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With all the shows constantly going down in this great city I choose to live in, I try to make the internationally touring bands my priority considering how lucky we are to have so many US acts touring constantly. The last few weeks have been filled with British bands with a Irish act tonight but one of the Canadian acts I try to also speak to when they're in town are hip hop crooners Down With Webster!

The guys haven't trekked around the US before their most recent tour with Radical Something for over a year and a half but they will be back next month (hopefully) in promotion of their upcoming junior album. I got the opportunity to speak to Cam, one of the rappers in the band less then thirty minutes before the band took the stage in Boston where we caught up on the new album, their songwriting process and his advice for fellow Canadian bands. Read on for our exclusive and pick up the album coming out early 2014!

It has been a while since your last tour, at least over a year.
Yeah, at least over a year and half.
So how has this tour been considering that?

This tour's been great! We come back down and we see people wearing our shirts at the shows and people in line, they know us. It's wild. We haven't been here in a year and a half so it's encouraging.

Then I know you guys put out the two Time To Win volumes. Are you working on the next album?
That album's finished. Pumped on that. That's partially why we haven't been touring as much in the states because we've been doing that. Excited to have new music out and be coming down more often.

So you do plan to come down?
Oh yeah! We're just going to keep coming down to the Northeast because it's so close to us. We're right there so we're going to try to come back down in November to like Boston, New York, Philly, that kind of area.

Then considering the band has been the same line up for a really, really long time, do you feel the songwriting still changes all the time or has it become a pretty steady rhythm?
It's always weird for us because we have so many guys and like one song will be one guy's idea, the next one will be someone Else's idea so it's been weird since day one and it hasn't gotten any less weird. So it's the same!

Perfect then having a general sense of it, I know a lot of Canadian bands do one tour here and then never come back. What advice would you give to bands to keep on trying and keep on coming down here?
I'm just saying it's important to keep doing it. If you love it, you'll keep doing it because you love it. I feel a lot of Canadian bands come down to America and they don't make as much money as they would normally and they go 'Well, we don't like this'. If it's about the money for you then, you're probably not going to come down. But for us, we just want to be playing music for people so we'll just keep coming down.

Then I have interviewed other members of your band over the past few years so to keep it short since you're about to go on, maybe the first CD or first cassette you ever bought as a kid and the first concert you went to?
First concert I ever went to? I went to see NOFX which is a punk band. i went to see them when I was probably eleven years old. With no parents. It was interesting. The first CD I got was probably Wu Tang Clan when I was nine or something.

Do you think those influenced you at all?
Oh, totally! It got me into hip hop and I'm a rapper now so it definitely had a big influence on me.

Then you talked about how the new album is planned to come out, you're just finishing it up but what is going to be coming up for you guys?
We're going to try to be coming back to the US pretty much ASAP. We're going to try and come back in November because we're going to do our whole cross Canada tour in January so we want to come down before then and hopefully during that as well.

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