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I hate to admit that I see this interview as a "lost interview". While thinking about not posting it due to current situations, I think that it deserves to have some light on it. Craig Owens has definitely been through the wringer in this music industry. The band that he currently finds himself back in was with out him for several years after being one of the founding members for ten years. While not in Chiodos, he did, still does have solo music as well as being the founding member of D.R.U.G.S. whom we did this interview for!

He was an excellent, low key interview for some one who has such fan insanity about himself. It was, still is clear how much passion he has for music and it is encouraging to see. He's one of the front men who stands out amongst the majority and is sure to have been seen by the majority of readers at one point in his career if not multiple times! As of now, D.R.U.G.S. is still on. Seemingly on the back burner but the band was touring as recently as February of this year!

You'€™ve had this project in the works for a long time now.
D.R.U.G.S. has been in the making for a while. You have this first full length out. Are you recording or writing?
You know the concept for it came around two years ago. We finally started writing and then the first record came out in February so the record'€™s really only nine months old something like that. We do live in a world where it'€™s instant gratification and it'€™s almost like kids go through or people go through music like it'€™s nothing. It usually takes a band one or two years to release a record however yes we are in the process of writing and hope to have it come out early next year but don'€™t quote me on it in case things come up in the process.

Perfect and then you all came from bands where you all had a strong hand in the writing. So how has that come together as a band now?
It'€™s been pretty good! I mean we all have the same vision you know and that'€™s to write the best song as possible. I think one of the best parts'€™ about being a good leader which all of us were is to make sacrifices when necessary for the better of the group and I think that all of us have done a very successful job at doing that.

And then you'€™ve been touring constantly! We talked to Aaron and Nick at AP tour and then Nick himself at Warped Tour but obviously you'€™ve been touring what feels like non-stop.
Kind of non-stop!
You'€™ve had your breaks but you'€™ve done Warped Tour, AP Tour, that first tour with Eyes Set To Kill.
Yeah, this is technically our third US tour. We haven'€™t even been touring a year yet which is pretty crazy to think about and we'€™re just very thankful. Very, very thankful. Being the people in our situation who are being offered second chances. The fact that we'€™ve come together and bring something all different and we'€™re all so passionate. That also connects with quite a lot of people. It'€™s just truly, truly a large blessing so we'€™re very, very thankful.

Then I know this is a project that you thought of in your head and you have all the other members that slowly joined after one another. Were you friends in the past or people maybe you admired?
Matt has been one of my very best friends for a very long time. Aaron was one of my friends for a long time after touring. I toured with Nick and finally met him on Warped Tour in 2003 or 2005, one of those years and then Aaron and I toured together in 2005 so I think Nick and I met in 2003 and Matt and I had toured many times together and I never had met Adam before in my life. He came into the studio, we were introduced to each other by John Feldman and we just hit it off. We had the same goals and the same drive and we liked the same kind of music and we had the same roots so it all clicked and everyone had an awesome personality. It was a lot less boy band as well. It'€™s just very fortunate. I wanted to make sure because this is my go at it. I wasn'€™t about to do it the wrong way and I wasn'€™t about to jump into something very quickly. I wanted to make sure that all the pieces fit and you'€™re only as strong as your weakest link so I wanted to make sure I had none.

No weak links at all. Then you'€™ve been doing this for so long obviously with your past band Chiodos and then doing this. How has this been? Like having D.R.U.G.S. catch on so quickly with all the fans and everyone being really happy about it?
It'€™s amazing. Like I said, I don'€™t think that a lot of people really get what we'€™ve been given and I think that this year is just something that shows that I'€™m not going anywhere. We came together, we formed this and it caught on because I think that a lot of people can relate to my lyrics. A lot of people enjoy it and the best part about it is doing it the right way this time. Coming up and being thankful and not taking any moment for granted. Like I said, we do all feel truly blessed to be where we are and we know that this has come very quickly but we still have something to prove and we still have a long way to go and we look forward to doing that and showing the world what we are capable of.

Perfect then a little soft one to end it off! What was the first CD or cassette you ever remember buying and the first concert you remember going to?
Oh my gosh! The first concert is actually like super cred.
Oh really? It'€™s like actually legit.
It was Murder City Devils besides like local shows but that was my first real show at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit where I'€™m from and as far as first cassette or CD that I ever bought, I'€™m pretty sure it was Weezer'€™s '€™Blue'€™ album. If it wasn'€™t Weezer, it might have been Offspring. I know it was that era.

Then you said the show is still like the music you'€™re doing today so maybe that influenced you obviously. Maybe did those CD'€™s influence you, maybe as you personally as Craig?
Noooo! Maybe sub consciously. I mean I wouldn'€™t say that Weezer and Offspring really was the reason that I play music. The real change in my life was that I wanted to do musical theater and then a group of friends in early high school of mine introduced me to all this new music that was a bit more underground then Offspring and Weezer were at the time. Because they were kind of mainstream at that point in their careers and then we formed a band together and that band was Chiodos.
It'€™s definitely been a long time!
Yeah, it'€™s been a long time but a lot of people don'€™t realize that a lot of the Chiodos stuff was written when I was like seventeen years old.
When you were really young.
Yeah exactly so when I was younger. I mean I'€™m still young.

Then maybe, since you'€™ve been doing this for so long, what'€™s like the biggest life lesson you'€™ve learned?
I don'€™t know if I could sum it up into one thing.
Maybe one of the first big ones you learned.
For myself?
For yourself.
For musicians?
For aspiring musicians.
As far as musicians, be nice to everybody and just don'€™t take anything for granted. You'€™re not going to end up being better then everybody and you probably won'€™t be doing this when you'€™re fifty or sixty years old so just make sure you enjoy it. Don'€™t take yourself too seriously and be thankful for every single individual that you reach out to because you really are changing lives whether you accept it or not so make sure that you'€™re in control of your own.

Perfect then to end it off, you obviously talked about writing. I'€™m not going to quote you on it because you don'€™t want to say things but what is going to be coming up? Do you think you'€™re going to continue touring a lot or maybe take a breather?
No, we'€™re booked until the summer so we have a tour that'€™s going to be announced very, very soon and then there are more tours after that that are booked and ready to go! The kids are going to be really excited! I'€™ll just continue to be sending the message and continuing to reprove myself. It'€™s been really fun on this tour because I believe a lot of the Asking fans, a lot of the We Came As Romans fans, all those kids I think are very aware of who we are and what we do. I think it'€™s really awesome to get in front of them and remind them just what it is that we do and win them back over as a band because it is a new band.
It is a challenge because you are like you said a new band. Maybe the fans from the old bands will have to be won over again.
It'€™s very difficult to recreate. The reason a lot of people listen to bands is because they'€™re attached to it and have the sing alongs in cars and stuff like that. Very difficult to do that and as long as we continue to remain genuine, passionate and we go out there and kill it every night, you'€™re not going to ease into a void of wasting. We'€™re going to be around for a while!

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