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Last night, I ventured out to The Cavern Room for the first time in Boston to check out the Acoustic Love tour with a full interview rundown of the three acts being Ryan Cabrera, Teddy Geiger and Tyler Hilton! The three gents that shared the stage this evening have very long lasting careers and broke out into the music industry when MTV still played music videos and had a large mainstream appeal. Nowadays, you may get your video played at 6:00 am in the morning on those channels but if you're not Pink or Katy Perry, you really don't stand a chance.
Luckily, Tyler Hilton is still holding onto his fan base and career. Be it due to his acting success with film and television or his first album dropping in 2000, it was great to see a sold out room hang onto every word he sang last night. Being our second interview around with Tyler, we talked about his most recent album, his view of his career thus far as well as what we can look forward to in the future. Read on for our exclusive and stay tuned for our interviews with his tour mates Teddy and Ryan!

So obviously you've been touring again in the past two years but how has it been kind of touring with two artists that have had long lasting careers like you've had?
Oh, it's been cool. For a personal thing, the last tour we did in January we spent most of the hang time catching up on what's been going on in our respective careers. Which is cool because we don't get to hang out as much as we want to because when you're friends with musicians, it's hard to meet up. We got to touch base from the times when we were like nineteen and twenty and when Teddy was like fifteen. Ryan and I were 22. We see each other, run into each other out in LA and there's that look of 'Oh, we need to catch up'. When you're in the road situation, it's like a summer camp opportunity. After the show, you can go out and be like 'Have you encountered this and this?' We also over time have been signed on with the same agent again who got this tour going but it's been nice. It's been a nice personal recap for us. It's been like a high school reunion in some sense. It's been cool to see what direction everyone's career is going. Personally and emotionally. Like 'How have you been doing?'
Sure, that's perfect! Then for you it's been about a little while since the last album. I know Teddy drops his album tomorrow and Ryan has his new one being worked on. Are you working on your new one considering it has been about two years?
The new album came out last year. I put out one in 2012. It was 'Forget The Storm'. It came out in April of last year.
How is that record going over then?
It's been a year since then so I put out a deluxe version in April then I put out a vinyl version of it. So, that's just what I've been touring off of this year and a half. I'm just starting to think about my new one too. Going to go to Nashville to start working on it a little bit. I don't want to think about it much yet but I just kind of want to go to there. When the tour was starting, I had begun a little bit of the record process. Just trying to like hang out and chill because when you work, you work. It's a year of work.
Then considering you've had such a long career, how do you think being super succesful in the beginning has helped you now? Just being a bit more DIY and starting to tour again?
You know I started when I was fifteen. It's been ups and downs along the way. It's been all peaks and valleys. Obviously when things are on like peaks, you have your fans that bring you through the valleys. Fans that dig it stay there. Right now, it's been great. When doing these kinds of tours, I call it non-promo tours for the fans. There's no song on the radio. The fans that are coming here want to come because they dig the music and they dug it in the past and they want to come. We're preaching to the choir in a sense and it's awesome. It's a fun tour to be on and obviously like when I was opening for John Mayer and Keith Urban, you're playing to a bunch of people. It's cool to play to those people that don't know your music but you know, this is fun because everyone here knows a song. We're hard up to find somebody in the crowd who doesn't know all three of ours music. Even if you came for Ryan Cabrera or Teddy Geiger. It's just a fun vibe.
Then maybe how did the idea of this tour come about? Obviously you talked about how you have the same agent now but you've done this tour before. You did this like a few months ago. Were you like friends in the past?
Yeah, like Ryan and I did a lot of touring together back in the day and Teddy Geiger and I did some touring together and we've always kept in touch. Talked to each other a bunch and then we had all just kind of ended up with this agent and Teddy was like 'Hey, is this guy cool?' . It was really Ryan. He was just like with this guy and he was like it's great. So, maybe six months ago, we all kind of signed with him and he was just the kind of guy that books us the way we want to be booked. We love to work, we love to play for our fans, we love to be out there and he was like why don't the three of you guys tour together? He also put me together with Howie Day alot.I was like why hasn't anyone ever though to do this?
That makes exact sense.
That makes so much sense. Some of my agents weren't really thinking about it. They were putting me with weird acts. I was on tour with Ryan Teddy. That was fun you know. I don't know much about the business part of it but it was fun.
Yeah, perfect! Then maybe what is coming up after this tour? You talked about working on the new record once you get home from this tour. I know you're going to Nashville tomorrow. Are you just going to be like focusing on that new record or are you going to back into this full force?
No, I'm just out touring. I mean I have some dates coming up. I might do Europe again at the end of the year. I'm doing two weeks in Europe in the fall but after that, I'm like done with the touring. This is the last US date for a while. I'll start working on the record. Things will fill up again. Personality wise, you promote and you promote but you have to go home and like find out who you are now. I've been promoting it since over a year and a half ago and you decide what your fate is now.

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