The idea was in no way that it was like a conceptual album. It was more the idea of the narrative and the voice coming from the same place. The same perspective of a human being through the whole thing opposed to having contrasting contradicting ideas through out an album. I find that a lot of albums these days, people don't listen to all the way through these days. You have an eleven song album and it's like eleven shots at a radio hit. There's just a lot of contradiction in that because you'll have your break up song then your power song then your love song. It works in like the radio format but I still like the idea of an album. It bothers me when it's too many contradicting songs. It should be like a singular voice. Not in everything but definitely in what we're doing for an album. It's definitely something that was focused on.

Then you guys are signed to Washington Square. I know it's a very new label but it's also very different, very unique roster-wise. You have acts like Augustana and The Hold Steady but then you have like Deaf Havana. It's a very weird, unique mix but it all kind of comes together. How did being signed to them come together?
Zach: This is super new. We still haven't really done anything yet but we played some shows with Dan in Augustana. So we were really interested in what was going on with Washington Square. We met up with them in New York and they seemed to like the record. It was already out and they liked what they heard. We were just really happy to see that those bands were taking a risk and going with a new label that was just starting out. So it's definitely cool to be signed with those acts. Even though we are very, very different from them in a lot of ways but yeah we'll see what happens. It's super new still so we'll see.

Then maybe this question for all of you because I know you guys all haven't really been part of this interview as much. Maybe the first CD or first cassette you ever bought as a kid and the first concert you remember going to?
Cameron: Ans, what do you think?!
Ans: First CD?

Yep or cassette.
Ans: Oh jeez this is embarrassing.
Gabe: I bet you mine was more embarrassing.
Ans: It was Limp Bizkit, "Did it all for the nookie". Whatever album that one was on. Needless to say, I don't listen to that one anymore but first concert? My brother was really into music and he took me to see some of his favorite bands. I think the first one we saw was Sevendust so I'm like a small little boy at this hardcore show. Skinny Puppy probably opened.
Zach: That explains everything.
Ans: So that was my first experience.
Zach: What about you Gabe?
Gabe: My first tape that I ever bought, I bought that Hanson album that had Mmmbop on it and all that. Then my first CD I ever bought I think was like a 70's disco compilation because somehow I was into that also at that point.
Chris: The first CD I ever bought by myself was Good Charlotte "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous".

Chris: Yep!
Zach: I used to buy a lot of Weird Al. Started all with Weird Al. I liked Weird Al because he did all the hits. I didn't really care about the lyrics, I just liked Weird Al so that's pretty much what I did.
Cameron: My first concert was Peter, Paul and Mary. It was awesome.

Then to end it off, I know you guys talked about how this is the first like real tour for The Tragic Thrills. Maybe with the album being so new, what is going to be coming up for the band? Maybe are you going to be touring?
Cameron: Re-releasing the new album.

You're going to re-release it?
Cameron: Through Washington Square, we're going to put it out September 30th. So that's really new. I guess we'll really see what happens with the label. Then after that, we're just going to be trying to tour the rest of the year. We don't have anything set in stone but you never know.
Zach: Yeah and we're just working on a new album as well!
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Lily & Madeline

Next up are Lily and Madeline! They make up a dreamy duo that just dropped their latest full length "Fumes" and we were able to catch up with them for a few minutes while they were on their US Run. With Europe plans before the end of the year, the girls are sure to be around for a good while. Look for new touring plans soon!

What are the three essentials you must have while on tour to survive?

Madeleine: Recently I bought a pair of Nike running shoes that are made of this knitted material so they fold up and can fit in my suitcase. They're amazing!!! It's so nice to be able to run while on tour. Also I have a Bubba brand thermos that's great for tea and really handy for travel.
Lily: Coffee every morning and headphones for long drives.

You are on tour through December 3rd. What are you most looking forward to during this run?

M: So far we've had a lot of fun in the US but I'm most excited to return to Europe. We've never been to Amsterdam so I'm looking forward to visiting.
L: We've had so much fun already and we're only a few days in! I'm looking forward to meeting new people, it's my favorite part of tour.

Your second album '€œFumes'€ just came out. How do you feel it's been going over so far despite being so new?

M: I feel really good about it. We've gotten some great reviews and lots of radio play and we've even picked up some new listeners. I'm excited to see where this album will take us.
L: People seem to be excited about our growth as artists and that feels really good.

How did you go about the songwriting process for this album? How did it differ from the first album?

M: The writing process actually wasn't that different, but when we got in the studio and began arranging the songs we experimented a lot more and tried new things.

What was the first CD you remember buying as a child?

M: I remember buying Aly and AJ's Into the Rush and bringing our boom box outside to listen to it while we jumped on the trampoline in the summer.
L: We bought a Bach classic cello solo CD that summer too I think. It was during the time gauchos were in and we felt so cool listening to Bach in our baggy pants. It's hilarious to think about now!

What was the first concert you went to and do you think either of those musical experiences have an influence on you today?

M: The first concert I went to was Ben Folds with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in 2011 I think. It was an amazing show! I was so inspired by his performance. I never imagined that a few years later Lily and I would perform with the ISO on the same stage.
L: Madge and I went to that concert together and it was the first show I'd been too also. It was amazing.

What can we expect from you in 2015?

M: Probably some more touring and maybe another album.... We'll see.
L: I'm very excited for 2015. Expect awesome stuff ;)
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The Ready Set

The other night, I headed out to "The Outsiders Tour" and met up with the headliner for an interview a few minutes before his set, The Ready Set! We've talked to him over the years but this time around was his first headliner in a few years now. Considering he's out with the recently reformed Metro Station, it's an exciting time for this tour. With Jordan constantly producing new music, he told me that he is working on new material and to expect a possible new full length this spring. If it goes the way he wants it to that is. For now though, read on for our latest and catch him on the Outsiders tour!

I've been talking to you for a while but you haven't done a headlining run in awhile. How has this tour been going considering it's Metro's first tour back as well?
It's been amazing! All the shows have been sick and especially really proud of the turnouts. It's been pretty good so far.

Then "The Bad and the Better" has been out for a few months now. How do you think it's been going over?
It's been good. This is the first time we played a lot of the songs off of it. So it's awesome to see everyone already know all of it. To see them react to the songs first hand, it's been awesome. It's been great.

Then are there certain songs off the album that you think kids are really connecting to?
Yeah! I was trying to figure out which songs people were liking the most from the new album. So I've been trying them out. I think one of the cool things that I realized is this song "More Than This". It's not one we intended to make as a single but kids have been singing it. So hopefully kids like it.

Then this tour is a pretty unique line up. Because of that, are you seeing a more varied audience maybe in comparison to the past?
A little bit, yeah. Yeah. I see a lot of people come back. There have been a ton of people here that I haven't seen before though.

You're always working. You're pretty much always releasing EP's, new singles, albums.
Are you working on stuff right now?
Yeah actually! After this tour, I have a lot of stuff that I'll be working on. I want to put a new album out, if I have it my way, it's going to be less then a year between the last album and this one. I want to keep putting things out. I don't really believe in the whole classic record release cycle. I think it's really outdated.

And in the past you've had the major label experience, you're now on still a relatively major minor label. How has it changed for you?
It really hasn't been that different. We still had a big radio push. It's really, really similar. It's not as powerful but there isn't millions of dollars behind it. It's been great though.

