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Through the past years, I've interviewed bands and see them go from opening spots of tours to then be headlining even bigger venues with in one to two years. Asking Alexandria, We Came as Romans and The Word Alive are three prime examples of this and the next band on that list will most definitely be the brits in Glamour Of the Kill. The band has only two US tours under their belts and their crowds have been electric each time. With "The Summoning" being out since October here in the US, the band is already finished with their new album which was done with current recording legend Joey Sturgis.
The band has been making all the required stops to rock and roll success and are sure to be back around the US again before we know it. I've been luckily enough to grab some quality time with Davey Richmond, lead vocalist of the band, twice now and in our new conversation we talked about everything to do with the new record, how they've enjoyed US touring and what's coming up with in the next few months for the group. Read on for our exclusive!

I believe this is your second US tour. How do you think it's been going over? I know it's only two days in.
Absolutely amazing, yeah. This is actually our second time in Worcester as well and the crowd's bigger and loads of people know the words so it's awesome. We can definitely see a progression.
Then do you think considering the missed tour, you're going to come back pretty soon?
Yeah, we're about to come back in the fall I think. We haven't played the UK in a while so we have to do that.
You haven't played in your home?
No, so we're doing the UK and Europe and loads of other places and in the fall we'll be back.
Then I wanted to ask you because I have interviewed a lot of British bands multiple times like You Me At Six and Young Guns. Maybe because this is your second time in the US, did you prepare differently because you know what it's like touring here?
Touring here is a lot harder then in the UK. Drives alone. The drives in the UK are all only like two hours. Over here, it's like 'Guys we got to leave we have a ten hour drive' but it's not that bad. You get used to it. You've got your phones and you've got movies on your labtop. It goes pretty fast. I'm pretty drunk a lot of the time so I just fall asleep. My bad, but I actually love touring over here. It's definitely my favorite country to tour. The food is amazing, the girls are amazing (laughs). Everyone is amazing. It's just such a better atmosphere (laughs).
Then "The Summoning" has been out here since October but are you working on the next album?
We've finished the album. We recorded it in January with Joey Sturgis who did Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans. Literally we finished the tour with Alesana and we went direct to Rochester and we worked with him for a month. It sounds absolutely amazing. It's the best thing we've ever done. Everyone says that about their new record but it just sounds like a band that's kind of matured over the years with touring and stuff. Yeah, I think we're looking for a September release in the UK.
Then how was it working with Joey Sturgis considering his track record with other bands?
It was an experience. He worked us really hard. I'd be singing a line and he'd be like 'You could do that better. Do it again.' I'd be like fuck. He worked us really hard. It was really nice to work with him because he got really involved in the songs. We sat down with him over all the songs we had written. Being like let's change this, let's change that. He worked with us to make it sound really huge and we're really excited for you guys to hear it.
Then you're playing obviously a lot of the festivals this summer. I know it includes Download which isn't a big deal or anything. What are you most looking forward to this summer? Like seeing certain bands play, a certain festival you're looking forward to?
Definitely, I mean Download is a huge festival in the UK. We've played that a couple of times. So that will be fun. It will be good to see A Day To Remember. I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to go to all three days because I'm a bum and they have showers and stuff. It's only like two and a half hours from my house.
Oh really?
I can literally just drive down in the morning, play then drive home but yeah I'm really excited.
Then maybe to end it off because it hasn't been too long since our last interview, what is coming up? Are you just going to be doing the festivals all summer until the album comes out?
Yeah we're going to be doing the festivals and we're announcing a UK tour at Download with an american band. It's going to be a fit time. I think we're going to incorporate the album into our sets. After this tour, we're going to LA to shoot the new music video with Robby Starbuck who did like all the Asking stuff.
Joey Sturgis, Robby Starbuck. You're making all the stops. It's going to happen!
You know what's up. Yeah, I'm really excited about that. We haven't shot a video in a really long time so we've chosen a really cool sing-along song that I hope is going to do well (laughs).

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