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Fake Problems has always been a stand out in the punk scene yet always seemed to fly under the radar. That time is over. The band is finally breaking into the studio to record their much anticipated follow up to 'Real Ghosts Caught on Tape' that allowed them to tour steadily be it with Warped Tour, Against Me!, a headlining run, Hellogoodbye, The Starting Line and a million more bands. Fresh off Side One Dummy records, the band currently find themselves label-less but that home will soon be found on a new record label. I have steadily interviewed the vocalist and main songwriter Chris Farren over the record cycle and most recently sat down with him a few minutes before he took the stage opening for The Starting Line in Boston this December. We were treated to a few new tracks and those songs definitely differ a bit from the last release in a great way. Read on for my exclusive with Chris and be ready for them to hit the road once again in the new year after they finish their new record!

You're playing these shows with The Starting Line, you toured with Against Me! in November. Are you going to be touring a lot more in 2012?
In 2013 (laughs), we will be touring. Our main focus right now at the beginning of the year is to finish our record. We have it written we just have to record it. We have to figure out who's going to put it out and that kind of business. We're zero-ing in on stuff.

Maybe you are currently label-less as of now. How has that been working on this record? Has that changed the process at all?
It's nice because we don't have anybody to answer to so we kind of can do whatever. We could always do whatever we want but we don't have to like show it to anybody. Like 'What do you think?!' We can just kind of like it or hate it on our own and I'm pretty happy with that right now.

Then considering it has been a little bit of a path to this new record and a while in time, do you think it's changed a lot or will they recognize it as pretty quickly Fake Problems?
It's very Fake Problems. I think our last record we kind of learned alot about how we write songs and how we make music. So we're taking a lot from that and it's not the same vibe as the last record. It's definitely a lot more powerful, a bit more rock if that makes sense. It's not so beachy. It's not a throwback or anything. It's more modern I'd say.

Then it has been a few years since 'Songs for Teenagers'. Were there a lot of songs that you then threw away or all of these songs that have been kept?
Well, I've written a hundred songs for the record and when we go into record, we'll probably bring twenty in and then whittle it down to like fourteen. Also in these twenty, I think there is a pretty cohesive idea in there and of the other eighty, it's just a bunch of nonsense. It's all over the place. It's crazy.

Since you have been a band for five years-
Since 2005 so it's seven years.
Has that writing process changed over time? The band writing more together or still pretty similiar?
The writing has always worked as I'll write a song on either a acoustic guitar or like layer it on my computer and then bring it to the band. Then everybody will write their own parts so that's really how is it still.

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