Then you do still have a while to go on this tour but what is coming up for you maybe in 2015? I know you said you're working on new songs. Are you going to be focusing on getting that album out, are you going to be touring?
There will be some touring. I'm hoping to have the album out in the Spring at some point but I'm not really sure right now. I kind of want to do maybe some support touring. Maybe a few new music videos. Just stuff like that.
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The Maine

There are bands that I interview once and they dissappear into the abyss. A band that I have on the other hand always made the effort to cover are Arizona darlings The Maine! Over the years, we've interviewed the members solo and in pairs but for our newest interview, we did a full group interview with the exception of drummer Pat. If you look back on the website you'll find in depth sit downs with lead vocalist John to great chats with everyone at least twice.
This time around, we as we always do don't step around topics lightly in our interviews. The guys let me into where they are at in their new album process as well as the thought process behind the "Farewell Forever Halloween" shows. The guys have their last show on the run in Chicago on Halloween itself and then will be hibernating into recording their fifth full length as a band. Read on for our exclusive and catch the guys back on the road at some point in 2015!

We've done this before. We've been interviewing you guys-
John: You haven't had that though.
Yeah, I'm high tech now!
Garrett: iPad?
Garrett: Wooo, Surface!
It's super good for this kind of stuff compared to the little recorder.
John: Yeah, yeah.
Garrett: I miss that thing.

It is a good thing, I still carry it around but we have been interviewing you guys for a while. Pretty much ever since I've been doing this myself and you guys have been doing this as a band. I think we started right after your first album so to get right to it, this is the end of your fall run, the "Farewell Forever Halloween" shows. You only have four shows this fall in the US. You've done one. Maybe how did Pomona go and how did this idea come about to do these shows?
John: First show was awesome!
Kennedy: It was great.
Jared: I guess at the end of the year we had some time before we'd go into the studio and kind of wanted to close out the record. That's kind of where the farewell concept came from. It's not like we're never going to play these songs again. It's kind of symbolizing ending one kind of chapter for our band and yeah, the LA show was awesome. We had just gotten back from the UK so we were all pretty antsy to play a show stateside.
John: Yeah it was great!
Jared: It was awesome! Very fun. It's nice to be able to play a couple songs that we've never played live before off the album so it's nice to put some new material on the setlist. Hopefully people are enjoying it.
Garrett: Get to have cool friends play the show. It will be different in each of these nights of the shows. It was really awesome. We had John Nolan hanging out. Yeah it was great. I really enjoyed it.
John: I think the idea really stems from when we go on tour, especially a tour that we can headline, we never want to bring the same experience twice. So each time, even if the concept is modest, considering room sizes or what have you, we like to shake it up. There have been plenty of people that have seen us more than once. This was kind of just our fall headlining tour.
Jared: In a new form.
John: Yeah! We got to do what we wanted in the places that we wanted.
Garrett: And bring the people we want.

And was there a reason behind picking certain people for each city? I mean I know you have William tonight. It's not like he's from Boston.
Garrett: I think it was just convenience.
Kennedy: I think we didn't think we would get everyone.
Garrett: I think we did different people because we couldn't bring some one out for the four shows. Especially how far it is. So I think that kind of happened. We were like who lives in these areas that may want to play.
John: Nick Santino's doing the show in New York and not Boston.
Jared: No, you're doing Chicago right?(Nick was in the room)
John: Yeah Chicago and he's from Boston. William is from Chicago.
Garrett: We didn't do Nick in Boston because we always play with Nick in Boston. It's getting a little stale.
John: Can't play here no more (laughs)!

Then was there a particular reason behind choosing these four cities? I know you guys play Boston all the time. Maybe even two to three times a year sometimes.
John: I feel like on the West Coast, we didn't want to do an LA show but we wanted to do a show.
Kennedy: Convenience somewhat.
John: It was something where we chose cities where it wouldn't be so much of a burden for people to travel to. Plus it was in California and that's nice so we figured that that was a good spot. We actually were fortunate enough to do an Arizona show the day prior to Pomona because we played a festival called the Summer Ends that ended up getting rained out and the tickets were really expensive. So we put on a show for a couple bucks and we're fortunate to have been able to be given the opportunity to play that. Then the east coast stuff, New York, Boston is the same kind of concept. Everything's so crammed over here as far as cities are concerned. So we felt like these were appropriate meeting hubs I guess. Hopefully that's convenient but everybody that kind of follows our band and knows what we do knows that we're going to be on tour next year as well so if they didn't get a chance to get a ticket or you know if travel was too much, too costly, we'll be out next year and hopefully to their specific city.

Then you may not have talked as much in public about this but I know with the tour title and doing this new material, are songs put together, are a couple songs already finished?
Jared: We're going into kind of a weird place right now because before we went to the UK, we whipped up a huge batch of demo's. Like upwards of twenty or more. It's a little stressful right now.
John: I'm in the panic mode because every time you go in to record or write an album, you want it to be as great as possible. As creatively possible. So this one is like we've had some time to sit with the demo's and now we're on these shows. I can't write this week because I got everybody around.
Garrett: It's a calculated panic. It's a panic we know is here.
John: It will be positive.
Jared: I think everybody has this sort of feeling of like "fuck". We're going to start recording. It's like where's the time? So there's this little bit of like freaking and we have to learn a bunch of these new songs.
John: But to be honest, there are a handful of like in my head no brainers. Like ones that I really want people to hear and I really want to focus all of our energy. We have enough to make a record right now but I don't believe that the writing is finished and I don't believe that the songs that we have are where they need to be. That can induce some sort of stress but I think that like they said, it's positive stress.
Jared: To be more specific, he just kind of put the scratch vocal ideas on a lot of the demos.
John: And some scratch meaning my voice was scratchy because I've been sick since we've been home.
Jared: That's not helping either. Everyone is sick. It's collective. The thing is is that we're at a point now that I can tell which ones are the no brainers more so then I could before.
Kennedy: Yeah it's always a process. It comes in like layers. Like what feels comfortable.
Jared: It's honestly just a big mess right now. He's not a hundred percent (John). Everyone's kind of feeling a big scattered we've been traveling alot.
John: It will be a record.
Garrett: We don't sound nervous, do we?
No, not at all. You guys totally have it together.
Garrett: No, it's going to be fucking kick ass.

Then I was going to ask but, at least in my eyes, you guys are still kind of in the beginning stages of getting new material together but it's not concrete yet.
John: Yeah, absolutely right.
Then you do kind of steadily change over these albums. It hasn't stayed the same. Do you think that there is going to be even more of a variation from what you guys are already doing?
John: I know there's going to be a change.
Jared: A different vibe on it.
John: Yeah but I don't think that it's going to be as apparent or as abrupt as some of the others have.
Jared: It's not going to be like a disco record.
Garrett: But it could be!
Kennedy: See, now it could be! It's probably going to be a disco record.
Garrett: So we're certain it's a disco record? Cool.
John: I feel like there will be a very clear feeling of continuity. A very kind of apparent vibe. It will be clear what we're trying to extract from people and from ourselves. I think that that will be presented in a way that I don't think any of our other albums have. I think what's really great about this one is that because of these shows, we're kind of announcing that these are the final four shows. We are making it aware that we're going into the studio and I don't think we've had that luxury of really doing that. It's always just been kind of a mystery. That's what makes me excited for these. Really trying to make people feel like they are part of the whole thing from day one. As soon as we start to form things and make it concrete, I think that that's when we'll start to reveal a bit more. I think we're going to obviously be very vocal about where we're recording, who we're recording with. Kind of once we move in, we'll bring people up to speed in how it's all coming along.

