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Summer for me has been metal after metal after heavy rock after death core show and festival and I'€™m super content with those scenarios! Something though that kind of differed in that coverage was the band In Fear and Faith. They are part of the massive Scream it Like You Mean It tour this summer which came in two packages, blue and red. On certain days though, it was a gold day where you would be able to see around 15-17 bands on average during that day! We were lucky enough to cover the first gold day where we talked to about thirteen bands about their new records (if coming), the ones they just released and were given a good preview of what is to come for all the bands this fall!

First band up is the aforementioned In Fear and Faith! We had the opportunity to talk to the band a while back now in 2011 where they had been working on the reworked '€™Symphonies'€™ EP and in our new interview, we learned about a record from Ramin that has been kept severely under wraps. It looks like it will be a full band feel of the last EP but doubles as a concept album as well. Read on for our exclusive!

So maybe a soft one to start since it has been a while. How have these shows been going despite the tour just starting?
The last two shows have been pretty awesome. If we were a metal band (laughs). They were good. It'€™s definitely been metal kids expecting metal bands on it. Hands like Houses and In Fear In Faith aren'€™t really that kind of style but our fans are incredible and they'€™re very receptive to our set. We'€™re kind of like the band that are the outcasts on it but it'€™s fun regardless because we love playing shows but these gold dates with the whole tour package are awesome.

And then it has been a little bit since you'€™ve toured at least at this level of US touring. Maybe what are you most looking forward to like being back on the road for the whole summer?
Yeah our last tour was a co-headliner with For All Those Sleeping and we did an almost full US tour yet it kind of seemed short because we hadn'€™t toured with them before and when you tour with a new band, you kind of become friendly with them half way into it. For this tour, we'€™re friends with so many people that it'€™s just exciting. It'€™s like a family reunion or something. It'€™s like a mini Warped tour. So I'€™m excited because it'€™s a mini Warped tour inside air conditioned venues. Pretty sweet!
Just taking the heat out of the situation!
Yeah! Though the AC went out on the way here so that kind of sucked.
That'€™s a really great start to your tour!
Great start!
Sure you'€™re pumped!
55, maybe 56 hour drive from San Diego straight.
Well the first date for you was New York? Then you played New Jersey?
Yeah, we literally arrived there one hour before load in and we didn'€™t stop driving from Sunday midnight through. It was an adventure to say the least.
Good times!
Good times!

Then, '€˜Imperial'€™, it'€™s obviously been a while since you'€™ve released a full length with it being in 2010.
Quite a while, yeah! Two years! Yeah, most bands don'€™t have a two year cycle for their albums any more but we'€™re putting a lot of work into this new album. By far the best album we'€™ve done and I think people will appreciate what we have done. We have Scott doing everything. Screaming and singing. There'€™s almost half of the CD that doesn'€™t even have screaming but we also have our heaviest songs so it'€™s going to be interesting to see how it'€™s success is. Hopefully it'€™s good!

Then you say you think it'€™s the best album you'€™ve ever made. Has it changed sonically a bit or is it pretty similar to the sound kids have grown to known?
'€˜Imperial'€™ was supposed to sound different from the way it ended up sounding. Our producer really didn'€™t give a shit about the band. He hadn'€™t ever done a band like our sound and it was an impersonal process and we thought that he just didn'€™t really push it and there'€™s a lot of things that are supposed to be on the album that really just ended up not getting completed. It'€™s kind of a bummer so to a lot of people, it'€™s going to sound completely different but our roots are still the same. We'€™ve always tried to be a very theatrical band. With orchestrated piano, different sounds that people don'€™t really utilize in this scene so it'€™s going to sound very different to a lot of people but a lot better. It'€™s like a movie score for a hardcore band (laughs).
Is it going to be kind of similar then to what you did with '€˜Symphonies'€™?
Very much so. Our new album is essentially going to sound like '€˜Symphonies'€™ on steroids with a full band. So '€˜Symphonies'€™ was all done with a friend at my house on Midi and it'€™s all fake sounds and stuff like that but this is '€˜Symphonies'€™ as a full band essentially. It'€™s really cool. It came out really awesome and I can'€™t compare it to anything out. It'€™s very weird and theatrical and not really something you'€™d hear in this scene.

Well that will be good! That'€™s exciting! I mean it will be a fresh breath.
Yeah and I'€™m all about taking risks and taking chances and we did exactly what we wanted to on this album so we'€™ll be happy with it regardless.

And then I know you had other people on that record meaning '€˜Symphonies'€™. Like Nick Martin for example. I'€™ve asked this to people in the past and since it'€™s such a big tour you'€™re on, if you could pick like any band to do a song with, write with them, who do you think they would be?
On this tour?
Who would they be and what do you think it would be about?
Attack Attack! Is literally like our little brothers. Our little more successful brothers but they'€™re like our best friends. Any time anyone asks us anything like that, they are the first band that I think about. So our new album is a concept album essentially. Can'€™t really give away too much because it won'€™t make too much sense yet but essentially, it'€™s a story about humanity'€™s own self-destruction to the end of the world. It'€™s a very detailed graphic story and a lot of people are questioning what our first single means. Whatever we do on this album is going to have to fit the theme of that so anyone can write a story about that kind of thing but it'€™s presenting it the right way with the right people but we haven'€™t actually decided on any guest vocals just yet. We definitely are going to have some but we haven'€™t set any thing in stone. We have some very high hopes and big expectations and there are certain people we'€™d like to have on it. Especially, people we might have stolen our band name from. So, hopefully that happens.
And is that something that is probably going to be like 2013?
No, it will be coming out this year. We were hoping to have it release this summer but it wouldn'€™t be happening till the end of the tour which we don'€™t want to release an album at the end of the tour.
So it'€™s that close?
Yeah. The album'€™s pretty much done. We just have to finish it up and get it mix and mastered and we have to get our guest vocals on it. So we'€™re looking at early fall.

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