Royal Teeth

Last night, I headed out to one of my favorite venues in the city to meet up for an interview with Louisiana bred stand outs Royal Teeth where they woo'd the crowd with their outstanding voices and great live show. A few hours before they hit the stage though, I got the opportunity to sit down with Nora, Gary and Josh of the band in between soundchecks where we talked everything about what's going on with the band these days. I learned about how the songwriting process has changed with the band over the "Wild" EP and into their debut full length album! That record will be dropping August 13th and with a lot of the songs being road tested at last night's show, it's clear that their success will only multiply once the record drops. Read on for our exclusive with the band and come see them on their current headlining tour featuring fellow heavyweights American Authors!

Obviously you guys have been touring a lot in these past few months. What are the three things you must bring with you while on tour?
Gary: It's probably more her. She's got some necessities.
Nora: I bring my computer which doesn't really leave my sight.
Gary: Ever.
Nora: Ever. What else?
Gary: Your big caboodle?
Nora: I have a travel trunk that they call the caboodle because it's this thing that I used in summer camp when I was younger. Made of plastic. Pink and blue and it's full of my clothes and I bring a journal. Like a sketchbook with me everywhere.
Gary: I think really its the computer and cell phone.
Josh: And enough clothes to last a few days.
Gary: Yeah, we're about at that point now with laundry days needed. Oh yeah! I think we should find a little laundromat.

