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No one can deny the insane amount of buzz that is surrounding British imports here in the US this past year. While it was happening in the past few years to be exact, it's this year where it's not only in mainstream with boy bands like The Wanted and One Direction but it's even crossing into indie singer/songwriter types like Passenger, Frank Turner and Ed Sheeran! One area that it's always been happening in is heavy metal, nu-metal, you name it heavy music. I recently caught one of these acts Glamour In The Kill on their first US run ever, in fact their second ever US tour date!

I got the unique opportunity to speak to lead vocalist Davey of the project who after success in UK was seemingly incredibly excited to dip his toes in to what the fans in America have to offer. While not only playing stages across the states, they also are in the midst of working on their next studio record with acclaimed producer Joey Sturgis who has produced some of the most well recieved metal records in modern day music. It's only obvious that this band is meant for success and will be hitting the grindstone for it!

Obviously, this tour started last night and the record just came out here in the US in the beginning of the month. So since you're touring, what are the three things you must have while on the road to survive?
Must haves? My bass guitar (laughs), my voice and probably money.
Yeah (laughs)! But yeah, definitely I think the passport is a big part. Add the passport and I really don't need much anything else.

Then obviously the tour just started last night but you were in New York City which is a huge market. How did that show go and what do you think is going to be the best part and the hardest part of this tour?
Last night was amazing! It's only our first US tour so it was awesome to play New York City on the first day we had ever been to the states. The crowds were amazing. Like they made us feel so welcome and it was just surreal. In my head I was like 'What's going on? Why am I here?' but that night it was incredible. We feel so lucky to be a part of this tour. I think the hardest part is probably just staying well because we drink quite a bit. So I think we've just got to have our vitamins.
Then speaking of your first tour, as I've seen, it's kind of hard for a lot of British bands to grow here but you do have ones that are kind of at the top like Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria. Maybe was there any advice that you got from other bands who have toured here before?
I think it's just to smash it! Give it everything you've got I mean we're good friends with Bullet For My Valentine as well and Mike our guitarist is just starting a side project actually with Matock and Liam from Cancer Bats and Matock just said give it everything you've got. Give it a hundred and ten percent every night and that's what we're doing, you know. Is just smashing it! That's the best thing to do.
Then are kids knowing the words at all?
Yeah, definitely!
They already know all the words?
Yeah, which has been amazing like the album came out October the second. We playing New York and there were so many people who knew the words. We went and hung out at the merch table after the show and people knew us. It was really crazy (laughs).
They already know who you are maybe from past listening of the band?
Which is awesome!
And I know while it did just drop here just over a week ago I think but it did come out previously in the UK. Are you working on the new one, are you writing or are you still going to hold off a bit?
Well, actually, yeah, the album came out in January of last year in the UK. We signed to EOne entertainment in the US. It was actually a soft release really. We didn't want to push it too much. We actually have the new album fully written and this tour finishes up on the seventh. We go into the studio with Joey Sturgis on November the 8th and record the new album.
He's worked with so many people.
Yeah, yeah! So we're really excited like he did Asking and We Came As Romans and stuff. So I'm really excited. It should be great.
And do you think it's, to you as the singer of this band, sonically already changing from what kids are hearing now or is it pretty similiar?
Oh, it's a complete step up! I mean as a band we've always said every album needs to be better then the one before. You see so many bands that release an amazing debut and the second album's not so good or the third album is not so good. I think with us, we always try to push to make every album we release the best one that everyone's ever heard you know. So each one is just a step up. It's just an example of how much we've come on as a band and how much older we are. So I'm really excited for this new record.
And how does the band typically go about the songwriting process? Is it just one person or is it more collaborative?
I mean we all get together and write. Obviously we have different ideas and we have different influences and I think the sound that we have is just all our influences. The thing about Glamour of the Kill is we're not afraid to write a really heavy part and then go into like a melodic singing catchy part. Especially with my voice. My voice can get really high. A lot of people wouldn't put my voice with the kind of music we play but I think it seems to fit well and it stands out so it's good. People like it (laughs)!
And then a soft one! Do you remember the first CD or cassette you ever bought as a kid? Then the first concert you ever went to?
The first records? I can't remember the first record I ever bought but I will always remember the first record I ever heard. I went into my dad's garage and I found loads of records like LP's. I found this record, loved the artwork and went in, put it on the record player and it was just like 'This is it.' I think that pretty much changed the way I felt about music. That was pretty much one of the heaviest albums I heard at that point in my life which kind of lead onto a few different things but I think the first show I ever went to one of those shitty little shows in my hometown. Like ska bands and punk pop bands. But it was when like Reel Big Fish were huge and things like that. I honestly can't remember what my first big show was, probably something like Sum 41 (laughs).
Sum 41?
Yeah! I used to love like pop punk and stuff. I still do!
Maybe then to end it off, like you said, this is your first US tour ever despite being a band for a little bit of time now. Are you planning to come back pretty quickly? Are you going to just see how this run goes?
Well, we're looking to! We have got good people behind us like the Artery Foundation and a booking agent and a really cool label behind us. So I think we're going to head into the studio, get this record laid down and probably try to release it in April/May and trying to come back as soon as possible. Probably something in the summer. I really want to do Warped so (laughs) I guess we're just going to see what happens! I'm excited. Really excited to get into this new album and excited for the things that are going to come after!

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