The Story So Far

Warped Tour 2013 is just on the horizon and one of the bands I know I'll be checking out again is the California punk rockers in The Story So Far. One of the "buzz bands" as much as I hate that word over this past year, the guys have been killing it lately for both their new record that just dropped "What You Don't See" as well as their endless touring adventures! We caught up with Kellen from the band on their most recent co-headlining run where we talked about everything from how the album is going over to what you can expect from them the rest of the year!

So obviously you guys do tour all the time and you have Warped Tour coming up! What are the three things that you must have with you?
For Warped Tour?
Water definitely.
Or for touring in general.
Oh for touring in general! Well, I always have a Nalgene bottle so the guys always make fun of me. I always have water, always have a backpack for sure usually loaded with a bunch of stuff and then I picked up a Kindle which is just a magic device. It's like loaded with books on it and I can put movies and things on it which kills those drives. Put a bunch of movies on it and stuff.
Perfect then how has this tour been going with Man Overboard as a co-headliner?
It's been really fun because we're friends with them and like I said, we decided together we wanted to do this thing. We didn't know how it was going to work out but it's been going very well. Everybody was sort of already friends so it's been a family vibe.
Perfect then obviously the new album is still super new. I think it came out on the 26th, right?
Of March, yeah.
And it was #1 Vinyl, made it onto Billboard. Did you expect this quick of a response going into this album?
We knew this album was anticipated but we didn't really guess how it was going to perform. It performed really well. The crazy thing is, number one for vinyl. That was like, wow. That's a lot of vinyls. We actually had to import our vinyls back from the UK to meet demand since we had run out of vinyls here.
Oh wow.
So we were on tour and we were like we don't have any vinyls to sell. So we shipped them over from the UK (laughs).
Because of the demand?
Yeah because of the demand. We couldn't keep up. So I guess in a way we weren't expecting it.
No, that's awesome. How did you go about the writing with this one? Was it one person, more collective?
Yeah, we made it a more of a collective process. The five of us all would like be in the studio every morning like a job. We would get up really early. Usually, four of us who play instruments would get together and lay the music down. Then P (Parker) would come in and contribute the chorus so he'd write all of his lyrics and we would all write the songs together. Like everyone contributed. It was pretty equal.
And are the kids knowing the words already on this tour?
I think it was a little more of a wide eyed response when we hadn't quite released the album yet. Kids had heard the single. Some songs translated better then others and then we finally released the album. I think more kids started picking up on it and then now, since it's been out for a few weeks, more and more kids seem to have the words down. It's finally starting to feel like kids are really starting to jump on the stage and try to pick up on the words quick. So the last couple shows we've played, I feel like kids are even necessarily not knowing the difference between the old and new songs.
That's crazy, I mean coming all the way from California to have that great of a presence and knowing at the shows. Then what would you say on this record is like the most recognizable song like if they had listened to your band in the past and it's a song that is like true TSSF. then like the most left field, like something maybe new you tried?
I think the reason why we released that very first single was because it sounded the most like the stuff we had already done. It was kind of a good segue into the rest of the album because I feel like all the songs on our album are pretty diversified. It all carries a similiar sound but it's got a lot of new parts and some softer feels in some songs. The most left field song would probably be like "All Wrong". It's a little darker. It's not neccesarily a fast song. It's got more kind of jam parts. It's got some more exploratory parts.
And then you're playing Warped Tour this summer I believe for the whole thing. I think this whole tour is playing the Warped Tour.
Yeah, this entire tour is playing it.
Every single band! Then maybe besides the bands on this tour, what bands are you looking forward to seeing play?
On Warped Tour?
I think the majority of the line up has been announced.
True! We take it day by day. Like we don't know a lot of what's going on on it. But there are for sure bands I'm trying to see.
You guys were one of the first bands announced too.
Yeah we were announced like the first week. I mean that was so long ago and they've been announcing bands since. There are so many bands.
Then a soft one to end it off, the first CD or first cassette you bought as a kid and the first concert you ever went to?
First CD I bought that I remember buying was 'Losing Streak' by Less Than Jake. It was the first punk record that I ever bought. I don't know, I probably bought CD's before that but they were probably like goofy albums that I don't remember. I just remember going into the record store for the first time and getting that. Then even like as young as eleven, I was going to local shows. I saw The Matches a bunch when I was a kid but the first concert I went to, it was at a theater. It was Alkaline Trio and Rise Against.
Perfect, do you think that influenced you as a kid?
Oh, yeah! I remember seeing The Matches and thinking that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to put on the best show I could put on. Definitely a huge influence. In this industry, going to shows and being in the audience for so long, I haven't been in the audience at a show in a long time. All I've been doing is performing. It's hard. It's kind of weird. Switching roles.
I mean it makes sense. You guys tour all the time.
I mean you've played Boston a countless amount of times.
Yeah, it's only been like two years since we've started touring.
Then maybe to end it off, obviously with the album being brand new and this tour with Warped Tour, are you just going to keep on touring? Maybe take a break from it?
We tour until like August. Then I think we're going to take a little break. I mean, we'll get back at it pretty soon though. Maybe only take off like a couple months. I'm not sure. I actually don't even know. I don't even really know what our plans are. I mean, we'll be announcing things when we're done with Warped Tour or whatever.
Well, your next few months are already pretty booked and announced.
That's what I mean. Everything up to August is already put out and we'll announce stuff. We have more shows for the future. We'll have a little time between Warped because we'll need it. A little down time. I mean this is like a third of the year we're on the row straight, you know what I mean? When we got home, we'll have a week only before the Europe/UK tour then we come home for like two weeks and go to Warped Tour. So, it's like, we need a break.
Yeah, you need a break after that.
Yeah, definitely (laughs)!
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The Hush Sound