Perfect! Then maybe how has this run been going so far with American Authors? I know you've been playing other shows in addition to the tour with them.
Nora: It's been going really well. The places we haven't been before, they're a little weak but that's to be expected. To have a smaller crowd. The crowds are really great. I mean you can tell that they're real fans and they are happy that you are there so we try to give them a good show.
Gary: Very enthusiastic and they are having a great time. It's our first headliner that we've ever done so it's a whole new kind of nervous where you know that you're kind of the band that the fans are there to see I guess. So you have to put on a great show every night. It's a fun challenge. You get to make real connections with people. Especially in the markets that are new for us. Where we're still kind of building but Boston's been great. Last time we were here was incredible. We played here actually.
Yeah, I interviewed Joe Brooks when you guys did the Rocket Summer tour.
Gary: Oh, right! So we have been here since. This makes how many times?
Nora: Fourth. The first time we played Boston, we got lucky. We played with The Kooks. It was like a add on show. It was at the House of Blues which was the biggest crowd we had played for at that time and that was pretty amazing.
Gary: Great way to introduce ourselves to the city.
Great way to kick it off.
Gary: Exactly. It was right by the stadium. It was kind of cool because we're all big sports fans. So it was kind of cool to see.
Nora: It was fun.
And the EP obviously has come out. Are you guys working on the full length? Are you still going to ride this out?
Gary: Oh, we're just about done with the album. It comes out August 13th so we're just kind of finalizing all the little extra stuff. Getting all the packaging done. It's recorded and we're very excited about that. Especially on this tour, we got to play a lot of the new material so we're set for it to be released. "Wild" is still the first single but we're riding on it and releasing a lot of new music. We're very, very excited for the new stuff to hit.
Then people who have been listening to you know that both of you have lead vocals in this band. How does that affect the writing process or how do you go about the writing?
Nora: Well, Gary explains it better.
Gary: Well, I think when you first joined the band you were a little less involved. This is her first band so she was very new to it. So I kind of would write a lot of the parts and then kind of talk to her about what she felt comfortable doing. How she wanted to interplay and stuff. Now that we went into the studio and we've been doing this for a while, I mean she won't say it but she's grown a ton. So when it comes to writing, it's pretty much split down the middle. Depending on the song, we'll kind of see who feels more comfortable with the vibe of the track and we'll kind of just start writing stuff. We'll kind of critique each other until we're both happy with what we have. I think it helps the process because it makes it more like a back and forth kind of thing on the record. I'm happy that I have some one else to share the work with. Before, with the lyrics and everything it was just me. So now I prefer it that I have a partner to wring it out. You're good at it.
Nora: Well, thanks!
Then maybe because of that on this album where you are being equal parts of the songwriting process, do you think the album sounds different or do you think it stayed pretty similiar?
Gary: Not dramatically different.
Josh: I think the vibe's still there.
Gary: Yeah.
Josh: It's just matured a little.
Gary: Yeah, I like to say that it's a little more intimate then the last one was. The EP was great at introducing the positive energy of the band and I don't think that's gone anywhere. If anything, we went into the studio wanting to feel a little more like our live show. A little more raw and I think some of the material is just a little bit more mature and a little more intimate then some of the EP stuff. The bright positive energy I think we give out, I don't think that's really gone anywhere. Do you agree with that?
Nora: Yeah. (All laugh).
Perfect! Then a soft one for each of you. The first CD or cassette you ever bought as a kid and the first concert you ever went to?
Gary: I have the worst answer for this. Oh my god!
Nora: The first concert I ever went to was Lee Ann Rimes. I was a fan of hers and she was so young and had an amazing voice. The first cassette I remember, my sister bought TLC and I would steal that from her all the time and listen to that for a while.
Gary: Should I say it?
Nora: Just say it.
Gary: I grew up in a weird time. I think the first CD I ever owned was the Backstreet Boys. They had such weird songs. I think my first show was actually NFest which was this heavy rock fest. Staind was there and Papa Roach. My stepdad is like a big heavy rock fan so we did that when I was pretty young and that was my first taste of live shows. Two extremes.
Josh: My first tape was Metallica and my first concert was Metallica. (Everyone laughs) So apparently I was a little metal head. Little in size.
Gary: I had 'The Black Album'. I do, oh goodness!
Then you talked about how the album has a release date. It's coming out in August. You've been touring non stop for a while now. What is coming up? Continue to be touring like you have been? Take a bit of a break to focus on the record?
Gary: I don't think we're taking any breaks.
Nora: Yeah. I think we're just going to try and keep the momentum going. Especially with the album coming out. We're going to go to places we haven't been before and go to places we've been before again until-
Gary: Until we make them sick of us. We won't leave until no one comes.
Nora: Yeah, trying to get new fans and keep going.
Gary: The only thing I can think of us is that 'Wild' has been out for a while and not right now but once it (the album) comes out, we're going to release another single. Put some new music out and see how it does and yeah just tour it a lot. Just kind of play for as many people as possible. You know we had such a great response with the EP that we feel like we can do so much more and we really want to try and capitalize on it and keep going.
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River City Extension

I've been interviewing countless bands over the past three years or so and a band that I always make a point to talk to are the talented guys in River City Extension! I most recently sat down with Joe and Mike of the band during their last date in Boston when they were opening for Hush Sound and Hockey! During the interview, we talked about everything the band has been up to lately. What's that you say? A new album is in the works being the band's third full length record and a few shows coming up which does include a return to Boston with The Mowgli's on July 6th. For now though besides a little bit of touring, their main focus will be on the new record!
While the band has been through some line up changes, this band's formation is the one that will be staying together and the chemistry was clear on stage that night. Read on for our exclusive with Joe and catch them with The Mowgli's on a few select dates this July!

