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The Darkness are one of the most prolific British imports so their opener is always sure to be a stand out rock and roll group filled with insane performers. Last time they crossed over to our side of the ocean, they had Ohio wild childs Foxy Shazam opening and this time they are bringing out Brandon Saller of Atreyu's current project Hell or Highwater! While still new to the touring scene as this band, they did spend their summer on the Uproar Festival and with a hard drop of their debut record 'Begin Again' in February, this is sure to be only the beginning of their touring and band success.
Prior to their time on the road with The Darkness, I grabbed a few minutes with Brandon to discuss the upcoming full length release as well as what he most looks forward to during those shows. We'll be out at their show in Boston January 19th and you probably should be too! To find out when they'll be playing near you, just check out their website for all dates!

What are the three touring essentials that you must bring with you while on the road? Phone. iPod. A good attitude!
The debut record for the band drops February 5th. How did you go about the songwriting for this release considering it is the official "debut" record? How long has it been in the process?
I had written the majority of the record on my own. Once I found the rest of the band we finished writing the album as a group. It was a really natural proccess which was crazy because we barely knew eachother. The chemistry was instant. The album had a soft release that allowed us to do the uproar tour etcetera. We are really excited to finally have a hard release and get the music in stores.
Are there any expectations going into this record release considering past musical successes?
In my eyes, each of our previous musical endevours had a greatness and success in themselves. This is a new band with new music and new members. Fans of our previous work might love and appreciate HOH if they liked our previous bands due to the song writers but it is a different beast.

How did Hell or Highwater come to be?
I had the vision for hoh for some time. Once the opportunity arose to make it happen, I found a solid band and we started ripping.
We know about the US run you'll be embarking on with The Darkness. What are you most looking forward to with these shows? Are there other bands that would be a dream for you to tour with?
We are all fans of The Darkness so were psyched to be out with them. We also feel that The Darkness fans are true music fans and they are also coming to have a good time. I think we will connect with them on an awesome level. Some dream tours id say would be Foo fighters, My chemical romance, Biffy Clyro. You know. Good rock bands.

What was the first CD/Cassette you bought as a kid?
beastie boys. License to ill and radiogram creep cassette single

What was the first concert you went to and do you think either of those musical experiences influence the style you're doing today?
Voodoo glow skulls at a skate park. It just dug me into punk.

What's coming up with in the next few months for the band post Darkness tour? More touring, even writing again so soon?
We hope to be on tour most of the year all while writing the next album.

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