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I'€™ve been spending nights in rock clubs several nights a week for three years now and a band that I'€™ve seen truly go so far is about to drop their much anticipated self titled sophomore full length with that band being Walk The Moon. Our history with the band dates back to over a year ago and since then I'€™ve talked to them during their time opening for scene main stays like Fitz & The Tantrums to Kaiser Chiefs to Young The Giant but finally it'€™s their time to rock those same venues!

Our last interview took place while they were opening for Kaiser Chiefs in a thousand capacity venue and now with their album dropping the day after, they are about to headline that same venue less then three months later. While being an under the radar band for years with their viral hit '€˜Anna Sun'€™, the band is about to let their efforts shine and couldn'€™t possibly be in a better home for it. RCA has a great track record of signing bands that have developed a great indie following to then explode with their backing. I'€™m sure the names Kings of Leon and Hot Chelle Rae ring a bell? Walk The Moon I can promise you will be the next name to blow up.

For transcribing purposes, if you could just say your name, you don'€™t have to say what you do obviously but just in case I miss anything!
Nick: Yes! Nick Petriecca.
Sean:Sean Walkman.
Eli: Eli Brozeman.

So obviously since we'€™ve talked, you'€™ve put out the Anna Sun EP which had the new songs but is that what you guys are going to stick with for now? Are you going to do the full length?
Nick: Oh the EP is intended as kind of a teaser for the album. The album'€™s going to come out in May and yeah, everything is sort of pointing towards that release. We'€™re very excited about Anna Sun starting to hit the radio in June. It'€™s already kind of popping up just because nice radio stations have been supportive and we'€™ve been really grateful for that but yeah we'€™re going to hit it with radio and drop the album before the summer and see what we'€™re made of.
Eli: Hit you with everything we'€™ve got.
Sean: Bam!
Eli: Which is exactly an album (Everyone laughs). That'€™s it!
Huge things!

Then you finished the tour with Fitz which was a huge tour. Sold out show here in Boston with 2,500 people then you did Young The Giant who are obviously blowing up. Maybe what'€™s coming up in the next year for touring? Are you just going to keep on touring with this record coming out? Are you going to take like a little breather?
Sean: Yeah, pretty much the whole next year is just going to be touring. We'€™re going to probably do Europe a little bit. Hopefully do some festivals over there. But we are going to do some headlining stuff in the states.
Nick: Yeah as soon as the album comes out, we'€™re going to hit the road.
Hit the road running!
Nick: Doing some of our own stuff!

Then we talked a little bit about it before but obviously you signed to a major but you'€™ve been a band for a while. How do you think that'€™s affected the way you do things? Has it changed the way you guys are doing things? Like management wise?
Nick: I guess in certain ways it'€™s enabled us to do more because when you'€™re an indie band like us, all of the stuff that the label does, the manager does, you have to do yourself. So a lot of music time is spent doing business and so we have the privilege nowadays to do music and live in the van all the time.
Sean: Just changes the focus. It'€™s gone like 180 degrees. It just expands the music, pushes it much more then the business.
Nick: Yeah it allows us just to play, play, play. Which is great and really I mean as far as them affecting how we come across and how much what you see of us is us. I mean their sort of thing when they came to us is '€˜We don'€™t want to get in your way. We just want you and we just want to push you in front of people'€™. So we haven'€™t felt like misrepresented or anything it'€™s been great!
It'€™s the same label that'€™s had a lot of indie acts like that too, right? Like Hot Chelle Rae was indie for years before they went RCA.
Nick: Yeah and I mean Kings of Leon, although they were signed to RCA, they were very non-mainstream for a long time. The record that broke them was their something like fifth record so that'€™s certainly a big example of RCA kind of nurturing an artistic rock and roll band. That'€™s one of the things that attracted us.

Well, we did one in November so I think that'€™s all I have for you guys! Just a little short one!

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