I kind of missed the boat on everything that was cool in this scene. I know, it's slightly embarrassing and I get chastised for it all the time but a band I was most definitely aware of was the wonderful The Hush Sound! Over the years, I've had the opportunity to sit down with Greta Morgan's side project Gold Motel and knew I should jump on the time to talk with her for her main stay project when I had the chance.
The band currently finds themselves on the road co-headlining with fellow long term scene favorites Hockey and will continue to be touring through out the year. As Greta talks about in our interview, it's always been on the mind of the band but now that schedules align we are sure to see much, much more of the band on our radars. Read on for our exclusive interview and look for more in the future soon!

Now that you are touring again and being consistenly on the road, what are the three touring essentials you must have while on the road?
My coffee tackle box: a little suitcase which has a hot water heater, organic espresso, an Aeropress and my favorite coffee mug. A good book! On this tour, I have a whole traveling library packed: Mary Roach's "Bonk", Carl Jung's biography, a collection of Flash Fiction, and a few books of poetry. Nice pens. My favorite are black felt tips.

The band was on hiatus for quite a few years. Reason behind coming back together as a band? How did it happen?
Since our hiatus, we have still been playing Chicago once a year and selling out our favorite club (The Metro). After every show, we'd always have the thought of reuniting for another tour or album, but we were more focused on other projects at that time. In the late summer last year, all of our schedules synchronized with an open window where we actually had time to start playing and writing together, so we decided to leap on that free time and explore the possibility. Each step of the way has been fun, so we've decided to continue the path moving forward.
Do you think the break from the band has helped the recording and touring process as of late?
Absolutely. We've all improved as musicians, songwriters, and communicators, but the biggest way the hiatus has helped is that it's allowed us time away to work on other projects and appreciate what we have together. After a few years away, we all have a genuine desire to play together and I think that excitement can be heard in the "45" 7 inch with on our two new singles.
The band recently put out "45". How did you go about the songwriting for these two songs?
Bob and I had each written and fully demoed those songs individually (he had "Not a Stanger" and I had "Scavengers), so we just re-worked them a bit for the group and then recorded them live.
Are there plans to put out a new album/something already in the works?
We are discussing the next release now... Stay tuned! The best place to hear news is our twitter ( and our tumblr (
What was the first CD or cassette you recieved? The first concert you went to? Do you think either of those experiences influences the style of music you're doing today?
Third Eye Blind's first record was one of my first CD purchases and I still stand behind that record. Great pop songs. I don't hear a Third Eye Blind influence in my own music, but the next CD I purchased was Simon and Garfunkel, which is absolutely a conscious influence.
What's coming up with in the next few months for the band?
About to embark on this next tour with Hockey, River City Extension, Genevieve, and Lucas Carpenter. We'll play some small festivals this summer and track some new songs in July.
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You Me At Six

