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Over the past few years, I've steadily sat down with this next guy Jordan Witzigreuter also known as The Ready Set! I've watched him progress from a Myspace presence purely to now be a radio mainstay and constantly be touring and selling out massive shows. At our latest meet up with each other, I picked Jordan's brain about his new album considering we haven't had a new one from him since his radio break through album in 2011! He let me know that he has a full album finished and even the fact that he had received the fully done album the very day that we sat down for our new interview!

While he currently finds himself out on tour with Breathe Carolina and We the Kings on the Summerfest tour, he assured me that the band will be back out on the road in the fall. Hopefully post album release because fans definitely deserve some new tunes from this songwriting machine! Read on for our latest exclusive and be sure to check back for a new interview soon!

It has been a while since you've released like a EP or full length. Is there something that you're working on right now?
Yeah I actually just put out this free acoustic EP kind of as like a bridge to the album and actually today, I just got the whole new album delivered. All completely done. Everything is finished and pretty much just going to have an explosion of new stuff coming out pretty soon. I'm pretty pumped.

It's fully ready to go?
Yeah. Everything is a hundred percent done. Just waiting on a release date then we're off!

Perfect! Then you have been releasing a lot of singles over the past few years but will this album be all new material, are you putting some of those songs on this album?

It's all new which is very exciting.

Maybe how did you go about the writing for this album considering it's all new material?
I've pretty much been writing for the past two years since the last full length release came out. It was kind of like pick a couple of those songs that stood out from that era. I just wrote a ton. I had like sixty something songs left over that are just kind of there. I'm constantly writing while on tour. Most of the songs on the album are the newest ones. I kind of just scrapped everything. Being like I'm just going to write these eleven songs and this will be what it is. It's nice.

Then you've been touring a lot lately. You've played Boston itself multiple times with in this past year. How has this tour been going considering it's a bit more eclectic?
It's been really cool. The benefit of it is that everybody is playing to people who aren't necessarily your fans right off the bat. There's going to be We The Kings fans, Breathe Carolina fans, Ready Set fans, T. Mills, it just really benefits everybody. Nothing on the tour doesn't fit. It all kind of works together but it does kind of have that like little miniature festival vibe but that was kind of the intention of it.

And the big rooms have been going over well?

These really big spaces.
Yeah, it's been cool. I mean like tomorrow in New York City, there only a few tickets away from selling out. Presale today was good. I'm excited, I can't complain.

To end it off, what is coming up for you? You said the album is completely done. Is that just going to be the focus? Like getting that album out and doing all the promotion?
Yeah, pretty much. After this tour is done, we're doing video stuff and getting the whole storm going then probably by October, November we will be back on the road probably. Just touring forever as always.

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