I believe this is the third show on this tour with The Hush Sound and Hockey.
Joe: This is the third show of this tour.
Maybe how did the first two go?
Joe: They went good. We hadn't played a show in six months? We played one show in February. Great time at the Mohegan Sun casino. We'd love to go back! They were good! The first two shows were good. Webster Hall is an intimidating room but it sounds awesome.
Mike: That was a phenomanal show.
Joe: Yeah and TLA is one of my favorite venues to play and Philly is awesome. Once we get out of the Northeast, it's going to start feeling like tour a little more. It feels like tour now.
Mike: It feels like we're already been on tour for like a week.
Joe: Yeah. Oh yeah.
Stressful. Well, this tour isn't too long right?
Joe: Yeah but they say a day on tour is like twelve days. Essentially. So, from show to show it feels like almost two weeks. It's that long of a day and like every hour is so structured. There's so many emotions that go through you in one day of tour.
Mike: There's so many different things.
Joe: Meeting so many different people in bands and adapting to that. Even though a three and a half week tour doesn't seem long, especially compared to last year, I know in my head and in my heart that three and a half weeks is going to take a number. In like a week from now, I'm going to feel like I haven't seen a break. I look forward to that.
Do you think you're going to slow down the touring this year considering how much you did tour?
Joe: Yeah, I mean already we didn't tour nearly as much as we did last year. I mean our record came out last year and now we're working on new material. We've had this time to work on it. We're touring. We're playing a new song on this tour and after this, I think we might do a little bit more touring for the year. It depends on what comes up but we're going to start working on a new record in September, October. So we'll definitely start working on a new record this fall/winter.
Mike: Considering how anxious we all are for it.
Joe: Yeah.
Mike: We all would love to start working on the next record.
Joe: Yeah, we got our first twenty four hour rehearsing spot. We started renting one at this place called Outer League. So what's great about that is now we have all this time to work on it for real. It's great we can go in at like eleven in the morning and not leave until eleven at night. Running a thirty minute set that whole time.
Well then maybe I know it hasn't even been a year yet since the last album but you said you're working on the new one.
Joe: Yeah absolutely.
You talked about it a little bit before but did the music change a bit from what it's been in the past few years?
Joe: Yeah but I think it's just going to be like that for every thing with the band. I mean we're changing as people. I'm changing as a writer and this is a different group of people that were working on this last record too and probably most of the records from here on out but even so I don't think that this next one will be the same as another one. I just think that's the way that we operate. We love music so much. There's so much to explore and you're always being influenced by people. People are always like 'What are you influences? What influences you?' Well, everything influences me. Everything influences us. Anybody you tour with influences you. Everything involuntarily influences you. The stuff that your friends listen to influences you and every now and then-
Mike: Stuff you hate!
Joe: Stuff you hate influences you.
Mike: It's true!
Joe: You pick up a little part of it and you say oh that's a cool idea we'll use that little piece.
Mike: This is an electic mix of people too.
Joe: It is, it is! It is different but I really think it works for the best. For this band and also this record that we'll be putting out next year. Yeah, I was going to say that's the first time that sentence came out of my mouth.
Joe: (laughs) Yeah.
Then like you were saying for this one, it's a different group of people. Do you think that is going to affect the writing process for this one?
Joe: Yeah! Yeah, I think it will. I think it already has. There's a lot more community. They tell you if you're not dating someone that wants you to be better, then you're dating the wrong person. If you're not in a band that you could be better in that you are right now, then you've already screwed and you want to be in a band that wants you to be better. I'm with the band that I want to be with and I know it's capable of being better and I'm capable of being better. We're pushing each other to be better and we're going to continue to push each other to do that. We love music and we know that we're working for something that's bigger then any of us as individuals.
Then maybe because we have interviewed a bunch over the years, to end it off, what is going to be coming up? Are you just going to be focusing on that record?
Joe: Yeah, we're going to be focusing on this record and a little bit of touring. We're going to do some Northeast stuff. The record is starting to take shape already. I was describing it to Mike. I was like you have the secret meaning of the CD and you go off into the woods one night and then one day, it's like the coming of the seasons, it's like all these people gathered up into robes and it's like brothers. I've felt it. It's awake, like the beast is awake. Like that's how it feels writing a record. It feels like this beast is starting to be realized because eventually, what's going to happen is you're going to be working on this record and you're going to be working on it and working on it and finish it. It's going to be totally out of your control. So I felt it wake up at me and I know that there's a record now and that's just the craziest feeling.
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Glamour Of The Kill

