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Austin Carlile is known as one of the lead front man in this scene and for good reason. He's been the front man of scene kings Attack Attack as well as returning to his current band Of Mice and Men after leaving the band for a short amount of time. While his road may be a rocky one through the music industry, it was a pleasure to sit down with him for the third interview Music Remedy has done with Of Mice!

The circumstance for this interview couldn't be better as the band just spent their first headlining summer on the Warped Tour despite only having two full lengths under their belt. While the deets haven't been announced just yet for that record, the band is fresh off of their US run with August Burns Red and have announced their new headlining run which includes playing a capacity of over a thousand here in Boston in February. They have consistently played to huge enthusiastic audiences and are sure to put out an insane third record now that the line up is concrete!

You'€™ve done Warped Tour once in the past. How has it now being a veteran and playing main stage? How is it to be a headliner after working so hard?
It'€™s surreal! It'€™s awesome being that it'€™s something that was started three years ago and in so short of a time. Going from playing our first show and three years later, playing Warped Tour on main stage. We'€™re the youngest band on the whole stage so it'€™s cool to kind of see everything we did in such a short amount of time getting us where we are.

You re-issued '€˜The Flood'€™ as a deluxe version of the record. Are you writing the next record?
Actually, Alan was writing last night. We all write. It'€™s really hard to write on the road but sometimes it just comes and ten minutes later, we'€™ll clear everybody out and work as a band. Times like that don'€™t work out too often especially on Warped Tour but we'€™ve started on it and the album that we'€™re re-issuing. The sound we have with that is a completely different thing then anything we'€™ve touched on before because we just wanted to have that chapter of '€˜The Flood'€™ be that chapter and have that area and that ink and that sound that we wanted there. And the next chapter will be completely different.

And I know it'€™s going to be your third record as a band. You'€™ve obviously gone through some changes and some rough times. Maybe what are you most looking forward to like with working on that record and being this group together?
I like that we get to take time on it. Our first record was something that we wrote in about three weeks. Our second record, well Al and I wrote basically like half of it. I started my own project and Alan and I wrote in his apartment when I was out of the band and then I joined back in the band and literally two days after he met the band, we were recording. So we took all the songs that we had from my solo project and we just put them on '€˜The Flood'€™ and that'€™s the album. So it'€™s cool that this time, we actually get to take time to work on it because we'€™ve never had time to work on an album. Even out of our forty songs that we had, I had literally like two days to record all of them and as a vocalist I like to record, then listen to it for a bit. Meditate on it, hear it, feel it then go back and change it and change it but I mean I hear songs from everything that we do and I want to change them all but that'€™s what new music'€™s for.

Then to maybe end it off, what is coming up after the Warped Tour? Are you going to maybe be focusing on that record? Are you guys planning on touring?
No, we'€™ll be on the road! We have three weeks off. I'€™ll be in LA for a week then I'€™m going to Costa Rica for two weeks. Then we have a co-headlining tour that I can'€™t tell you about.
Of course!
Then coming up right after that, we have another week off then we have another headliner in the UK and Europe which should be great. The last one we did was all sold out every day so we just moved into bigger venues and got even bigger support. I'€™m super stoked about it then after that we have three weeks off then we'€™re going to another country on a whole other continent but we can'€™t release it yet. We'€™re just on tour for the rest of the year but tour'€™s home. So it works out that way!

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