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On a roll from last night, next up is my most recent interview with long time favorites in Mayday Parade! The band took the stage last night to a sold out crowd who clicked with the band from the first few notes which is to be expected. The band has been a touring favorite for the seven years that the band has been together and it won't be stopping any time soon. As one of the bands I heard faintly mentioned when first opening up my eyes to this insane world of music, I never thought that they would become a four time interview for me. From interviewing lead vocalist Derek Sanders over the past few years, we have been with them through the album cycles and were happy to catch up with them with the fourth album on the horizon!

Maybe a soft one to start, you guys have played a ton in the US. Touring what seems like always. You've played in Massachussetts a lot with being a lot bigger scale of a venue tonight. How has the tour been going so far?
Well, it's incredible. It's hard to ask for anything more. Like you said, it's a step up room wise. It's the biggest tour that we've done in the US or anywhere considering the whole tour. So we're just happy to be a part of it. We're out with All Time Low, Pierce The Veil and You Me At Six. We've known all those guys for a long time. Each of them for several years. It's good to be with friends because we're just having a great time on the road.

And I did want to ask you, it has been a little bit since the last Mayday Parade record, the self titled being in 2011. I know you're working on the next album. Is that one finished yet? Still a work in progress?
We're still working on it! It's been about a month and a half of work right before we started this tour in the studio and then when this tour ends, we have about a month and a half left. So we're about half way done. Everything is coming out great. We're excited about it. I can't really divulge much of what's on it but we're stoked for it. We're playing a new song from it. It's kind of crazy. It's the fourth album. That seems like so many. It's been a long time and crazy to think that it's our fourth album but it's very cool. It's been exciting.

Considering the band has been the same line up for the most part, how do you think the writing has changed? Has it changed or is it still pretty similar?
I don't think it's like drastically different but we kind of do different things to just kind of evolve along the way and the bulk of the band has been in this band for seven and a half years. So things will change over time. It's still the same idea! It's just us writing songs about what we like and hopefully we're making a CD of what we love. That's it!

Then maybe as a band that has consistently toured over those several years, what advice would you give to bands going maybe out on their first tour? Like just starting?
There's a lot but the main thing is to stick with what you want to do. There's a whole lot of craziness with labels and management. There are a lot of people that will tell you what you should do but I feel like first and foremost, you should be dealing with your music and what you do. Hopefully if it's something special, then other people will realize that as well but just to work hard, stay positive and be yourself.

Then considering the album is still in progress, are you going to be continuing to tour like you have been this year? Taking some time off?
Yeah, we've been focusing on this record but I don't know for sure exactly what the plan is for the rest of the year. We'll be back on tour in the fall. I'm thinking a US tour. There's a few things we have lined up that haven't been announced yet so we can't talk about them yet. We'll stay busy for the rest of the year and we'll probably have just a little time off when we're done recording the album. Finish off the year and who knows? 2014, we'll see!

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