Then It's a little silly but I tweet about looking for fan questions and actually a band that I interview a lot as well, Saves The Day who I know were just on Warped Tour with you all summer. Rodrigo wrote right away "Are you chilling? Are you ripping?"
Garrett: Oh my god, we're both!
Kennedy: Both always!
John: Always and forever both!
It was great because he responded in like a second!
Garrett: Rodrigo is a really great friend.
John: Max chilling, max ripping! Daily.
Jared: Chills for reals. Vibes dude holy shit.
John: Nature is the law.
Jared: Those dudes are awesome. We're good friends with those dudes!
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Eagles In Drag

I've covered The Maine for years interviewing the guys through a three album cycle and they have their four last shows of the year coming up in these few weeks but something a little different popped up earlier this year. Two of the guys, John O'Callaghan and Jared Monaco joined forces with past touring mates in Eric Halvorsen (ex-Rocket To The Moon), Ryan Gose (This Century, Stop Dead) and Trey Nickelsen. That project is called Eagles In Drag. Their debut EP came out in March and for now, we're unsure if we can expect more from the band music wise, show wise but we knew that we wanted to talk to the band.

We caught some time with John to talk about how the band formed, the writing process. Even how they went about this project considering everyone's past musical history. Read on for the interview!

Eagles in Drag debuted today. How did the idea come about to do the project?
The idea was born from my yearning to take a jaunt out of my comfort zone as far as songwriting is concerned. I really wanted to approach writing a song with a completely new set of eyes and utterly unaffected by a preconceived notion of how things must sound.

You commented on how The Maine is your baby and this band is like a girl you took out on a few dates. Will the band play shows now that this EP is out? Just stick to recording?

At this point in time it seems as though recording will be the extent of what we'll do with this project. I (with The Maine) have quite the schedule coming up with a UK tour, South America, then all summer on the Warped Tour so playing shows with other guys who tour as well seems a bit difficult to manage right now. Who knows though, possibly in the future when everyone isn't busy we can play a few shows.

For this band, you have members coming from past successful touring acts like your own history. How did that affect the songwriting process?
The fact that we all respected one another as musicians I think really shaped the collective effort that was the songwriting process. We all fed off of each other's energy and kept an open mind and just wanted to have a lot of fun experimenting in musical worlds we were unfamiliar with.

How did you go about the recording for this album? In one set few days? Sparingly through out a few months?
I had a handful of ideas prior to meeting with the other guys to write so that we weren't flying blind. We ended up writing the five songs in about a two weeks and recorded them in about four days. We then sat on the recordings for about a year until there weren't really any conflicting projects happening with our respective groups.

Can fans expect more in the next few months from Eagles In Drag?
Fans can only expect what has been released and the idea that this is completely a side project. I suppose it will completely depend on the response we get from people who hear the EP if we play shows, make more tunes, etc. I'm really just happy I got to spread my wings a bit and work with some really great cats in a creative atmosphere!
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Stop Dead

Speaking of side projects, Ryan Gose as well as being a member of This Century has had a side project that has released three EP's under the name Stop Dead. His most recent, Dirt & Dust, came out in March and we were able to grab a few minutes with him to talk about this project. Hopefully we get to see this act on tour soon but for now, just be sure to take a listen to his music online!

You balance this project with the steadily touring This Century. How does that actually help you as a musician?
I try to stay immersed in music as much as possible. It's what I do, it's what I enjoy! For me, I have a great time with This Century and then there's another side of me that enjoys stepping away from the drum kit to sing and play the guitar.

You dropped your third EP last week, "Dirt & Dust". Why did you choose that as the album title?
Dirt & Dust is also the title of one of the songs on the EP. I originally had a different name for it but while playing around with ideas for the album art I stumbled on a childhood photo of me in cowboy attire. It just seemed fitting!

Do you see Stop Dead possibly touring in the future?
I would like to. I'm currently on the road with This Century but once home I plan to jump right into rehearsals with Stop Dead. I think it will be interesting to play from a different part of the stage.

What was the first CD/cassette you bought as a kid? The first concert you went to? Do you think those experiences influence you today?
My first cassette ever was Green Day's Dookie. I listened to it constantly! My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus so I didn't get much influence from that...but he did leave me with an achy breaky heart. That's a terrible joke...Future concerts and albums influenced me greatly!

What's coming up within the next few months for the band?
I plan to play some shows in Arizona and keep writing and recording. So new music will be on the way and hopefully the project will cross state lines soon enough! The current EP Dirt & Dust is out now and I recommend y'all check it out!
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Down With Webster

It's been a minute since I last caught up with the talented men in Canadian rock act Down With Webster! We caught up post show with Cam where they had just played their first sold out show in Boston. Considering they've been touring the city ever since 2009, this is a long awaited accomplishment and one the boys conquered with glee. With a number one album in Canada "Party For Your Life", the boys are sure to be at the same level here in the US soon. Read our new interview with Cam and look for the boys to be back soon!

You guys have been touring Boston pretty consistently. I know you were just here with Hoodie Allen.
Yeah we took like a little bit of a break from the US for a little. Probably about two years in between when you saw us last and now. We had to focus on Canada. We were doing so well up there. It was too much money and too many opportunities to pass up on up there. So we were just kind of booked there solid. Just recently though we were like you know what, we need to come back down to the states more. We've neglected it for a long time. It's so close. We live like eight hours away from here. It's crazy.

Then I know onstage you were talking about the fact that it was the first time you had sold out.
First time ever that we've come and headlined in Boston and sold out so that's huge for us. This whole headlining tour thing has been huge because we've been actually putting people in rooms. When you saw us again before, it was opening. We've always been opening.

You were like first out of four the first time.
Exactly! We were way down on the bill and we were opening for ever. At least in the states we've been opening forever. So it's really nice to come and headline and for it to be fucking jammed. It's crazy.

Then you were talking about how you guys recorded the "Party For Your Life" album after the Time to Win volumes. How did you go about the songwriting? Did it change for this record? Is it pretty similar to what you guys have already done?
I think we took it more seriously. We tried to write more "song songs" if that makes sense. Where we'd sit down with like a piano and it's like can these chords work? Can you play this song stripped down and it still sounds good? We kind of approached it from that kind of standpoint which was different for us because we usually just do whatever the fuck we want. It was nice to go and approach it from that kind of a standpoint. For us the album has done great things for us. It went number one on iTunes in Canada for a long time. It's crushing it up there. It's been going very well. I'm very happy with how that turned out and now let's just continue it.

Do you think more US touring will happen?
Yeah, a hundred percent. There's a couple of things in the works right now that I can't speak about because if I do and then they don't happen I'll look like an idiot. There is some big shit that's supposed to happen in the fall.

Perfect then I wanted to ask you, I know you guys started this band a very long time ago now.
Yeah we were tiny little kids.

