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Going onto year four of actively interviewing bands, there are plenty that have become seven time or six time interviews. One of the bands that falls into that group are the midwestern heavyweights in We Came As Romans. Our first interview went down during their opening slot on The Emptiness tour in February of 2010 and our latest took place during their run this past summer as one of the headliners of the Scream It Like You Mean it Tour in the gret company of Attack Attack and The Acacia Strain. Their next adventure brings them to their first show in Boston, MA while they open for scene legends The Used.
Only two full lengths deep, they have become one of the biggest bands in this new wave of heavy rock and will only go up from here. In our new interview, we talked to one of the two lead vocalists Dave Stephens as well as guitarist Joshua Moore who is known as the main writer of the band. This made for a great follow up interview filled with reflections on their success so far, the new record's status and advice they would give to fellow bands just starting this crazy journey called "touring"! The boys are making a quick return to my area opening for scene legends The Used on Tuesday, definitely come out to support the band as it's their first time ever in the city performing!

We have done a few interviews with We Came As Romans over the past two years but you guys haven't really stopped. It's been constant, constant touring so maybe how is it going now compared to then? You've played the Palladium multiple times. How do you really think it's helping you?
Dave: I think it's a big reason for the success we have. We stay on the road and just put our name out there. Keeping people talking about our shows and whatever. I think it's definitely good to tour as much as possible. I feel like that's part of the reason for our success.
Josh: Yeah, this is actually the second time this year that we've played the Palladium so far and I mean we've definitely tried over the past year to really get on at an international level as well. Not just in the states and this year already by May 1st, we've gone to the Philliphines, a full European tour and Japan. Later this year, we're doing South America dates with August Burns Red. We're headlining Never Say Die in Europe and we're doing a Canadian run. I don't know if that's been announced yet. But I mean we just try to stay on the road literally everywhere, not just in the states. I think it's been working out for us.
Then I know you're only three days into Scream It but you guys are headlining the Red Tour with Attack Attack and the Blue is Acacia Strain. This is the first Gold day but maybe how have the first few shows been going, considering it's such a big bill?
Dave: It's cool! We have a lot of friends on the tour. There's always something to do, someone to talk to, someone to hang out with. It's exciting and Scream It Like You Mean It is a great tour. It's really cool to be a part of it again.
Josh: I agree. I agree with what Dave said.
Then the record's obviously been out for quite a few months now. I know you guys are constantly writing, like on the road, clearly making new music. Are you even thinking about writing the third record or is it still a little while away?
Josh: Yeah, it's in the process. Just kind of taking it a little slower just because there's no reason to rush it. There's not any set deadlines or anything right now. The few times we've been home I've been really busy and just kind of it seems like every record cycle we do, it ends up being written differently. Being timed differently and this one I guess is no different from the other two in the sense that's it completely different from the other two. So it's being worked out but just not at any particular speed I guess.
Then our first interview was way, way back during the Emptiness Tour with Alesana and you've clearly worked your way up. You've worked really hard for this and you've toured.
Josh: I remember that interview.
It was so long ago and you guys have grown so much and now all of those bands besides Alesana have opened for you in a lot of cases. Maybe what advice would you give to the bands that are on this tour with their first record just coming out or their first major tour?
Dave: I would just tell a lot of these bands to kind of work really hard and like with anything else you do, if you want to be succesful at it, you've got to give it your heart. Give it your soul. You've really got to put everything you have into it if you want it to go anywhere. Obviously, networking. Don't be mean to people for no reason. Just try to network and make friends. You want your band to have a good reputation. You want people to want to bring you on tour.
Josh: Yeah! I think hard work and respect can get you a lot of places. Not to like down talk our band but you don't have to be in the best band to be considered successful. Like you need to build a lot of bridges, have a lot of connections by working really hard and being respectful to other bands like everyone else. I mean that really shows through. You can tell on tour if it's a band's first tour. I mean you can always tell if it's their first tour but you can tell if they are going places. if they're not. If they have egos already. If they are grateful to be there. It says a lot about who you are, what kind of person you are to work with and being on the road can be super, super stressful but no one wants to work with some one that's going to suck to work with. Say if your name comes up and you are the hard working band and you're difficult, you're whiny, no one is going to be like yeah definitely put them on this tour! Because I want to listen to a band whine for a month. You know what I mean? No, be like those guys are are really awesome. They were there every day on time, they loaded in all their gear, loaded it out and never complained.
Then you already talked a lot about what's coming up. Obviously you guys are going to keep on touring and doing what you've been doing which is clearly working but maybe a softer one to end. Obviously this is a tour where you have some common threads of bands on the tour but everyone has their sub genres from deathcore to purely clean singing like Hands Like Houses and that kind of thing. If you could write with anyone on this tour, who do you think it would be? Like it could be a match or make no sense at all. Just something where you're maybe a fan of a band.
Josh: Yeah, if I'd write with anyone on this tour, it would probably just be Close To Home just because we've been friends with them since before we were anything. We toured with them back when we were booking our own tours and playing to like twenty five kids.
Dave: Actually, personally, I've written with them already.
Josh: Yeah! Dave has already written.
Dave: Yeah, I'm on their new EP!
Josh: I'd actually probably as well pick Attack Attack just because Caleb is just an amazingly talented young individual.
Dave: And he's very cool!
Josh: Yeah, he's also cool. He's a sweetie. A little sweetheart!
Is he 21 yet?
Josh: No, he's only 19. A baby.

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