Through the past years, I've interviewed bands and see them go from opening spots of tours to then be headlining even bigger venues with in one to two years. Asking Alexandria, We Came as Romans and The Word Alive are three prime examples of this and the next band on that list will most definitely be the brits in Glamour Of the Kill. The band has only two US tours under their belts and their crowds have been electric each time. With "The Summoning" being out since October here in the US, the band is already finished with their new album which was done with current recording legend Joey Sturgis.
The band has been making all the required stops to rock and roll success and are sure to be back around the US again before we know it. I've been luckily enough to grab some quality time with Davey Richmond, lead vocalist of the band, twice now and in our new conversation we talked about everything to do with the new record, how they've enjoyed US touring and what's coming up with in the next few months for the group. Read on for our exclusive!

I believe this is your second US tour. How do you think it's been going over? I know it's only two days in.
Absolutely amazing, yeah. This is actually our second time in Worcester as well and the crowd's bigger and loads of people know the words so it's awesome. We can definitely see a progression.
Then do you think considering the missed tour, you're going to come back pretty soon?
Yeah, we're about to come back in the fall I think. We haven't played the UK in a while so we have to do that.
You haven't played in your home?
No, so we're doing the UK and Europe and loads of other places and in the fall we'll be back.
Then I wanted to ask you because I have interviewed a lot of British bands multiple times like You Me At Six and Young Guns. Maybe because this is your second time in the US, did you prepare differently because you know what it's like touring here?
Touring here is a lot harder then in the UK. Drives alone. The drives in the UK are all only like two hours. Over here, it's like 'Guys we got to leave we have a ten hour drive' but it's not that bad. You get used to it. You've got your phones and you've got movies on your labtop. It goes pretty fast. I'm pretty drunk a lot of the time so I just fall asleep. My bad, but I actually love touring over here. It's definitely my favorite country to tour. The food is amazing, the girls are amazing (laughs). Everyone is amazing. It's just such a better atmosphere (laughs).
Then "The Summoning" has been out here since October but are you working on the next album?
We've finished the album. We recorded it in January with Joey Sturgis who did Asking Alexandria, We Came As Romans. Literally we finished the tour with Alesana and we went direct to Rochester and we worked with him for a month. It sounds absolutely amazing. It's the best thing we've ever done. Everyone says that about their new record but it just sounds like a band that's kind of matured over the years with touring and stuff. Yeah, I think we're looking for a September release in the UK.
Then how was it working with Joey Sturgis considering his track record with other bands?
It was an experience. He worked us really hard. I'd be singing a line and he'd be like 'You could do that better. Do it again.' I'd be like fuck. He worked us really hard. It was really nice to work with him because he got really involved in the songs. We sat down with him over all the songs we had written. Being like let's change this, let's change that. He worked with us to make it sound really huge and we're really excited for you guys to hear it.
Then you're playing obviously a lot of the festivals this summer. I know it includes Download which isn't a big deal or anything. What are you most looking forward to this summer? Like seeing certain bands play, a certain festival you're looking forward to?
Definitely, I mean Download is a huge festival in the UK. We've played that a couple of times. So that will be fun. It will be good to see A Day To Remember. I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to go to all three days because I'm a bum and they have showers and stuff. It's only like two and a half hours from my house.
Oh really?
I can literally just drive down in the morning, play then drive home but yeah I'm really excited.
Then maybe to end it off because it hasn't been too long since our last interview, what is coming up? Are you just going to be doing the festivals all summer until the album comes out?
Yeah we're going to be doing the festivals and we're announcing a UK tour at Download with an american band. It's going to be a fit time. I think we're going to incorporate the album into our sets. After this tour, we're going to LA to shoot the new music video with Robby Starbuck who did like all the Asking stuff.
Joey Sturgis, Robby Starbuck. You're making all the stops. It's going to happen!
You know what's up. Yeah, I'm really excited about that. We haven't shot a video in a really long time so we've chosen a really cool sing-along song that I hope is going to do well (laughs).
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