Last night, I attended my first show at Tsongas Arena in Lowell! While known for it's more mainstream music affairs like the upcoming Fall Out Boy arena tour and performances from Katy Perry, it was a welcome site to cover a bill filled with past interviews at a sold out performance. This being almost seven thousand people! I walked up to the venue to find every band on the tour in a bus which some see as a sign of great success and something I definitely wasn't expecting. Since we all know most bands' developmental stages are spent in the smallest of vans!
The first band to grace the packed room were well known Brits You Me At Six and after seeing them tour to sometimes miniscule as they even discuss audiences, it was great to see them playing to a packed arena. The room was filled with fans singing every word back to the music veterans which was a first for these eyes. The band isn't some flash in the pond band though as many music fans will tell you . The band has been together as the original line up for seven years now and pretty much in the majority of countries in the world have been packing arenas as the headlining band as of the past few years. They even filmed a live DVD while headlining Wembley Stadium that just dropped this year! We were very greatful for the opportunity obviously to sit down with frontman Josh and lead guitarist Max only an hour before they took the stage and you can find our exclusive interview below!

Being from the UK, you guys have toured the US several times now which must seem like hundreds of times but what have you learned are the three things you must have with you while on the road?
Josh: Um, an xBox.
Max: Berocca which is like a Vitamin C but the UK brand which is way better. And your gear! Because if you don't bring your gear, you're fucked otherwise. Clearly something very important to bring.

Then obviously you guys are one of the few British bands that do tour here quite a ton. Breaking here and doing music full time. Seemingly living here. What advice would you give to bands that are just starting to tour here or haven't done it yet?
Josh: I was always told that America was kind of a big long like slog. It really is. You have to put in the time, the time that it takes to tour. So I'm really glad we're doing it.
Max: This last year has been good. It was kind of a bit tough after our third time being here and being like there's only a few people who give any care to us at all. We were playing shows, doing our thing and the kids weren't around. So it kind of felt like it wasn't working out and we weren't sure if it was going to happen for us or not. Are we just going to keep losing money coming here? I think it was Warped Tour 2010.
Josh: I think it was that Mayday run.
Max: Yeah, with like We Are the In Crowd, us.
There for Tomorrow.
Max: Yeah, There for Tomorrow. Like that was when we started to realize that things were actually starting to work for us out here and they knew the songs. Alas, it was like we were coming closer to this turning point. So we wanted to come back and not overkill it but wanted to breathe and at certain times, be able to come back. Like have the kids be like 'Glad to see you back again, we know the songs'. We want to see you. We like to spend a lot of time at our merch here because people do come out and see us. Being the first on this tour so they get to see thirty minutes of our set and they've been waiting since Warped Tour last year. So we want to go out and talk to them. Be like 'Yo, we're back again and we hope to come back in the fall' on a headlining tour.
Josh: It's just very exciting to see where we'll go. It's just nice to see, as Max said as well, they're supporting us. I mean I was talking to Alex of Mayday Parade last night and he was like 'Well, this is like our twelth time that we've played New York in three years'. You know, something like that and so it really was a shock. Kind of very much for everyone in the band, it was very exciting for us to have the crowd know the words. We've been doing this for seven years so we sort of already have achieved a certain amount elsewhere but here in America, it still feels very much like we're a new band. Where as if we were in so many other places in the world. It's exciting. It's nice to see that growth I think.

