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Warped Tour 2013 is just on the horizon and one of the bands I know I'll be checking out again is the California punk rockers in The Story So Far. One of the "buzz bands" as much as I hate that word over this past year, the guys have been killing it lately for both their new record that just dropped "What You Don't See" as well as their endless touring adventures! We caught up with Kellen from the band on their most recent co-headlining run where we talked about everything from how the album is going over to what you can expect from them the rest of the year!

So obviously you guys do tour all the time and you have Warped Tour coming up! What are the three things that you must have with you?
For Warped Tour?
Water definitely.
Or for touring in general.
Oh for touring in general! Well, I always have a Nalgene bottle so the guys always make fun of me. I always have water, always have a backpack for sure usually loaded with a bunch of stuff and then I picked up a Kindle which is just a magic device. It's like loaded with books on it and I can put movies and things on it which kills those drives. Put a bunch of movies on it and stuff.
Perfect then how has this tour been going with Man Overboard as a co-headliner?
It's been really fun because we're friends with them and like I said, we decided together we wanted to do this thing. We didn't know how it was going to work out but it's been going very well. Everybody was sort of already friends so it's been a family vibe.
Perfect then obviously the new album is still super new. I think it came out on the 26th, right?
Of March, yeah.
And it was #1 Vinyl, made it onto Billboard. Did you expect this quick of a response going into this album?
We knew this album was anticipated but we didn't really guess how it was going to perform. It performed really well. The crazy thing is, number one for vinyl. That was like, wow. That's a lot of vinyls. We actually had to import our vinyls back from the UK to meet demand since we had run out of vinyls here.
Oh wow.
So we were on tour and we were like we don't have any vinyls to sell. So we shipped them over from the UK (laughs).
Because of the demand?
Yeah because of the demand. We couldn't keep up. So I guess in a way we weren't expecting it.
No, that's awesome. How did you go about the writing with this one? Was it one person, more collective?
Yeah, we made it a more of a collective process. The five of us all would like be in the studio every morning like a job. We would get up really early. Usually, four of us who play instruments would get together and lay the music down. Then P (Parker) would come in and contribute the chorus so he'd write all of his lyrics and we would all write the songs together. Like everyone contributed. It was pretty equal.
And are the kids knowing the words already on this tour?
I think it was a little more of a wide eyed response when we hadn't quite released the album yet. Kids had heard the single. Some songs translated better then others and then we finally released the album. I think more kids started picking up on it and then now, since it's been out for a few weeks, more and more kids seem to have the words down. It's finally starting to feel like kids are really starting to jump on the stage and try to pick up on the words quick. So the last couple shows we've played, I feel like kids are even necessarily not knowing the difference between the old and new songs.
That's crazy, I mean coming all the way from California to have that great of a presence and knowing at the shows. Then what would you say on this record is like the most recognizable song like if they had listened to your band in the past and it's a song that is like true TSSF. then like the most left field, like something maybe new you tried?
I think the reason why we released that very first single was because it sounded the most like the stuff we had already done. It was kind of a good segue into the rest of the album because I feel like all the songs on our album are pretty diversified. It all carries a similiar sound but it's got a lot of new parts and some softer feels in some songs. The most left field song would probably be like "All Wrong". It's a little darker. It's not neccesarily a fast song. It's got more kind of jam parts. It's got some more exploratory parts.
And then you're playing Warped Tour this summer I believe for the whole thing. I think this whole tour is playing the Warped Tour.
Yeah, this entire tour is playing it.
Every single band! Then maybe besides the bands on this tour, what bands are you looking forward to seeing play?
On Warped Tour?
I think the majority of the line up has been announced.
True! We take it day by day. Like we don't know a lot of what's going on on it. But there are for sure bands I'm trying to see.
You guys were one of the first bands announced too.
Yeah we were announced like the first week. I mean that was so long ago and they've been announcing bands since. There are so many bands.
Then a soft one to end it off, the first CD or first cassette you bought as a kid and the first concert you ever went to?
First CD I bought that I remember buying was 'Losing Streak' by Less Than Jake. It was the first punk record that I ever bought. I don't know, I probably bought CD's before that but they were probably like goofy albums that I don't remember. I just remember going into the record store for the first time and getting that. Then even like as young as eleven, I was going to local shows. I saw The Matches a bunch when I was a kid but the first concert I went to, it was at a theater. It was Alkaline Trio and Rise Against.
Perfect, do you think that influenced you as a kid?
Oh, yeah! I remember seeing The Matches and thinking that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to put on the best show I could put on. Definitely a huge influence. In this industry, going to shows and being in the audience for so long, I haven't been in the audience at a show in a long time. All I've been doing is performing. It's hard. It's kind of weird. Switching roles.
I mean it makes sense. You guys tour all the time.
I mean you've played Boston a countless amount of times.
Yeah, it's only been like two years since we've started touring.
Then maybe to end it off, obviously with the album being brand new and this tour with Warped Tour, are you just going to keep on touring? Maybe take a break from it?
We tour until like August. Then I think we're going to take a little break. I mean, we'll get back at it pretty soon though. Maybe only take off like a couple months. I'm not sure. I actually don't even know. I don't even really know what our plans are. I mean, we'll be announcing things when we're done with Warped Tour or whatever.
Well, your next few months are already pretty booked and announced.
That's what I mean. Everything up to August is already put out and we'll announce stuff. We have more shows for the future. We'll have a little time between Warped because we'll need it. A little down time. I mean this is like a third of the year we're on the row straight, you know what I mean? When we got home, we'll have a week only before the Europe/UK tour then we come home for like two weeks and go to Warped Tour. So, it's like, we need a break.
Yeah, you need a break after that.
Yeah, definitely (laughs)!

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