It's still the same band too with the exception of Cap!
It's still the same band minus Cap yeah but we've had more horn players that have come and left but when you start a band when you're like twelve years old, it's only so serious. You're still going to school and being a kid. We only really started taking it seriously when we hit like twenty and that wasn't that long ago. So when you say like a long time ago, yeah we were a band but we were kids. I guess that the point that you get from all that is that we have known each other. Grown up since we were tiny little kids together. So, that's cool.

Then obviously you've been touring for years in the states besides the break you took.
Yeah we've been coming down to the states since I guess late '09.

So maybe advice to bands. It's so hard to break out from Canada. It's such a big country here. Maybe advice to bands trying to start here?
Honestly it's tough to break anywhere. There's so much music out there. There's so much competition it's tough to break. You just have to do it because you love it and do it because you keep wanting to do it and not because you're like oh I really hope we break. Oh I hope we get rich and famous. Everyone has that in the back of their mind but you got to want to do it because you love playing shows. You love making music and that's what it is.

Then to end it off, what's coming up? I know you said the album did really well in Canada.
We still haven't even dropped it in the states. It's not even available in the states yet.

How far away is it from being available?
Not that far because we're talking to some US partners now. I think we're going to try and re-release it in the states with like four or five new songs on it. So hopefully that happens here late fall/early November-ish. I'm hoping that happens.

Well, I think that's about it.
And we just got signed in Australia!

Oh nice!
Like a month ago.

Do you plan on touring there?
We're going to tour there in October I think.

Nice, that's awesome!
So that's going to be cool!
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Real Friends

This next interview we thought was a perfect follow up to an interview with The Story So Far, Chicago pop-punkers Real Friends! Definitely one of the most buzzed about bands on the tour this summer, they were also on their second run of the tour but at a bit of a different position! They guys are on the cusp of releasing their debut full length, "Maybe This Place Is The Same and We're Just Changing" and if their huge crowds and singalongs are any indication of what this band will become, they are about to rock the pop punk world!
With several impressive tours under their belt, I'm sure we'll be seeing this band do huge things over this next year and were super grateful for the opportunity to catch them pre-album release. We were the only ones to get a chance to talk to the band in Mansfield and had a great talk with Dave Knox from the band. Read on for our exclusive!

How has Warped Tour been going so far?
Tour is good. I think we're about halfway done now which is kind of nice but still a bittersweet kind of thing.

Is there a difference from last year as far as your crowds go because maybe of the buzz around you recently?
Yeah. There's actually been a pretty big growth and progression which has been awesome. Warped Tour is a really good gauge because it's kind of the same thing every year but it's been a good gauge to see how far your band has gone because it's been a year since we've been here. The crowds have been in some places even tripled which is really, really cool. Even like we were doing signings every day and to have like two hundred kids even want to meet us is really cool. It's crazy to me because I'm just a dude you know what I mean.

I mean I was looking online and you have almost two hundred thousand likes that's pretty crazy.
Yeah I mean it's wild in the best way possible. A lot of growth over the past year which is awesome.

And you have had a couple of EP's and stuff but your full length album is coming out right, "Maybe This Place Is the Same and We're Just Changing"?
It's a mouthful (laughs).

So how did the songwriting process go for that? Did you all pitch one, one person, how does it work?
I mean it's pretty much everyone. We kind of make a skeleton of a song with me and our two guitar players then we kind of bring it to everyone. Then we spice it up a little bit but it was good. It was stressful but it kind of worked to our advantage. We were doing a lot of writing in between tours and stuff like that and we only had two weeks off. That was for full time writing. It was like get off tour (claps), now to write! Go back on the road, get home, write. So it was kind of crazy but it kind of worked to our advantage. All said and done, it made us work that much harder to be like okay guys we're only home for another week it would be nice to get a song done. It was very good and fluid. We hit a couple bumps and what not but that's life!

And how about the other bands on Warped Tour? Do you have any bands to suggest to kids for them to check out? Like any bands you go out to see?
I would say Saves The Day. They're like one of my favorite bands and they are one of the older bands on the tour. They're awesome and I think it's cool for the younger kids who may not even know who they are to see a band that influences a lot of the bands that are on the tour now. Saves The Day is a huge influence on us. Bayside as well is a really bigger band that's on tour. I always encourage kids to go see the bands that maybe they've never heard of or never really listen to.

For sure! Then what are you guys doing after this tour? Do you have any plans for the year or are you guys just trying to go with the flow right now?
Well when we get off this tour, we're home for almost three months which is awesome. It will be good to just be like a normal person.

It's not that great.

It will be good for like two weeks then I'll be over it. So we're doing this, home for a while then we're going on tour in the fall.
Cool, are you announcing that soon?
We're announcing that after Warped Tour. It will be good!
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The Story So Far

At last year's Warped Tour, we caught up with Kelen Capener of The Story So Far where they were fresh off a massive sold out US tour as well as a brand new album. Come one year later, I checked back in with Kelen during their second summer in a row on Warped Tour. This time around, their steady climb in success took them to the main stage of the twentieth anniversary of the tour!
We talked about the band is taking a much deserved break from the road to work on their new record as well as some quality advice to bands just getting started on the tour this summer! New music wise, they'll be holding you over with a great acoustic EP dropping July 22nd! Read on for our new interview!

Now we're at Warped a year later, the album is has been out for a while. The band has been steadily growing. How has Warped Tour been so far this summer?
This has been the best year of the two years we've done it. Just because we have a lot of a bigger friend network on this tour then last year. We knew a few bands on the tour last year. This year we have a lot of bands who we hang out with and spend a lot of time with. It's better that way.

Then album-wise, are you guys writing new music right now?
While we're on tour, you can pretty much expect or assume we're not writing music. We just don't do it when we're touring. Sometimes we do, sometimes we're more proactive about it but like we're going to take time off. You'll notice we won't be touring very much because we're going to be working on a new record.

Do you think it will change from the last album or do you think it will be pretty similar to what kids have already heard?
I mean of course it's going to change but I don't know how it's going to be different. When you write some new songs, you're going to probably have some similarities but mostly you're going to have differences in between things.

Then maybe to bands just getting started on this tour, considering you've put in your time and you've had this success, advice to bands just getting started like maybe on their first run of the tour or like bands just getting signed to your label like Forever Came Calling?
Sure! I would be more concerned about doing what you do best musically instead of trying to fit into a mold of what's popular right now. Because if you're trying right now to become a band and sound like bands that are going through the trend circuit right now, you're going to miss the opportunity. If that's what you're best at doing, then play that kind of music because it will receive the better response. Of doing something that you are doing just to fit in into a collection of bands. So draw from influences but write what comes naturally for you and flex that muscle before you try to just be something you're not.
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For Today

Next up is a bit different from the Warped tour coverage I've been posting thus far from last week but equally killing it on the tour! For Today is five albums deep with their latest being "Fight The Silence" and have been playing to huge crowds all summer! At the Mansfield date of the tour, we were able to grab a few minutes with lead vocalist Mattie Montgomery where we talked everything from the latest album to his first tastes of music. Read on for our new one!

How has Warped Tour been so far?
Sucks. Just kidding! No, it's been incredible! Somebody asked me the other day what my favorite tour I've ever done is and I said Warped Tour 2014. It's been a blast!