Then maybe while you have been playing these arena sized shows back home, I think this is the first time you guys have been on a tour like that in the states.
Josh: This is definitely the biggest tour we've done in the states.
Then how has this tour been going with All Time Low? You've toured with Mayday Parade before.
Josh: It's been stupid.
Max: Back home, it's a different use of the word stupid.
Josh: We've been on tours like this back home. We've realized we've started to grow over here but being on a tour like this, we didn't know if people would even know us because it's obviously a step up with the size of rooms. The reaction though from Day one was amazing.
Max: Places like Texas where we don't normally play have been amazing. We've been blown away by them. It's been like why is the whole room singing back at us? Jumping up and down to our music. Considering we haven't been back since last year. It's really crazy what people have pulled on to. That's the exciting part of being on this tour. We've had some amazing shows in decent places. In places that we've done okay in but we don't normally do so well. We were surprised. It feels like home going around America now. Fans are really recognizing what You Me At Six is about.
Josh: I think in terms of us, this is like the perfect tour for us because we've got All Time Low where we've got the straight up pop rock and more of the hardcore band like Pierce The Veil. Where we've got the screams and stuff. We've got songs that cater to both those bands's fans. So I think for us, this is like the perfect situation. The kids who like Pierce The Veil like songs like 'Bite My Tongue' and the kids that are here for All Time Low like 'Reckless' and others.
Max: It was a no brainer for us. We were so far off album cycle that we were saying that we were going to potientally do the new record but we couldn't pass up this opportunity. This tour was with great people that we all know. It's great size venues. Really for us, we haven't been on tour properly since Warped Tour. So it was like cool, let's actually go and tour before we write a new record. We're realizing what it's like to be in a band again.
Josh: All the dudes in the other bands are people that we knew beforehand. Like Pierce The Veil, I love those guys a lot. They've all turned out to be super great dudes. Definitely have gotten a lot closer to All Time Low so that said, it's been really encouraging.
It must make sense as well because Pierce The Veil, despite touring for years as well, kind of just blew up this past year.
Josh: Yeah, definitely! I feel like they've been trying for a long, long time.
Yeah, it just never had happened for them.
Josh: Yeah! Like at Warped Tour, I was just like watching them. Obviously, I knew they were going to be on the main stage but I was like fucking A. When they went out with Sleeping With Sirens and this tour now, it's just ridiculous but it's great! I don't see this as a dog-eat-dog world.
Max: It's great to see other bands that have been working so hard to actually break because it makes you feel really happy for them. We're all here for the same reasons you know. To see bands actually achieve it. We think to ourselves if they can achieve it, we can achieve it. Like we can all do it together.

Perfect! Then speaking of being at the end of the album cycle, Sinners Never Sleep has been out for over a year now dropping in January of 2012. So you said you were thinking about the new album? Are you going to do that like after this tour?

Josh: We're going into the studio in the summer.
Max: We'll have a few weeks at home then we'll figure it out in the summer.
Josh: It should be good. We're excited to be back in the studio again! For us, it's been a while. For me as a musician, I think it's one of the best parts. Because when you do a record, it's two years of living and breathing the record. I feel like what we've got so far is some of the strongest stuff we've done.
Is it pretty similiar to what you've done in the past?
Josh: Honestly, I can't yet tell you. We've just started doing it.
Still very much early in the process?
Josh: Definitely.
Max: We're just enjoying being with each other.
Josh: Yeah.
Max: We're having the time of our lives right now. We definitely feel like it's the closest the band has ever been and it makes it a lot more fun when we're close.
Well, thank you so much guys!
Josh: No, it's our pleasure. Any time!
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Tyler Hilton

Last night, I ventured out to The Cavern Room for the first time in Boston to check out the Acoustic Love tour with a full interview rundown of the three acts being Ryan Cabrera, Teddy Geiger and Tyler Hilton! The three gents that shared the stage this evening have very long lasting careers and broke out into the music industry when MTV still played music videos and had a large mainstream appeal. Nowadays, you may get your video played at 6:00 am in the morning on those channels but if you're not Pink or Katy Perry, you really don't stand a chance.
Luckily, Tyler Hilton is still holding onto his fan base and career. Be it due to his acting success with film and television or his first album dropping in 2000, it was great to see a sold out room hang onto every word he sang last night. Being our second interview around with Tyler, we talked about his most recent album, his view of his career thus far as well as what we can look forward to in the future. Read on for our exclusive and stay tuned for our interviews with his tour mates Teddy and Ryan!

