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I'm not exactly that stereotypical girl you see at rap shows. Let's be honest! Once in a while though, I'm drawn to a crowd I'm not so comfortable in for quality acts. One of those acts is Outasight from Yonkers, New York. His break out single for his new album 'Tonight is The Night' is blowing up everyone's airwaves right now so I knew I should take the opportunity when I could to sit down with him for a few minutes and pick his brain!

Outasight aka Richard Andrew is quite possibly one of the most real musicians I've met over the past three years of steadily being out at shows. His set blew me away and so did his finally acheived full length record 'Nights Like These'. While on a bill where he may not exactly seem to fit in, co headlining a run with The Ready Set, he took the stage with ease and had the crowd grooving along to every note. With a full summer planned of Warped Tour craziness, 2013 is sure to be his year. Read on for our exclusive!

The tour started last night in New York City where I believe you are from.
Yeah, I live in NYC.
Being in NYC, how did that first show go?
It went really well actually. A lot of energy and it just seems like everybody who was on the bill got an amazing reaction so I think we would call it a total success!

Then obviously you and The Ready Set are pretty different from each other. Maybe how did this tour come together?
It really started as an idea that was being thrown around by our record label since we're both on Warner Brothers. Then we all got a chance to meet at a radio show that we did for a radio station. We all hit it off, both crews hit it off and we thought it was a great idea. We're definitely different in one way but at the same time, we both make catchy pop songs. So we thought it was going to be a good idea and so far, so good.
So far, so good! I mean sold out show tonight.
Yeah! Sold out last night. Two for two!
Good little start! Then maybe what are you most looking forward to considering you have the two more electronic based acts like Goldhouse and The Ready Set then you and Master Shortie.
I'm just looking forward to it all! For me, I think the number one thing I'm looking forward to is actually getting a chance to play some shows in cities that maybe I've been to but I haven't necessarily gotten a tour stop in or some cities I haven't been to at all. I basically haven't been in Seattle, haven't been to Portland, Oregon and we're going to both places so really excited for that. I've been to Chicago and San Francisco and LA but I've actually not really done like legit tour stops there but I've been doing so much radio promotion over the past year. So I've been there on promotional stuff but I'm really hyped to get out there and just meet some of the kids who always hit me up on twitter to 'Come to Chicago! Come to San Fran!' so that's probably the best thing I'm looking forward to.
Ready Set said you're headlinging Chicago. Playing last?
To me, it doesn't really matter. I honestly said to Ready Set he could close every night if he wants. I would assume that he is bringing more kids I would really think. So, I'm humbled and I'm just glad to be here.
Then maybe before we get on to the record, the three things you must have with you on tour?
Always need my labtop. It's a great way to kind of waste time. Especially in the van when we're driving and driving. On these winter tours, it's always really important to have my big old boots. My big wolverine boots. They're great! Look at them! They look so destroyed but they're awesome. Finally, this is a really random one but a toothbrush. The little cases for your toothbrush. You got to keep your toothbrush as clean as possible. You're in a different place every night.
Then 'Nights Like These' has been out for a few months now. I know it's something that you've been working on for a really long time. You've been releasing EP's but this is the first full length. How excited are you to finally have that record out?
I mean, it was really kind of a dream come true because I was on Warner for a couple years. Just to finally have that opportunity to put out a record was like a goal fulfilled. I'm really proud of the record but I feel like I want a lot more people to be able to hear it. So I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm excited that I got it out but I didn't know there was so much more work to do in terms of getting better as an artist and also getting more people to hear it.
Then even though it's only been out for a while like you said, are you even working on the new one?
I've began to map it out in my head a little bit. I've just been like swimming in music. Just locked up in listening to all kinds of different stuff. Just to get inspired. Feel out a direction and just go from there.
Then maybe how did you first get interested in doing music?
I just grew up loving music. I was just around it always in my house. I mean I just thought it was completely normal to have billions of records and CD's. Know every band member's name. Be pop culture and music obsessed. I thought that was completely normal. Just this was how it was while I was growing up. So it kind of took me over too.
Then speaking of this, do you remember the first CD or cassette you ever got as a kid? And the first concert you ever went to?
First CD I ever bought was Tribe Called Quest's 'Lowman Theory' . That was awesome. My mom had Columbia House when I was a kid. The Scenario video had me hooked and the first concert I ever went to? Now, I've had this question a few times and I've tried to figure it out because I've been to so many. I think it was in fourth grade and I saw Pearl Jam at the Madison Square Garden Theater.
Pearl Jam? You were into Pearl Jam when you were nine?
Uh, yeah. I was listening to a lot of stuff. I also saw Sponge at a club called Tramps when I was around twelve, maybe thirteen.
Tramps? You went to-?
A club called Tramps. We used to go to rock shows at a venue called Seven Willows Street. I was young. It's hard for me to remember. I've been to so many shows.
Do you think that influenced you then maybe? Just going to shows all the time?
Oh yeah. I mean I used to watch shows and see everything from big bands to like small punk bands and be like 'This is what I want to do'.
Then I wanted to ask you, considering this is a very different tour. I've interviewed Vonnegutt in the past-
Yeah, Kyle's my homie!
Yeah I know you guys did a song together pretty recently which was one of their bigger songs over these past few years. Maybe if you could collaborate with any one this tour, who do you think it would be?
Well, me and Jordan were definitely talking about doing a collaboration before the tour and I think just time wise, we were both too busy to get it done but I would love to work with him in the future.
Perfect then to end it off, what is coming up? I know this tour just started yesterday and you are still on it for a while. What's coming up after this?
I'm actually doing the whole Warped Tour. So after this tour, I have a little bit of time and then all I'm doing is more touring.
Maybe what are you most looking forward to on Warped Tour considering it's been a steady pattern of having a few rappers on the tour every year. Like last year with G-Eazy, T. Mills, Modsun. What are you most looking forward to being a little bit different?
Yeah, I'm looking forward to those crowds and that energy because growing up, I've been to a few Warped tours in my time so I know how awesome all the energy is. So just looking forward to getting in front of those crowds. Going nuts every day with kids.

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