Your most recent album, "Fight The Silence" just came out earlier this year. How did the writing process go for that? Did everyone get involved, is it one person?
Yeah, we all get involved. We all live in separate parts of the country so we rely heavily on email. So our guitar player, Ryan, he'll record some ideas and then email us those ideas. Our drummer will add drum parts, I'll work on lyrics. We all kind of add our two cents in and then mix it up in a pot then see what comes out at the end.

As far as Warped Tour goes, are there bands that you like are really close with that you go out and make sure you see their shows or you recommend to kids to see?
Yeah I mean The Devil Wears Prada has been so awesome for ten years so we catch them. We've been friends with them forever so we catch them as much as possible. I honestly just saw a band called Echosmith play.

I actually just interviewed them earlier today and caught a couple songs.

Yeah they were great, weren't they? So I'd suggest them. The cool thing about this tour is that For Today would have never wound up on tour with most of these bands if it wasn't for Warped Tour.

Then what's the band's plans for the next few months, for the next year?
Yeah we're working on getting stuff locked in for the fall. I think we're going to do a tour in the fall but I never know until it winds up on the internet.
Then the album's getting received well?
Yeah people seem to really like it.

Then as far as Warped Tour goes, what's been like your favorite thing you've done so far, favorite city?
Boston, MA. I'm just kidding. We haven't even played here yet. I don't know it's really hard to narrow down. Every day is awesome. The rain yesterday was out of control. Two days ago in Toronto was great. We went down to Texas for the first three days which is always one of our favorite places to play. It's hard to choose one. Every day is awesome.

Then as far as like essentials that you need to bring with you when on tour, what would you say are like the top two?
Two essentials! My phone! I need it to Facetime my wife and my baby back home. A big supply of beef jerky. Every time we stop at a gas station I'm picking up a little!

Then this was a bit of a short interview so I'll just ask you one last question. What was the first concert you ever went to and first CD/or cassette you ever remember buying as a kid?
The first CD I ever bought was Big Willie Style by Will Smith and I knew every word to it. I still know every word to "Getting Jiggy With It". It's pretty embarrassing to have in an interview but that's alright. Everybody knew the words to those songs. The actual first concert that I went to was a band called DC Talk. Like a Christian, Hip Hop meets Rock band and it was awesome. I was like eight and a half years old. Went with my mom probably but yeah that was the first concert. Then I was like I want to do this for a living. So here I am, a decade and a half later. I guess really coming up on nineteen years later. Wow I'm old. Nineteen years later and I'm doing that for a living.

Cool! How long have you guys like been all together officially?
Seven years. Long time!
Great, well thank you so much!
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To end off the first major day of Warped Tour coverage for Music Remedy, we're going in another extreme direction by presenting our interview with rapper Watsky. Watsky as well as being a rapper is a well known poet and was even part of Def Poetry Jam on HBO. He opened the doors to a day of coverage that included electronic pop act Captain Capa to rapper K. Flay to deejay Crizzly. He has great tours coming up and is playing Outside Lands festival in August with his new new full length coming out August 12th! Read on for our new interview!

Maybe the three things you feel you must have while on Warped Tour?
Underwear, shirts, deodorant!

Then I know this tour is a little bit different where you have a whole stage where it's just a mix of rappers, electronic and dance acts. How do you think that's helped your stage (Beatport) as a group? You're all together, not spread out.
I'm really, really glad to be on the Beatport stage. I think that what's cool about it is that, first of all, I've made friends with all the other acts on it. So we have a good camaraderie. Everyone gets along. Not just as people but artists ourselves. We all hang out and get to know each other. So that's cool because we actually have like a group of friends now. Also just the fact that we're on a small stage means that people who come see us actually have to want to be there. Because if you're on a main stage or on the amphitheater, you're going to be playing to a lot of people who don't actually like your music. We're playing to people who are really enthusiastic about what we do and I would rather be doing that then being in the amphitheater where there's a second stage set up next to it. You see a bunch of bored people who are just waiting for the next band setting up across from you. So we have big booming sound. A great sound system and crew. We have eclectic acts so people who go to the Beatport stage are looking to broaden their horizons and what they're interested in musically.

Then you've been doing this for a while. I know you've played Boston before on tours but how did you first get started? Like when did you know this is what you wanted to do?
My first professional credit was on this old tv show called Def Poetry Jam on HBO so I did spoken word poetry before I was a rapper. I did poetry slams and competitions and open mics when I was growing up in San Francisco as a teenager. I was just doing that and steadily getting better and then I got that credit on that tv show and that allowed me to kind of start doing college gigging. So for five years, I did what's called a NACA circuit which are conferences that allow you to just pinball around the country playing to different colleges and small shows for people who don't really have name recognition but can put on good hour long shows. I spent a long time just kind of riding it out playing hundreds of college gigs til I was finally able to get the traction to start to play headlining shows for my fans. For the past two and a half years, I've kind of gained a following through the internet which has allowed us to do the live touring thing.

And how is it going over? Have the shows been really good?
It's been killer crowds. Like every where we go, we've been drawing really well. I didn't know if my fans would show up to Warped Tour or if the Warped Tour fans would like my stuff. Any doubts that I've had were proven wrong with in the first two shows. Like in every single place. Like in Scranton? I didn't know I had any fans in Scranton. It's like hundreds of people every time. They know the words and then some people will come up afterwards and say that they had never heard of us until Warped Tour. That's what we wanted. We wanted to play to a mix of people that had been initiated already and then to get us the chance to win over some new people.

Then what is coming up? You're about halfway through the Warped Tour now, maybe music, new tours?
Yeah I have an album coming out August 12th called "All You Can Do" and two days before that, I'm playing a big festival in San Francisco called Outsidelands which will be huge. It's in my hometown. it's a really great festival so that will set up the album release. Then we're going to go into rehearsals for tour. So September, we're in Europe. October, November we're circling the country again for our own dates and then December we'll be in Australia. Then 2015 we're going to figure it out from there but we got a lot planned out so we're hoping for the best!
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Mayday Parade

Yesterday, I headed out for the sixth year straight to interview some of the top bands in the game as well as the newbies to the Vans Warped Tour in Mansfield! I interviewed forty something fans be it main stage favorites like The Story So Far and The Summer Set to DJ Crizzly and rappers like Watsky and K. Flay to newbies like Dangerkids and Courage, My Love! First up though are familiar faces to Music Remedy in Mayday Parade. We've done countless interviews with front man Derek Sanders and considering we were the only one he did yesterday, we thought it was only run to kick off our coverage with this interview!

So you guys are on the main stage this summer, as well main stage has a lot of Fearless Records representation. How has it been going so far?
It's been incredible. Warped Tour is the kind of thing where I feel like it kind of gets better each time you do it. At least for us, that's been the case. As you get more comfortable with it, you know what to expect. It can be intimidating at first but now it's just fun. First time on the main stage is huge. It really means a lot. It's a special thing for us. The crowds have been amazing and there's just nothing to complain about. It's all good!

Then since we last talked, "Monsters In The Closet" did come out. It's the highest on Billboard charts that you've hit?
Yeah, well it had the biggest first week numbers and sales. It's done really well. Yeah it's great. It's amazing to be able to still keep on just going with it. It's been a long time so it feels good to still move forward and keep on doing this thing.

