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Last night, I attended my first show at Tsongas Arena in Lowell! While known for it's more mainstream music affairs like the upcoming Fall Out Boy arena tour and performances from Katy Perry, it was a welcome site to cover a bill filled with past interviews at a sold out performance. This being almost seven thousand people! I walked up to the venue to find every band on the tour in a bus which some see as a sign of great success and something I definitely wasn't expecting. Since we all know most bands' developmental stages are spent in the smallest of vans!
The first band to grace the packed room were well known Brits You Me At Six and after seeing them tour to sometimes miniscule as they even discuss audiences, it was great to see them playing to a packed arena. The room was filled with fans singing every word back to the music veterans which was a first for these eyes. The band isn't some flash in the pond band though as many music fans will tell you . The band has been together as the original line up for seven years now and pretty much in the majority of countries in the world have been packing arenas as the headlining band as of the past few years. They even filmed a live DVD while headlining Wembley Stadium that just dropped this year! We were very greatful for the opportunity obviously to sit down with frontman Josh and lead guitarist Max only an hour before they took the stage and you can find our exclusive interview below!

Being from the UK, you guys have toured the US several times now which must seem like hundreds of times but what have you learned are the three things you must have with you while on the road?
Josh: Um, an xBox.
Max: Berocca which is like a Vitamin C but the UK brand which is way better. And your gear! Because if you don't bring your gear, you're fucked otherwise. Clearly something very important to bring.

Then obviously you guys are one of the few British bands that do tour here quite a ton. Breaking here and doing music full time. Seemingly living here. What advice would you give to bands that are just starting to tour here or haven't done it yet?
Josh: I was always told that America was kind of a big long like slog. It really is. You have to put in the time, the time that it takes to tour. So I'm really glad we're doing it.
Max: This last year has been good. It was kind of a bit tough after our third time being here and being like there's only a few people who give any care to us at all. We were playing shows, doing our thing and the kids weren't around. So it kind of felt like it wasn't working out and we weren't sure if it was going to happen for us or not. Are we just going to keep losing money coming here? I think it was Warped Tour 2010.
Josh: I think it was that Mayday run.
Max: Yeah, with like We Are the In Crowd, us.
There for Tomorrow.
Max: Yeah, There for Tomorrow. Like that was when we started to realize that things were actually starting to work for us out here and they knew the songs. Alas, it was like we were coming closer to this turning point. So we wanted to come back and not overkill it but wanted to breathe and at certain times, be able to come back. Like have the kids be like 'Glad to see you back again, we know the songs'. We want to see you. We like to spend a lot of time at our merch here because people do come out and see us. Being the first on this tour so they get to see thirty minutes of our set and they've been waiting since Warped Tour last year. So we want to go out and talk to them. Be like 'Yo, we're back again and we hope to come back in the fall' on a headlining tour.
Josh: It's just very exciting to see where we'll go. It's just nice to see, as Max said as well, they're supporting us. I mean I was talking to Alex of Mayday Parade last night and he was like 'Well, this is like our twelth time that we've played New York in three years'. You know, something like that and so it really was a shock. Kind of very much for everyone in the band, it was very exciting for us to have the crowd know the words. We've been doing this for seven years so we sort of already have achieved a certain amount elsewhere but here in America, it still feels very much like we're a new band. Where as if we were in so many other places in the world. It's exciting. It's nice to see that growth I think.

Then maybe while you have been playing these arena sized shows back home, I think this is the first time you guys have been on a tour like that in the states.
Josh: This is definitely the biggest tour we've done in the states.
Then how has this tour been going with All Time Low? You've toured with Mayday Parade before.
Josh: It's been stupid.
Max: Back home, it's a different use of the word stupid.
Josh: We've been on tours like this back home. We've realized we've started to grow over here but being on a tour like this, we didn't know if people would even know us because it's obviously a step up with the size of rooms. The reaction though from Day one was amazing.
Max: Places like Texas where we don't normally play have been amazing. We've been blown away by them. It's been like why is the whole room singing back at us? Jumping up and down to our music. Considering we haven't been back since last year. It's really crazy what people have pulled on to. That's the exciting part of being on this tour. We've had some amazing shows in decent places. In places that we've done okay in but we don't normally do so well. We were surprised. It feels like home going around America now. Fans are really recognizing what You Me At Six is about.
Josh: I think in terms of us, this is like the perfect tour for us because we've got All Time Low where we've got the straight up pop rock and more of the hardcore band like Pierce The Veil. Where we've got the screams and stuff. We've got songs that cater to both those bands's fans. So I think for us, this is like the perfect situation. The kids who like Pierce The Veil like songs like 'Bite My Tongue' and the kids that are here for All Time Low like 'Reckless' and others.
Max: It was a no brainer for us. We were so far off album cycle that we were saying that we were going to potientally do the new record but we couldn't pass up this opportunity. This tour was with great people that we all know. It's great size venues. Really for us, we haven't been on tour properly since Warped Tour. So it was like cool, let's actually go and tour before we write a new record. We're realizing what it's like to be in a band again.
Josh: All the dudes in the other bands are people that we knew beforehand. Like Pierce The Veil, I love those guys a lot. They've all turned out to be super great dudes. Definitely have gotten a lot closer to All Time Low so that said, it's been really encouraging.
It must make sense as well because Pierce The Veil, despite touring for years as well, kind of just blew up this past year.
Josh: Yeah, definitely! I feel like they've been trying for a long, long time.
Yeah, it just never had happened for them.
Josh: Yeah! Like at Warped Tour, I was just like watching them. Obviously, I knew they were going to be on the main stage but I was like fucking A. When they went out with Sleeping With Sirens and this tour now, it's just ridiculous but it's great! I don't see this as a dog-eat-dog world.
Max: It's great to see other bands that have been working so hard to actually break because it makes you feel really happy for them. We're all here for the same reasons you know. To see bands actually achieve it. We think to ourselves if they can achieve it, we can achieve it. Like we can all do it together.

Perfect! Then speaking of being at the end of the album cycle, Sinners Never Sleep has been out for over a year now dropping in January of 2012. So you said you were thinking about the new album? Are you going to do that like after this tour?

Josh: We're going into the studio in the summer.
Max: We'll have a few weeks at home then we'll figure it out in the summer.
Josh: It should be good. We're excited to be back in the studio again! For us, it's been a while. For me as a musician, I think it's one of the best parts. Because when you do a record, it's two years of living and breathing the record. I feel like what we've got so far is some of the strongest stuff we've done.
Is it pretty similiar to what you've done in the past?
Josh: Honestly, I can't yet tell you. We've just started doing it.
Still very much early in the process?
Josh: Definitely.
Max: We're just enjoying being with each other.
Josh: Yeah.
Max: We're having the time of our lives right now. We definitely feel like it's the closest the band has ever been and it makes it a lot more fun when we're close.
Well, thank you so much guys!
Josh: No, it's our pleasure. Any time!

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