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I find myself at shows at least two to three nights a week and recently I got the kind of rare opportunity to actually interview a girl musician, even two of them this time around. The touring world is completely dominated by boys these days and two girls that are trying to break into that scene are twins Megan and Liz Mace!

Getting their start off Youtube, the duo has quickly moved on to the fast paced world of venue tours and recently found themselves playing their first show in Boston. With a crowd of over three hundred, it's clear that they won't be coming to a lull anytime soon and that will only be assisted by their debut full length coming out later this year. Working with big time producers and having plenty of years under their belt, the band dropped their debut single from the album to radio "Release You". The duo is only going up from here and I was lucky to grab some time with them on the climb up!

You guys have toured before but this is your first headlining tour. What were three things that you had to bring with you?
Meg: We have these cat blankets that a fan made for us.
Liz: They're like super nice fleece blankets.
Meg: It's like this flannel material that you can tie at the ends and they have our initials on the corners so we had to bring those.
Liz: About a million pairs of fake eyelashes.
Meg: Yes!
Liz: And red lipstick!
Meg: Yeah, red lipstick!

Crucial! Then obviously you guys have been doing this for a while, you're sisters so how has this first headlining run been going? You have toured some of these cities before, maybe even Boston.
Liz: We haven't actually done Boston before!
Meg: It's been really, really fun this tour. Definitely a lot of work but in the best way possible.
Liz: Yeah, our band, our crew is just the best and always fun. Always a good time. It's so fun!

Perfect, then obviously you are now doing radio and have released 'Release You' to radio. You're kind of taking this a step further but how did you first get started doing this as sisters? Did you perform together a lot before? How did you start doing youtube, really how did this get started?
Meg: Yeah, we definitely performed together when we were younger before Youtube was around. Like standing in my driveway and trying to dance. Teach ourselves these dances and sing at the same time. Like I would always get mad at Liz, be like 'You're not doing it right!' and you'd be like 'Well, I can't dance!' I would make her dance anyway.
Liz: Yup!
Meg: So needless to say, we stopped dancing and just got into singing.

Then maybe how is it to have a sister as a rock while going on tour and now that things are starting to pick up. Like having 'Release You' on the radio and your full length album coming out later this year. How is it to have your sister with you the whole way?
Meg: It's definitely the best. Today, even she was not feeling so great so I had to do a radio thing by myself and I was like I don't know how people do it by themselves. We are so lucky that we have the other one. She's my best friend. We're very lucky.

Then for this album coming out, I know you worked with a lot of really big producers. How did the writing/recording process go for this album? I know you guys started out doing like Youtube covers but how did you go about the process for this album?
Meg: Well, this one we had a lot of fun with it. It was just kind of put together over two, two and a half years. We got to work with a lot of people that we've always dreamed of working with. It was surprisingly not as hard as I though it would be. It would be like 'Hey, do you think we could work with this person?' and they would be 'I don't know, let me find out'. All you have to do is ask! You can always get told no. I mean, you'll never know if you never ask. We've been really lucky and we're really excited to have a full length album.

Then for "Release You" being the first single off the album, maybe the story behind that track?
Meg: That song was actually written almost a year ago and we went into the studio with Max Martin and we came up with this "Release You" thing and the song was born.

Then I know you're currently with a big management firm who also represent some guy named Justin Timberlake and many other big artists. Maybe what's been the best part of that experience because obviously that's a huge deal for you guys?
Meg: Yeah! Well, Sonia is like honestly the head honcho. She's great. I love her laugh. She's so funny and she's so powerful. She doesn't take any crap from anybody.
Liz: Tons of respect for her and Carlos.
Meg: Carlos just started working for Sonia.
Yeah he worked at labels in the past.
Meg: Love Carlos. He's so funny and he's so good.

Then maybe the first CD or the first cassette both of you ever bought as a kid? Then the first concert you ever went to?
Meg: First concert we went to was Kelly Clarkson and we were like twelve. Then the first CD I remember going to the store to buy was Britney Spears' 'Oops, I Did It Again' CD.
Same for you? Kind of shared your album purchases?
Meg: Oh no, I think yours was probably the Christina one.
Liz: I was more Christina and she was more Britney.

And do you think those obviously like influenced you today? I mean there are no real like strong girls coming out, like new ones. Maybe for you guys as a girl duo, did those experiences really inspire you?
Meg: For sure! I mean look at Liz, she's blond!
Liz: Christina was blond! No, it's true! I think definitely.
Meg: Yeah!
Liz: Certain vocal ticks that both of us have. If you listen to Britney and Christina's older tracks, you'll hear similarities. Also, in how we practice singing.
Meg: Yeah, that's just how we practice singing because that's what we grew up listening to.

Then you still have a while to go on this American Rag tour but what is coming up for you guys after this run? I mean, the album's coming out, the songs are doing well. Are you just going to be touring, doing like a lot of radio stuff. What's going to be going on?
Meg: Boy! We'll be touring. The goal is after this tour to get an opening spot on a bigger tour and just keep touring and keep touring. Obviously finish up the rest of the album. Get that out and we've got a lot of other stuff like in the works that we can't talk about yet. Yeah, we're really excited for it!
Then to end it off, obviously a lot of younger girls are coming out to this show and I'm sure the other shows as well. Clearly look up to you and what you do so maybe advice to maybe female musicians just getting start? Since obviously because your success level is picking up.
Meg: Work really hard. I feel like it's not something that girls do that often as in like the touring scene. It's more of a boy thing to do.
Liz: Yeah, we were just thinking about that. We're the only girls on tour right now. It's just like don't be afraid of your dreams because obviously your dreams are big.
Meg: If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. That's what it is.
Liz: Oh yeah!

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