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Last but most definitely not least, I sat down with a familiar face in Teddy Geiger before he opened the Acoustic Love tour! For Teddy, not only was it the last night of an incredibly succesful tour but it was also the eve of Teddy's first album in five years. Which he then celebrated by passing out CD's to everyone backstage as the clock struck midnight with that boyish grin he's grown famous for. Taking my first listen to it while working on this interview , it is clear that it is going to be a huge part of his career in the near future! With a interesting take on electronic music but still retaining that poppy element people have grown to love, this record is sure to be full of hits.
In our interview, we talked about the new record and the work that went into it as well as his possible electronic side to his music in the future. Even being featured on a DJ Tiesto track? From talking about possible remixing of his tracks to how the tour has been going with Tyler and Ryan, we had a great sitdown with him and think you'll truly enjoy our exclusive interview!

This tour is on a bit larger scale going out with Tyler and Ryan.
This is cool!
Them having long lasting careers as well, how has it been to get yourself back on the road? Doing it with people who have been doing this forever as well.
It's been really cool. Me and Tyler toured together a long time ago when I did my tour with Hilary Duff so we've spent some time together and we all did this tour once before a couple months ago. So we've now gotten to know each other really well and hangs are really cool backstage. Everyone gets along and we all play on each other's songs and we all come from that background of kind of being on a major label. Have success and now like trying to work off of the end of that. Do something you know for ourselves that I'm happy with. I think everybody kind of reinventing themselves. It's kind of cool to be around that and I think we share that similiar story because I feel like there's a lot to learn from each other.
Then how have these shows been going? You have new music that you've been working on.
They've been great!
They've been good?
Yeah, I mean a couple of them have been crazy. Like tonight should be pretty crazy. I think it will be fun. It's supposed to be close to selling out and hopefully we will sell it out.
Wouldn't want to jinx it. I think we're close though. We're like fifty away.
Sell the fifty. You can do it!
I got to get on twitter. That's how I'll get people in!
But the second round of the tour has been going well?
It's been cool and everyone's always really excited to play the shows and it's been a lot of fun. That translates to other people having fun too. Big party! It's a party.

Like you were saying before, well it's been almost a year since then.
That was also like one of the first interviews that I had done since-
Since like you got back into it?
Yeah, like being on the road and doing stuff again. It was like, weird.
Well you're better!
Not totally but it's getting easier.
Getting easier! Then maybe when you first started this, you really jumped into it but then you took a really big break or step away from it. How has it been like playing shows? Do you think that's helped you as a musician? Is it like something new again?
Oh yeah! No, it's been cool. I mean I've learned a lot from Tyler and Ryan. Just even watching the way they perform and like Tyler's been on the road. I don't know what Ryan's been doing. He's just now I think starting to get on the road again and Tyler has been out there I think like for the past year and a half or two years. Tyler's been going hard and he's definitely got like a mass appeal. Like when he's telling stories and stuff, he's got such a great way of doing it. It's just cool to watch him do his thing but it's been good. I feel like when you're out on the road playing where you're getting more comfortable, it's cool. It's good to be settling in a little but it's still exciting. I feel like you can get into a situation where you're on the road for a long time. You're touring in a way where you're not comfortable. You're like wearing yourself down and we've been doing like short two week runs and by the end, you catch up on the sleep. Get back on the routine at home, do some writing, get the time to try and work on other projects then do another run but I think it's cool because the show's fun and I have energy every night. It's not like I'm getting up and being like I just want to go home. Where I'm just completely exhausted and not being able to do what you want to do.
Then maybe with the album, where are you at with it?
It's done. It's here tonight and it comes out tomorrow.
Tomorrow, no big deal. Then obviously you're writing this album at a different time in your life. You're not a teenager, you don't have a major label with their hands in the pot. How do you think the writing process changed for this album?
I mean, well it ended up being more like the first record. The first record I was naturally a young teen writing about youth things and ended up pairing up with Billy Mann. He kind of helped me like write songs for the next album and it was just super cool. It was stuff that I was really writing from my heart and then I went to go do my second record on the label. They were like 'Here, cut this song' and I was like 'That's not a message I can believe in and I don't want to sing'. I'm here to sing and they were like 'Cut this out' and I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do and they weren't really into developing that at all and it sucked because I'd be giving them demo's. I know this isn't like what I want to go on the record but like this is the idea and I would like to develop this but when you're constantly getting pulled in another direction, I had to give it the attention that it would need to become what I was hearing and no one was standing behind me. What was cool about this (the new record) is that I got to do it right. My manager helped me to get together a really good team and had a couple partners on this record that were super cool and Theo Katzman who played guitar and drums and bass on a couple of the songs. This guy Owen Beverly. He's a sick guitar player and a really cool writer. He writes these simple but like heavy lyrics and people that I would like just have fun with. Like spending a day with that person in the studio writing. We'd come up with something that we would do and it's like learning from these people. So that process has been amazing. You know nothing ever felt forced which was cool. There was the plan which was to make a lot of guitar and piano based songs and keep them as simple as possible. We just kind of let it go from there and a year later, a year and a half, we have the record.
Got it, it's happening!
It's out!
So now that it's coming out tomorrow and you've obviously been back into the touring atmosphere, is it just something that you're going to continue to do? Or are you going to take a little break since it's finally coming out?
I mean, right now we have a bunch of stuff booked in the fall and we're looking at stuff for this summer but there's like a couple things I'm doing. Like there's a television conference in Austin and some festivals like that. A couple media things. Like one-offs. So, that will be cool but yeah trying to stay on the road. At least, kind of like at the rate I've been on. Having a couple weeks on tour, a couple weeks off because there's this thing that DJ Tiesto is about to release a song that I sing on. It's pretty cool.
Yeah, on his next release.
Going to pull from that crowd?
I've been doing like for the past five years as well as all this other stuff, I've been doing more electronic stuff. Being experimental. I feel like there's a very specific dance world. That's a genre where as what I've been doing is more like indie pop. I feel like the dance world is very specific. If things aren't the right tempo, all of the sudden it isn't this or it's that. People are so into it that it's a tough world but the idea would be to do stuff that has that electro indie pop thing that would be easily remixed into a dance track or something. I'm doing it all the time anyways for fun. When I have time off, I'm working on stuff. So, yeah taking some time out from the road to get that together and work it out. I think his new release comes out in June. I don't know the exact date so I'll have something to just kind of follow that up with as like an example. Trying to be more active as a producer and songwriter. Ideally, I would love to be a producer and as a songwriter have that be what I do and be able to like tour a couple months out of the year and do like one loop of the country and then do it again next year. Then I'll have the time to work on records. That's my goal.
I mean touring wise, that's kind of what you did this year.
Yeah, exactly. I think too like when I was touring a lot with the first record. In two years, we'd hit the same cities like eight times or some cities nine times.
I missed that boat.
What's that?
I was raised country.
Oh, that's cool. I think it's a little too much.
It's a lot, yeah.
Well, because then by the fourth show we had probably the biggest crowds we'd had with that record and then nine shows deep with the same record, I wouldn't go back. Like if I were that fan, I'm not going back. I've already seen him a couple times. Same album but you know when you're on the road, like someone's making money and they want to keep you out there. I wasn't making any money on the road.
Of course not!
I mean, now I'm actually able to just because we're keeping it lean, I'm able to like support myself playing these shows but when you're on the label, you got to have the right band. So you end up employing all these people and we were on like a short bus. By the end of the day, you're a hundred bucks down, you're a thousand bucks down. It's like, damnit! Learning experience.
Learning experiences that help you now!
Life is full of them!

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