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We all know about internet success stories. Some fade out after one hit while others go onto enjoy huge music careers, both types have been interviewed by myself. One stand out of 2012 though is the incredibly charming duo Karmin. Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann met at Berklee College of Music in Boston and from there, they skyrocketed into the group that won the city's Artist of the Year award, dropped their first mainstream debut 'Hello' EP and graced the cover of Rolling Stone!

While not only being one of the biggest groups of this year, they are doing it as an engaged couple which only assists in their charm and clearly allows their songwriting process to flow much easier. As Nick talks about in our exclusive interview at their Boston Jingleball appearance, they have incredibly similiar sensibilities when it comes to music appreciation and it is sure to only come easier as the band continues to grow. As Myspace makes a come back and bands continue to tour more and more, they are sure to be flying all over your radar in 2013 even more so then they've done in this past year.

This is where you went to school at Berklee which is obviously a very well known music school. Do you think that having that Berklee education has affected your music today? What you learned at school? I know Karmin was founded during that time.
Amy: Yes! Before Berklee, we were just small town folks. We were like the big fish in the little pond or whatever so Berklee really opened my eyes to a lot of different types of music. I had never heard of a lot of Michael Jackson's stuff before. I was very closed off.
Nick: No, I think it did a lot. I was actually a trombone player. That was what I had planned to study, that's what I got the scholarship for. So it definitely changed my thinking.

You two have come a long way in the past year or so. You won an AMA, you were just in the Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade. What's been the moment where you were like this could be something big. So one of your biggest moments, like your 'oh' moment.
Nick: There's been a couple actually! I think when we did SNL this February which feels like fourteen years ago but it was this year and we didn't have an album out. The songs that we performed weren't even released yet so that was pretty cool to do that, that early.
Amy: Our fans voted us onto the cover of Rolling Stone which was priceless. Really amazing! I mean we're like running out of things on our bucket list now so we're just getting creative.
Nick: Yeah I mean those are definitely two things that are pretty awesome.
Amy: Amazing to us. We also won the Boston Music Award the other night for Artist of the Year. It's an honor! Especially from our home city. Where we met and started Karmin. That's one of the most touching awards I think we've ever had.

Then the debut record came out earlier this year but I read somewhere that you're already working on your next album. Is that because the debut did take a while because you have been Karmin for a pretty long time now?
Amy: Yeah, we've been a band for like three years.
Nick: It's been three years so it hasn't been too, too long.
Amy: We did the Youtube phase, we signed with the label a little over a year ago so not too long ago. We did the EP! The 'Hello' EP and we sold over two million singles at this point which is awesome. I don't know what the sales are on the EP but we were like 'I think it's time for a full length. Let's do a real like full album' so that's going to be spring I think, 2013.

Then it's well known knowledge that you are engaged and you have been together for a very long time now. Do you think that affects the songwriting process? Like because you guys have each other to bounce ideas off of?
Nick: Absolutely, yeah! It's interesting because we do write very similiarly. We have a similiar writing process.
Amy: We do!
Nick: And we listen to music the same way. Like we react to things that we think are good the same way so there are a lot of similiarities. There we go! So it actually, thank god, because otherwise it would be really hard.
Amy: We agree on music stuff more then we do on personal stuff sometimes.
Nick: You know we like agree on music stuff more then we do on personal (both laugh).
Amy: Exactly. Love you!

Then maybe for each of you a soft one! The first CD or first cassette you both ever bought as a kid then the first concert you ever went to?
Amy: The first CD I ever got was Ace of Base 'The Sign'. Still is one of my favorite albums. They're amazing.
Nick: My first CD I ever got was (laughs) 'Bonafide' actually.
Amy: It's a trombone album.
Nick: Trombone album actually.
Amy: And our new album has a lot of trombone on it.
Nick: It is not called 'Bonafide'. Yet!
Amy: Then you said first concert? Mine was a Christian boy band called Plus One.
Nick: Christian boy band called Public Enemy.
Totally a Christian boy band.
Nick: Mine was 3 Doors Down actually. One of my first ones, yeah!

Then to end it all off! You had Jingle Ball last night, again tonight here in Boston. I know you're about to fly to Miami for another show tomorrow morning but what is coming up? Are you going to be focusing on that new record? I know you really haven't headlined that much yet, are you planning on touring? What's going to be going on?
Amy: Yeah, it's been an interesting ride because we are trying to find somebody that is a great fit for us if we're going to co-tour with somebody. He's back here moving his lips like silently. We just always interview together so we always know what the other person is going to say. We kind of have talked to a few artists. I think we'll find somebody to tour with but we also would love to go out on our own! Like we love doing shows on our own. Our fan base are all friends with each other.
Nick: It's an ego thing.
Amy: Oh yeah! We're better then everyone.
Nick: But yeah. A lot of this year was kind of like the promotion and the radio and stuff like that which is great because you play for a lot of crowds and playing live is one of the things we're most excited about. So we're very proud of that but we're definitely going to be doing a lot of more getting into touring next year.

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