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With hundreds of new bands popping up every year, it's hard to decipher who truly to cover when you are faced with endless concerts every week. We do make it a point to stick with bands that are truly inspiring and hard working and one of those bands happens to be the Arizona gentleman in The Maine! These days, bands come and go but they have the staying power to be one of the biggest names in the scene.
We learned quickly that this band isn't just about the cute haircuts and neon that may have been matched up with them several years ago now. Through our interviews, we've interviewed all five of the guys and have been given a look into everything from their recording process to their connection with their music. Learning that Pioneer was the first record where John actually wrote from personal experiences to Pat telling us back in late 2011 that they were officially "invisible" to Warner. To Jared telling us that they self record and write on their own everything produced from the band these days. It's been a long and windy journey with the band but we're proud to say we've worked with the band through the past three albums as well as hoping to catch up again with them for "Forever Halloween". Read on for our exclusive with Garrett Nickelsen and Pat Kirch this time around!

Our last interview was with Garrett and Jared in May and now clearly after Pioneer, you guys told us that you were in a "invisible" status to Warner. Are you still in that mode?
Pat: Yes, we are.
Maybe how has that been having that release out independantly and going back to how it used to be?
Pat: Um, it's awesome! You know it's been a long time now so I think at this point, it just feels just kind of normal. It feels just kind of like this is how things are for our band now. It feels good! It doesn't feel like we're kind of missing anything. It just feels good.
Garrett: I agree!
I agree! Now that Pioneer is almost a year old, are you working on the new record? I know you guys pretty steadily release new music?
Garrett: Actually, right after this tour, this is kind of the last thing for Pioneer. Then in December, we're going to start writing and being in the studio.
I know while it changes from record to record, it has grown and keeps on being something kids aren't expecting. Is it going to be more like Pioneer or do you still think you're going to go in a even more different direction?
Garrett: I mean any time we go into make an album, it isn't like we talked about the fact that we needed to make something completely different from the past. It just kind of happens so I imagine we're not going to make anything very extreme again. I think it's too early to tell exactly what it's going to sound like.
Pat: Yeah, I mean I think the biggest thing so far that I've noticed in the new demos' is that a lot of piano is there.
Garrett: Yeah! I mean once we get into a room, it might turn into all guitar parts or whatever. So it's just kind of a different way of writing at this point.
Pat: Once we get in there, we'll kind of figure it out.
Garrett: I mean, I imagine like everything we've done it's going to be kind of a continuation of what the last album was but hopefully go the next step forward.
Then in December, you did do the small room tour and you guys have been going back to these bigger rooms again as of late. Is there a chance that you may try that again?
Garrett: Maybe. We're always trying to make a new atmosphere in the concerts so we're kind of looking into going back and forth between the two. That's what will continue to happen.
Kind of see how it goes?
Garrett: Yeah. Definitely! We're just kind of winging it right now. We're going to kind of let the new record, once we get it done, then we'll actually start to think of that kind of thing.
Then I wanted to ask you! I've interviewed the Postelles a bunch as well but this may be their like break through tour into this different age group. Maybe how did that come about having them open this tour?
Garrett: Yeah, we were just trying to find a band that worked really well but isn't maybe the same tour as a lot of people would expect. Maybe bands that we are grouped with alot.
Pat: We wanted to do something new. At the end of the day, it all kind of came down to the music. We had heard some songs and we liked it.
Well, we do do interviews a lot. I was counting today and it's a large number over the past few years. Since November '09, it's been six.
Pat: Wow.
Garrett: Really?
Stuff's getting serious guys.
Garrett: We're pretty much going steady.
Pretty much!

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