Then if you could tell us a little bit behind the story for your current single, "Hold Onto Me". Maybe the writing of that song?
Yeah to me that's kind of a special song because I feel like it's one that in the past we would have thought was a cool idea but wouldn't have pursued making it a song for Mayday Parade because it didn't really sound like Mayday Parade. We've been trying to take any ideas that are cool and instead of saying this doesn't sound like Mayday Parade, let's make a great song. So that's one that at first people were a little iffy on because it was kind of different. A little more outside the box then other songs. It was actually one of the first ones that Brooks wrote that went from the idea into the full song that made it onto an album. So it's been good things all around.

Then I know you guys steadily release new albums. You don't normally go more then two years without an album. Are you even thinking about writing the next one yet?
Yeah absolutely! I mean that's how it always kind of goes. Put out an album and then we tour for a few years on it. We will put up a lot of ideas and the rest of the guys I'm sure have a bunch of ideas but I have about over ten or twelve ideas for new songs. I'm really, really excited about it and I can't wait to start getting together. We'll finish that touring this year and early 2015we'll start getting together to bring all the ideas together and write the album and go record it.

Then the band is very much a veteran of the Warped Tour. Maybe advice to bands just getting started, like on their first run?
I'd say to begin with, for everybody on Warped Tour, you got to drink lots of water. That's the main thing. If you're just coming to attend or you're part of it. You're out in the sun all day. As long as you drink plenty of water you'll be fine but you got to make sure you do that. Then for new bands not to be intimidated or too afraid to do the wrong thing because at first we were like super intimidated. It's like a whole new world and we didn't know what to expect but mostly everybody is like super friendly and outgoing. A lot of camaraderie. Everybody is in this together. So just enjoy it and have fun and try to make the most of it. There's a lot of opportunity to get people interested in your band and your music or whatever it is that you do. So try to take advantage of that and promote as much as you can. Just enjoy it!
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Jamestown Revival

This next interview is a little something out of the box that I find myself normally in music-wise but, they were a bright light in a sea of endless nights of rock & roll. The morning of the show, I found myself wanting to be at any live music extravaganza and so I requested an interview with Jamestown Revival! The band ended up selling out their first headlining show in Boston that night and only hours before they took the stage, I got to sit down with the two members of the band, Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. They then charmed the pants off me with their live set later that night. Moments like these are the reason I do what I do. Read on for our interview with the duo and get on this train before they blow up in front of our eyes. Believe me, they will!

I know this tour has been going for a little bit, the "Utah" tour. So maybe the three things you really see as necessary to have with you while on tour?
Jonathan: Well, first of all, I'd bring a good knife.
A good knife?
Jonathan: Yeah, a good pocket knife.
Zach: Because really, if we're being honest, it's a bottle opener. It's a box opener and a bottle opener.
Jonathan: Here's the thing about a knife. You never know how much you will use it until you start carrying it more and realize how much you need it.
Zach: No, no, I can shorten that. You never know how much you'll use it till you lose it.
Jonathan: If I don't have my knife on me, I feel like I'm missing a finger.
Zach: I know I feel naked a little bit.
Jonathan: So a good knife.
Zach: Good whiskey.

Always good!
Zach: And earplugs!
Jonathan: Yeah, I like those.
Zach: Do you got any better ones though?
Jonathan: No that was really good! It was pretty good.
Zach: Earplugs are maybe the most important thing. For sleep!

Then how has this run been going so far? Obviously like you said it's a pretty big sell tonight (then sold out). I think almost five hundred?
Jonathan: Yeah! We've had some really cool shows.
Zach: All in all, it's been a really positive run. There's been some great nights.
Jonathan: I am personally blown away and I mean that. I think we went from thirty people to four hundred in San Francisco. The last time we headlined in San Francisco and it's fucking awesome. I mean we've never been here and we're going to have five hundred people here.

You've never played here?
Jonathan: Well, we played here once.
Zach: Oh yeah, we opened for somebody.
Jonathan: In February. That was our first time here.

Was the last tour like a bigger venue?
Zach: It was with The Wild Feathers. It was at Brighton Music Hall.
Still, I mean that's smaller then this venue capacity wise.
Zach: Oh really? I thought it was kind of comparable.

Not too much smaller, but like ninety less people.
Jonathan: I'm blown away.
Zach: I think we've been kind of taken aback. Kind of wide eyed at some of the shit. Just a little moved that people are coming out and singing some of the songs and stuff.
Jonathan: It's pretty awesome. It's exciting. It makes me feel like I'm not a crazy person.

Then like you said last time you played San Fransisco, it was like thirty people now it's four hundred. So clearly the new LP is doing a little bit okay. How do you as the people who wrote it feel it's been going over?
Zach: I think the album itself is finding its way. We are fans of albums. We listen to music and people who created really good albums. We wanted to try and achieve that. So I think people are finding the album. Not just a song and it seems to be that people are singing more then just one song so that's exciting.
Jonathan: Yeah. "California" is obviously blazing the trail.
Zach: It's the gateway drug.
Jonathan: People are definitely reacting to a lot of the songs and appreciating the album as a whole which is cool.
Then maybe considering it's just the two of you, how do you go about the songwriting process for this band? Do you each bring your own songs, is it collaborative?
Jonathan: We write everything together.
Zach: Everything is in a room together. One of us might bring a idea in and we just spend so much time together that we kind of feed off of that. Feed off of the other one's feelings.

With it just being the two of you and still relatively new, how did the duo form? I mean have you known each other for a long time?
Zach: It started honestly as a friendship.
Jonathan: The root of it is really friendship. It's cool to be friends first because there's a real bond and camaraderie and brotherhood there. It's hard to replicate in any way other than just spending fifteen years of your life with somebody.
Zach: Yeah when you've kind of been in the trenches with people, it will bring anybody closer. So that's whats kind of cool. Before music, we had a lot of other weird gnarly shit happen.
Jonathan: From bar fights to Bonnaroo.

That's great! Then for each of you the first CD or cassette you ever remember buying as a kid then the first concert you ever went to that you can remember?
Jonathan: Gosh, Third Eye Blind. First concert I ever went to.
Zach: They were the first concert you went to. Know what the first CD I ever bought was? What's the first cassette you ever bought?
Jonathan: The first CD I ever bought was Tupac.
Zach: Dude! That was my second. My first CD I ever bought was Offspring. I can't remember the name of the record.
Jonathan: I wanted that.
Zach: I wore it out. My parents shamed me. Tupac's "All Eyes On Me" was the second album.
Jonathan: I bought the greatest hits record. I bought it from Sam Goody at the mall and got it taken away by my parents.
Zach: I got it through one of those promos. Like pay a penny and get however many albums. So, my sister and I did it and we split it. Like we each got ten and ten. Beck was one of the records too. It was great.

Then maybe to end it off, you still have a while to go on the tour and the album is so new. Maybe what is coming up for Jamestown Revival? Are you just going to keep on touring, are you going to take a little break?
Zach: Hopefully this record has got a lot more legs so we intend to tour.
Jonathan: We plan on releasing new music at some point. You know we're trying to write. We want to keep things going. We don't want to stagnate so we're either touring or releasing new music or we're writing honestly.
Zach: I think we might take, after this run, a little bit of time and try to create for a minute and then the plan would be in the fall to be out on the road again because I think that's how you really connect with people.
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With Warped Tour 2014 just a few days in, I decided to post next my interview with Warped Vets Blessthefall! Last time we talked to the group was on Warped 2013 about a month before their third full length with vocalist Beau Bokan dropped, "Hollow Bodies". This time around we caught up with Beau on the band's headlining "Hollow Bodies" tour run. We talked everything from how they feel the album is going over and feelings that a band deals with when trying something new to their plans for this summer! For the first time the boys are doing the festival circuit. This includes Download as well as many side shows with Warped vets as well in Of Mice and Men, Letlive. and Silverstein! Read on for our new interview and check up with us for more great coverage soon!