So obviously you've been touring again in the past two years but how has it been kind of touring with two artists that have had long lasting careers like you've had?
Oh, it's been cool. For a personal thing, the last tour we did in January we spent most of the hang time catching up on what's been going on in our respective careers. Which is cool because we don't get to hang out as much as we want to because when you're friends with musicians, it's hard to meet up. We got to touch base from the times when we were like nineteen and twenty and when Teddy was like fifteen. Ryan and I were 22. We see each other, run into each other out in LA and there's that look of 'Oh, we need to catch up'. When you're in the road situation, it's like a summer camp opportunity. After the show, you can go out and be like 'Have you encountered this and this?' We also over time have been signed on with the same agent again who got this tour going but it's been nice. It's been a nice personal recap for us. It's been like a high school reunion in some sense. It's been cool to see what direction everyone's career is going. Personally and emotionally. Like 'How have you been doing?'
Sure, that's perfect! Then for you it's been about a little while since the last album. I know Teddy drops his album tomorrow and Ryan has his new one being worked on. Are you working on your new one considering it has been about two years?
The new album came out last year. I put out one in 2012. It was 'Forget The Storm'. It came out in April of last year.
How is that record going over then?
It's been a year since then so I put out a deluxe version in April then I put out a vinyl version of it. So, that's just what I've been touring off of this year and a half. I'm just starting to think about my new one too. Going to go to Nashville to start working on it a little bit. I don't want to think about it much yet but I just kind of want to go to there. When the tour was starting, I had begun a little bit of the record process. Just trying to like hang out and chill because when you work, you work. It's a year of work.
Then considering you've had such a long career, how do you think being super succesful in the beginning has helped you now? Just being a bit more DIY and starting to tour again?
You know I started when I was fifteen. It's been ups and downs along the way. It's been all peaks and valleys. Obviously when things are on like peaks, you have your fans that bring you through the valleys. Fans that dig it stay there. Right now, it's been great. When doing these kinds of tours, I call it non-promo tours for the fans. There's no song on the radio. The fans that are coming here want to come because they dig the music and they dug it in the past and they want to come. We're preaching to the choir in a sense and it's awesome. It's a fun tour to be on and obviously like when I was opening for John Mayer and Keith Urban, you're playing to a bunch of people. It's cool to play to those people that don't know your music but you know, this is fun because everyone here knows a song. We're hard up to find somebody in the crowd who doesn't know all three of ours music. Even if you came for Ryan Cabrera or Teddy Geiger. It's just a fun vibe.
Then maybe how did the idea of this tour come about? Obviously you talked about how you have the same agent now but you've done this tour before. You did this like a few months ago. Were you like friends in the past?
Yeah, like Ryan and I did a lot of touring together back in the day and Teddy Geiger and I did some touring together and we've always kept in touch. Talked to each other a bunch and then we had all just kind of ended up with this agent and Teddy was like 'Hey, is this guy cool?' . It was really Ryan. He was just like with this guy and he was like it's great. So, maybe six months ago, we all kind of signed with him and he was just the kind of guy that books us the way we want to be booked. We love to work, we love to play for our fans, we love to be out there and he was like why don't the three of you guys tour together? He also put me together with Howie Day alot.I was like why hasn't anyone ever though to do this?
That makes exact sense.
That makes so much sense. Some of my agents weren't really thinking about it. They were putting me with weird acts. I was on tour with Ryan Teddy. That was fun you know. I don't know much about the business part of it but it was fun.
Yeah, perfect! Then maybe what is coming up after this tour? You talked about working on the new record once you get home from this tour. I know you're going to Nashville tomorrow. Are you just going to be like focusing on that new record or are you going to back into this full force?
No, I'm just out touring. I mean I have some dates coming up. I might do Europe again at the end of the year. I'm doing two weeks in Europe in the fall but after that, I'm like done with the touring. This is the last US date for a while. I'll start working on the record. Things will fill up again. Personality wise, you promote and you promote but you have to go home and like find out who you are now. I've been promoting it since over a year and a half ago and you decide what your fate is now.
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Teddy Geiger

