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After doing this for four years, I've found myself in some interesting locales be it on a couple of bar stools, bathroom stalls (best acoustics) and in dark vans but recently I switched it up a bit when I sat down with Brent of one of heavy rock's biggest bands currently I See Stars. While the band dined on their dinners at Uno's pre show, I grabbed a few minutes with Brent with dishes flying over our heads and talked about everything new with the band!
The band was actually one of the first bands I ever interviewed four not so short years ago and came full circle with advice he would give to young bands just starting. Maybe it's strange though considering the band is still very young, Brent being only 22 and the singer Devin Oliver being the ripe old age of 21. The band currently finds themselves co-headling a major US tour with fellow veterans on Music Remedy.com The Word Alive and don't show any signs of slowing down. Read on for our much anticipated exclusive and check them out on their current US tour also featuring Get Scared, Crown The Empire, Dayshell and Palisades!

Obviously you guys have been doing this for a long time. Still really young doing it. Maybe to start things off, advice you would give to bands just starting?
Honestly, it's so easy to research not only your instrument but being in a band and what other bands are doing. How things work. I mean I would just suggest really trying to figure out what they want and write the best songs that they possibly can because that's really easy to learn how to do. So it's a good place to start the process of being in a band.

And I think this is your first headlining run of the downstairs Palladium which is obviously a pretty big deal. You are co-headlining with The Word Alive. Maybe how do you feel this tour has been going for these two bands so far?
Honestly, I'm not just saying this, it might be one of the best tours we've ever done as a band. Headlining has been one of the best opportunities. Kids are coming out just to support you. Show you that people love your band. They'll stick around to ten o'clock to watch you play so it's been amazing.

Then you've obviously been through your ups and downs as a band these past few years. Jumping on a tour last minute with Asking Alexandria and being kicked off a tour just prior. So maybe the things that you've learned you must have on tour to survive?
I mean you got to fend for yourself out there and everybody's got their own opinions and ways of treating you and accepting you or not accepting you.

Then the new album just came out. I know you've been putting out new music really rapidly.
Our record came out three weeks ago, "New Demons". We plan to write a new record I guess through out the next year or so then we'll put one out in a while but we don't really have a plan necessarily for a new record.

Devin: Is Brent doing an interview over here?

Brent is doing an interview over here.
Devin: That's hot, man. I'll try not to talk (laughs).

Was there a reason between doing the releases so fast?
We just like releasing records. I mean, it's not like "Digital Renegade" was a problem by any means. It honestly was one of the best records we've ever put out. We just like putting our records out and songs. There's really no rhyme or reason to that I guess.

Then maybe how has the songwriting process changed over the past few years? Has it become like a steady rhythm in the band, considering it's been the same members or is it still changing?
Yeah, it's constantly changing actually. We just keep learning new ways to collaborate and communicate and technology is changing and our musical interests are changing. Every single record has been a very different process and honestly I hope it stays that way. I hope it stays interesting and I hope different members keep seeking out different members. We kind of pull things from different people like within the band and even outside of the band. We have friends and other people that we work with and we want to constantly keep collaborating. To make it as interesting as we can possibly make it.

Then a soft one! Do you remember the first concert you ever went to?
First concert I ever went to was a band called Adema, 311, Barenaked Ladies, Jimmy Eat World and Blink 182.
That's crazy!
That might be the best concert still, like today even. Ever. So that was mind blowing. To think that we'd play, I won't say similar concerts, because that was just unreal. It was like Woah. It felt huge. It felt like unbelievable but to know that we kind of do the same thing for kids these days and that we contribute to like that same feeling, it's amazing. It's awesome. It's a dream come true.

Considering the new album is so new and you're on this tour now, what is coming up for the band within the next few months? Are you just going to keep on touring like you usually do, this non stop touring cycle?
Yeah, I mean we're going to tour and hopefully just keep on releasing cool things like acoustic things and music videos. Like we said, just keep on touring. We'll be out with The Word Alive for the whole year and then next year we have a couple things lined up. Can't really talk about them but it's all there. It's all great!

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