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I kind of missed the boat on everything that was cool in this scene. I know, it's slightly embarrassing and I get chastised for it all the time but a band I was most definitely aware of was the wonderful The Hush Sound! Over the years, I've had the opportunity to sit down with Greta Morgan's side project Gold Motel and knew I should jump on the time to talk with her for her main stay project when I had the chance.
The band currently finds themselves on the road co-headlining with fellow long term scene favorites Hockey and will continue to be touring through out the year. As Greta talks about in our interview, it's always been on the mind of the band but now that schedules align we are sure to see much, much more of the band on our radars. Read on for our exclusive interview and look for more in the future soon!

Now that you are touring again and being consistenly on the road, what are the three touring essentials you must have while on the road?
My coffee tackle box: a little suitcase which has a hot water heater, organic espresso, an Aeropress and my favorite coffee mug. A good book! On this tour, I have a whole traveling library packed: Mary Roach's "Bonk", Carl Jung's biography, a collection of Flash Fiction, and a few books of poetry. Nice pens. My favorite are black felt tips.

The band was on hiatus for quite a few years. Reason behind coming back together as a band? How did it happen?
Since our hiatus, we have still been playing Chicago once a year and selling out our favorite club (The Metro). After every show, we'd always have the thought of reuniting for another tour or album, but we were more focused on other projects at that time. In the late summer last year, all of our schedules synchronized with an open window where we actually had time to start playing and writing together, so we decided to leap on that free time and explore the possibility. Each step of the way has been fun, so we've decided to continue the path moving forward.
Do you think the break from the band has helped the recording and touring process as of late?
Absolutely. We've all improved as musicians, songwriters, and communicators, but the biggest way the hiatus has helped is that it's allowed us time away to work on other projects and appreciate what we have together. After a few years away, we all have a genuine desire to play together and I think that excitement can be heard in the "45" 7 inch with on our two new singles.
The band recently put out "45". How did you go about the songwriting for these two songs?
Bob and I had each written and fully demoed those songs individually (he had "Not a Stanger" and I had "Scavengers), so we just re-worked them a bit for the group and then recorded them live.
Are there plans to put out a new album/something already in the works?
We are discussing the next release now... Stay tuned! The best place to hear news is our twitter (twitter.com/thehushsound) and our tumblr (www.thehushsoundband.tumblr.com)
What was the first CD or cassette you recieved? The first concert you went to? Do you think either of those experiences influences the style of music you're doing today?
Third Eye Blind's first record was one of my first CD purchases and I still stand behind that record. Great pop songs. I don't hear a Third Eye Blind influence in my own music, but the next CD I purchased was Simon and Garfunkel, which is absolutely a conscious influence.
What's coming up with in the next few months for the band?
About to embark on this next tour with Hockey, River City Extension, Genevieve, and Lucas Carpenter. We'll play some small festivals this summer and track some new songs in July.

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