Last but most definitely not least, I sat down with a familiar face in Teddy Geiger before he opened the Acoustic Love tour! For Teddy, not only was it the last night of an incredibly succesful tour but it was also the eve of Teddy's first album in five years. Which he then celebrated by passing out CD's to everyone backstage as the clock struck midnight with that boyish grin he's grown famous for. Taking my first listen to it while working on this interview , it is clear that it is going to be a huge part of his career in the near future! With a interesting take on electronic music but still retaining that poppy element people have grown to love, this record is sure to be full of hits.
In our interview, we talked about the new record and the work that went into it as well as his possible electronic side to his music in the future. Even being featured on a DJ Tiesto track? From talking about possible remixing of his tracks to how the tour has been going with Tyler and Ryan, we had a great sitdown with him and think you'll truly enjoy our exclusive interview!

This tour is on a bit larger scale going out with Tyler and Ryan.
This is cool!
Them having long lasting careers as well, how has it been to get yourself back on the road? Doing it with people who have been doing this forever as well.
It's been really cool. Me and Tyler toured together a long time ago when I did my tour with Hilary Duff so we've spent some time together and we all did this tour once before a couple months ago. So we've now gotten to know each other really well and hangs are really cool backstage. Everyone gets along and we all play on each other's songs and we all come from that background of kind of being on a major label. Have success and now like trying to work off of the end of that. Do something you know for ourselves that I'm happy with. I think everybody kind of reinventing themselves. It's kind of cool to be around that and I think we share that similiar story because I feel like there's a lot to learn from each other.
Then how have these shows been going? You have new music that you've been working on.
They've been great!
They've been good?
Yeah, I mean a couple of them have been crazy. Like tonight should be pretty crazy. I think it will be fun. It's supposed to be close to selling out and hopefully we will sell it out.
Wouldn't want to jinx it. I think we're close though. We're like fifty away.
Sell the fifty. You can do it!
I got to get on twitter. That's how I'll get people in!
But the second round of the tour has been going well?
It's been cool and everyone's always really excited to play the shows and it's been a lot of fun. That translates to other people having fun too. Big party! It's a party.