I know this is your biggest headlining run I think you guys have done so far in your career. Maybe how do you feel it's been going over so far with such a strong bill with you like Silverstein who have been around for so many years as well. How do you think it's been going over so far?
Awesome! It's been incredible. We get blown away every night we go out there. Like you said, it's our biggest headliner tour thus far and every band is awesome. Every band has fans. Sometimes, when you go on tour the people you bring out, like smaller bands, you're like they aren't pulling their weight but this tour makes for good competition. Like last night, every band killed it. Silverstein had just an amazing response. Same with Amity. Secrets and stuff like that. So when we go on stage, we're like we got to do our thing! We got to be like the headliners so it's healthy competition but it was awesome. It was awesome to see that response. Us and Silverstein have a lot of the same fans in common which is really cool too. They've been around for a minute.
Well so have you guys, Blessthefall has been a band for awhile.
Exactly! It's a very diverse crowd, you know. You got older guys in the back drinking beers, singing along and then you get young girls up front that just want to be up front. It's cool. It's been pretty cool.
Then last we talked, it was on Warped Tour and right before "Hollow Bodies" came out. I think you had like a month to go. Hit #15 on Billboard on top 200. How do you think it's been going over kind of as the singer of the band and being one of the main writers? The single had like over a million views or something like that. How is it to you then considering it's not the first or second album, it's the fourth?
Yeah, fourth album technically. Same thing! It's just blowing my mind every time we come out and play a new song. When we do, the response is just insane. Even compared to the old songs. Sometimes some bands play those old tracks and the crowd just rips then you're like oh man they still want that old song but playing new stuff like when we play "Hollow Bodies" which is the last single we put out with the video and everything else, the crowd just erupts. I can't even really think about it. It's the third album with me in the band. To see us kind of finally capturing the sound that I think we kind of always wanted. Especially going with Joey and him really bringing the best out of us, you can hear it. You can feel it in this record. It's so hard. It's almost like a re-birth again. It's like man, we're still doing it. It's awesome. So, I think it's something to build on as well. The band's been around for so long and there are so many different other bands that are coming around. They blow up and stuff like that real quick. I think that we're still climbing this hill. I think we can still go further. We've opened up some new doors with the record. Discovered a new sound and kids love it so it's always good when you have a new sound and kids love it. When you make a new sound and kids hate it, screw it! You go to go back and write a record where we just write what we used to do. We have something new going on and it's really cool.
Perfect then like I said we have interviewed the band steadily over the years with different members so to wrap it up, what is coming up after this tour?
We're taking a month off then going to Europe. It's our first time that we're doing festival runs out there. So we're doing Download.
That's amazing.
Which I hear is kind of a big deal. So that will be awesome. That's going to be really cool. We're doing side shows with Of Mice and Men, letlive. and Silverstein. It's going to be fun. I'm excited to see what those festivals have to offer. I've heard amazing things from some of them and I've heard you get those rough ones but you take the good with the bad. Should be an interesting little run out there! Like three weeks out there. Festivals and between the festivals, those little side shows.
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Morning Parade

The other night I headed out to the Foundation Room at House of Blues to meet up with a familiar face to Music Remedy, Morning Parade! More specifically, I sat down with Steven Sparrow the lead vocalist of this British act who we've always interviewed on the past. On the eve of their insane performance as part of Earthfest here in Boston, we grabbed a few minutes in a booth before they played an acoustic performance for a private party.
We talked the new album as well as their tips for touring British bands when they come over on their first run of America! Read on for our interview and find the boys on their current US run with Brick & Mortar!

It's been several months since you've played in Boston and this part of the US but you're playing EarthFest tomorrow. Obviously huge. Maybe what are you most looking forward to tomorrow?
Looking forward to it not raining hopefully. It's just nice to get out. Have the sun out and be in a new environment. I hear it's going to be a lot of people there so it's a different challenge. It will be fun.
Just a little bit of people.
I mean well how many is it going to be?
I mean last year when it was like of Monsters & Men and Backstreet Boys, they stopped letting people in at one pm or so because it was so full of people.
We talking twenty thousand?
At least, yeah.
Okay, wow.

Then the new album came out last week?
Last Tuesday.
How do you think it's been going over so far? You've been on this US tour with Brick & Mortar.
Yeah, it's been good! The new album, I think it's a record that's going to take a little bit to really sink into people but that was kind of one of the aims of the game really. There's so many kinds of music that are so instantaneous. So dull, the shine kind of wears off quickly. We really wanted to make a record that had a bit more to discover about it. The more you listen, the more you look in between the lines of what it was talking about. There's far more meaning but it's been going quite swell. The fans have been really responsive. We've been playing a lot of new stuff on the new tour. Not doing as much old stuff. Sometimes a bit like digging your own grave really. Fans have been great. Really responsive and very forthcoming in their praise about the new songs and Brick & Mortar are a great, great band. They are hilariously funny to hang out with and their show is just crazy. So yeah it's good.
They're doing the rest of the tour with you as well, right? These are just one offs?
Yeah, I think they're doing promo.

Perfect then how did the songwriting change for this album if it did? Compared to the last one?
I think we're just doing different things. Some of the songs are a bit more conceptual then the first one. I wanted to try and test ourselves a bit more. Do things a bit more interesting. Like more cultural. Build more content. Taking all the mundanity of life and trying to make something interesting out of that but at the same time, I'm trying to figure out what that actually means. Yeah that was one of the things we did and I think we were just a bit more free in terms of structure. We weren't rigid to the pop radio format which our previous label was really keen on us doing.

Maybe how is it kind of having that bigger control? Having a label that isn't telling you what you have to be?
It's weird. I always say what they didn't do but there's a lot of good things they did for us. There was just a lot of whispering in our ears about what we should be doing and how we should be approaching it. This is what Coldplay did and that's what Coldplay did. I kind of got old of hearing about fucking Coldplay. I just don't want to hear it anymore. So yeah it's very different doing it this way around. It has it's pit falls, it has it's positives. Ultimately, there was lots of money behind the first one but the outcomes of what you get in exchange for being able to have your freedom and being allowed to be myself really. In a purest sense of the word.

Recently in these past few years, a lot of British bands have really broken here and been able to tour here when they haven't been able to do so in the past. Maybe advice to bands just doing their first tour in America?
Advice for the first time in America?
Considering it's become so much more feasible now. Bands are getting bigger faster and being able to tour successfully.
If you got loads of money, you'll get big fast. Just get a bus. It will make your life much easier. It's really, really hard to tour in the US because you just spend so much time driving. So yeah, take your vitamins, get plenty of B-12. Don't eat the service station food because it sucks. Don't party too much and be nice. Be genuine. Like I find that American people respond to people being genuine so much better. They see through the bullshit of the British bravado being a band. They see through it very quickly.