Like you were saying before, well it's been almost a year since then.
That was also like one of the first interviews that I had done since-
Since like you got back into it?
Yeah, like being on the road and doing stuff again. It was like, weird.
Well you're better!
Not totally but it's getting easier.
Getting easier! Then maybe when you first started this, you really jumped into it but then you took a really big break or step away from it. How has it been like playing shows? Do you think that's helped you as a musician? Is it like something new again?
Oh yeah! No, it's been cool. I mean I've learned a lot from Tyler and Ryan. Just even watching the way they perform and like Tyler's been on the road. I don't know what Ryan's been doing. He's just now I think starting to get on the road again and Tyler has been out there I think like for the past year and a half or two years. Tyler's been going hard and he's definitely got like a mass appeal. Like when he's telling stories and stuff, he's got such a great way of doing it. It's just cool to watch him do his thing but it's been good. I feel like when you're out on the road playing where you're getting more comfortable, it's cool. It's good to be settling in a little but it's still exciting. I feel like you can get into a situation where you're on the road for a long time. You're touring in a way where you're not comfortable. You're like wearing yourself down and we've been doing like short two week runs and by the end, you catch up on the sleep. Get back on the routine at home, do some writing, get the time to try and work on other projects then do another run but I think it's cool because the show's fun and I have energy every night. It's not like I'm getting up and being like I just want to go home. Where I'm just completely exhausted and not being able to do what you want to do.
Then maybe with the album, where are you at with it?
It's done. It's here tonight and it comes out tomorrow.
Tomorrow, no big deal. Then obviously you're writing this album at a different time in your life. You're not a teenager, you don't have a major label with their hands in the pot. How do you think the writing process changed for this album?
I mean, well it ended up being more like the first record. The first record I was naturally a young teen writing about youth things and ended up pairing up with Billy Mann. He kind of helped me like write songs for the next album and it was just super cool. It was stuff that I was really writing from my heart and then I went to go do my second record on the label. They were like 'Here, cut this song' and I was like 'That's not a message I can believe in and I don't want to sing'. I'm here to sing and they were like 'Cut this out' and I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do and they weren't really into developing that at all and it sucked because I'd be giving them demo's. I know this isn't like what I want to go on the record but like this is the idea and I would like to develop this but when you're constantly getting pulled in another direction, I had to give it the attention that it would need to become what I was hearing and no one was standing behind me. What was cool about this (the new record) is that I got to do it right. My manager helped me to get together a really good team and had a couple partners on this record that were super cool and Theo Katzman who played guitar and drums and bass on a couple of the songs. This guy Owen Beverly. He's a sick guitar player and a really cool writer. He writes these simple but like heavy lyrics and people that I would like just have fun with. Like spending a day with that person in the studio writing. We'd come up with something that we would do and it's like learning from these people. So that process has been amazing. You know nothing ever felt forced which was cool. There was the plan which was to make a lot of guitar and piano based songs and keep them as simple as possible. We just kind of let it go from there and a year later, a year and a half, we have the record.
Got it, it's happening!
It's out!
So now that it's coming out tomorrow and you've obviously been back into the touring atmosphere, is it just something that you're going to continue to do? Or are you going to take a little break since it's finally coming out?
I mean, right now we have a bunch of stuff booked in the fall and we're looking at stuff for this summer but there's like a couple things I'm doing. Like there's a television conference in Austin and some festivals like that. A couple media things. Like one-offs. So, that will be cool but yeah trying to stay on the road. At least, kind of like at the rate I've been on. Having a couple weeks on tour, a couple weeks off because there's this thing that DJ Tiesto is about to release a song that I sing on. It's pretty cool.
Yeah, on his next release.
Going to pull from that crowd?
I've been doing like for the past five years as well as all this other stuff, I've been doing more electronic stuff. Being experimental. I feel like there's a very specific dance world. That's a genre where as what I've been doing is more like indie pop. I feel like the dance world is very specific. If things aren't the right tempo, all of the sudden it isn't this or it's that. People are so into it that it's a tough world but the idea would be to do stuff that has that electro indie pop thing that would be easily remixed into a dance track or something. I'm doing it all the time anyways for fun. When I have time off, I'm working on stuff. So, yeah taking some time out from the road to get that together and work it out. I think his new release comes out in June. I don't know the exact date so I'll have something to just kind of follow that up with as like an example. Trying to be more active as a producer and songwriter. Ideally, I would love to be a producer and as a songwriter have that be what I do and be able to like tour a couple months out of the year and do like one loop of the country and then do it again next year. Then I'll have the time to work on records. That's my goal.
I mean touring wise, that's kind of what you did this year.
Yeah, exactly. I think too like when I was touring a lot with the first record. In two years, we'd hit the same cities like eight times or some cities nine times.
I missed that boat.
What's that?
I was raised country.
Oh, that's cool. I think it's a little too much.
It's a lot, yeah.
Well, because then by the fourth show we had probably the biggest crowds we'd had with that record and then nine shows deep with the same record, I wouldn't go back. Like if I were that fan, I'm not going back. I've already seen him a couple times. Same album but you know when you're on the road, like someone's making money and they want to keep you out there. I wasn't making any money on the road.
Of course not!
I mean, now I'm actually able to just because we're keeping it lean, I'm able to like support myself playing these shows but when you're on the label, you got to have the right band. So you end up employing all these people and we were on like a short bus. By the end of the day, you're a hundred bucks down, you're a thousand bucks down. It's like, damnit! Learning experience.
Learning experiences that help you now!
Life is full of them!
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