Perfect then what is coming up after this US run considering your album is so new here? Do you think you're going to come back pretty quickly or do you think you're going to focus on back home?
We're going to go back to the UK, well the boys are. I live here now but the boys are going back to the UK and the album is out in Europe pretty soon. So I'm going to go back over in June and do some promo for that in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, UK. Going to come back to America in August and July to do more touring. Then the album comes out in September in Europe so we'll tour there and we'll come back to America as well. Fall and the Winter as well.
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Sir Sly

Last Saturday night, I headed out to interview a new up and coming trio in Sir Sly. The band has already achieved massive success with two singles off their debut "Gold" EP. The tracks have already received well over one million plays each on Spotify as well as doing an headline tour. They opened for St. Lucia earlier this year and currently find themselves out opening for British sensations The 1975.

With their last tour being snowed out in Boston, I jumped on the opportunity to interview Landon, Hayden and Jason when they came back through Boston. We talked the music that's to come from the band as well as delving into their recording process. Read on for my new interview with the boys as well as catch them on this current tour because these boys are about to blow up.

There is obviously a lot going on for the band right now and has been for the past few months. Maybe a soft one to start, the three things that you think you must have with you while on tour?
Landon: Three things I must have with me while on tour. Clothes, computer and the other guys in the band? I don't know. Those are the things that I must have.
Jason: Are we talking outside musical stuff?
Landon: I don't really carry much.
Jason: Probably my phone. When you're away from home, you feel so disconnected.
Landon: My phone. Pictures of my dog.
Jason: Labtops.
Landon: We're pretty bare bones. We don't bring alot.
Jason: We tour in like a stretcher so there's not alot of space. We're not on a bus or anything.
Landon: I bring like five pairs of shoes. That's about it. That's the most excessive thing I bring, I feel.
Jason: Everything else is like computer, phone.
Landon: Tea. Put tea!
And then how has this tour been going with The 1975? I know you've been touring playing these big rooms. You've headlined in Boston even but how has this tour been?
Landon: It's been amazing! I think touring with The 1975 has been the best touring experience we've had. I would say. Just all things considered. Like our first headlining tour was really fun and exciting and stuff but it feels like we're making good strides as a band right now. Because we've toured before and we feel pretty confident about the live show, we feel it's translating well to people and they're coming out. The fans of the 1975 are really great music fans so they come out. Hopefully put on a good show because I think they respond well. It seems we're getting new fans every night.

Then I know the "Gold" EP came out in 2013. Obviously it's been going over well radio wise or performance wise but how do you think it's been going over personally? Like as a band perspective and maybe not the numbers and everything?
Landon: No, I mean we get the numbers. Some of us pay attention a lot less then others. I probably pay attention the least maybe because it affects me the most. It's been going well. I think we're excited about the fact that radio's playing us. People still go to radio to hear new music so it's great. We've seen response from that. Coming to cities and playing before the 1975 and seeing people sing the words to both usually is an amazing thing. Yeah I think we're excited to release new music as well but for right now, we're coasting on four songs. Building it really well which is pretty exciting for us. When you start making music, you just want to make more music. Somewhere along the line though, you do need help from radio or blogs because we don't distribute our own music. Like we don't have our own soapbox on which to stand on. Yeah you do rely on people to play your music.

Then I know you guys have a really hands on approach to your music. I believe you do it all yourselves. Maybe how do you think that helps you in the songwriting process? Because you control all the elements of the recording process? How do you think that kind of helps you as a band?
Landon: In every way.
Hayden: Yeah, honestly that has shaped who we are as a band. Like our mission as a band. Our attitude as a band. It's relying on yourself. It's about trusting in yourself. It's what makes you unique. Trusting in yourself. We're the barometer. We can set the tone. We can record our own music. Like we have Jason who's brilliant.
Landon: We can't record our own music. Jason can. Jason has lent us his skills and allows us to say that we record our own music. In our studio. Even though it's Jason's studio but it's fun.
Jason: It's definitely way less pressure I think. You don't feel like you have this time constraint. We don't need a producer. It's like where are the songs at? We have a week to do this.
Landon: We've had a year and a half to keep writing our first record and we released an EP. We'll hopefully release another one. We have an album that we're really excited about. We get as much time as we want to do that and we trust that it sounds good. Label is really supportive of how it sounds. Management was really supportive of our sound. Jason is able to mix, master, produce all of our stuff. We originally made all our own videos as well. So it's been really cool. I think it shapes everything about the way we make music. It is the way we make music. It's really hard when there's no outside perspective. I mean I've recorded music other ways before but we've been doing this so much for the past year and a half that it's really hard to get out of that mentality. How has it shaped our music? I don't know, it's just the way we do it.

Then how do you go about the writing process itself? Is it one person, more collective? Does it change?
Landon: Different pieces start in different places. Since Jason has a studio and stuff, a lot of times he'll start with like a trial track or like I used to have a piano in my old place that I would write with. I don't anymore so I'll start with like a chorus or a few lyrics here and there. Then we write the whole song in a day and record it.
In one day? It goes that fast?
Hayden: I don't know if we've ever really had a two day song.
Landon: We've never had a two day song.
Jason: If it's a two day song, it's not happening. It's not a song.
Landon: There are times where we'll go back and re-do vocals but for the most part, I'd say probably ninety percent of the vocals are done the day that we've written the song. We won't go back and change anything. The things that we add maybe are things that Jason will add in here or there when he's mixing later. Like texture pieces and stuff but most of the song itself is done the day of writing it. We get pickier as we go though. There have been more times when we start songs and we shut it down much quicker.

Then you've been obviously talking about the full length. Is that something that's like already done? Are you still working on it?
Landon: It's done. It's quote unquote done but it's not ever done. I mean we have our own studio. Yeah you tour a little bit and you go back in and you're like well maybe there's room for more songs on there.
Hayden: I really think the live show informs the writing process too in some ways. Not usually but in this tail end of the album, when we've had it pretty much done. There are things that happen live where you go, well that really worked. You kind of inject that into the studio.
Landon: Like I was listening to the record the other day on headphones as we were driving. I leaned over to Jason to talk about it. Like we've been listening to it when we play it live but I haven't listened to the songs we've recorded for a couple of months now. So listening to them again, I was like I kind of like the way that sounds live better then the way it sounds recorded. We should go and transplant a little of that stuff back into what we recorded. A little bit of the Frankenstein makeover but yeah I think we're excited. It's good because originally, we liked writing and recording music way more then we liked playing live. I think now that we have a new batch of songs that we're really proud of, I think playing live for me has become a lot more fun. It's very different. It's become a lot more fun to do.

Then maybe to end it off, what is coming up after this run with The 1975? I know you talked about how the album is kind of done quote unquote or being finished.
Landon: Hibernation.
Hibernation, yeah? Taking a break from the road?
Landon: No, no, no!
Hayden: Some headlining stuff.
Jason: Festivals.
Landon: Things like that.
Hayden: Writing a lot more.
Landon: Yeah, just trying to listen to new music. Seeing movies and stuff. Getting inspired and just finding where we're going to pick up after this tour winds up. I'm trying to think beyond shows. More shows! Oh, releasing an EP like I said! Maybe trying to write more songs for that, I'm not sure!
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