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I'€™m a big local music scene supporter here in Boston and a certain band that'€™s relatively new is catching everyone'€™s ears and that band is Ghost Thrower. Considered a super group including two past members of Therefore I Am for one, despite playing less then fifty shows the band is still melting faces!

Both on tour and in New England, the band has been slaying at shows and playing material off their '€™10 Songs'€™ album which is chockfull of the music found on their EP'€™s. As one of the most loved Boston bands of the moment, they are sure to be touring again in the near future and will continue to pave their way through out the country. Catch my latest interview post set with the band in Cambridge!

We'€™re on!
Travis: We'€™re on!
Chris: One of the most beautiful rides-
Ben: Hey Natalie.
Travis: Game face in this one!
Chris: One of the most beautiful days in Boston I'€™ve seen in a while for real.
Is this a monologue to start us off?
Travis: Yes! It'€™s beautiful! We are in Cambridge. We'€™re outside the Middle East at TT'€™s.
Chris: Literally driving across the bridge from Boston to Cambridge today was absolutely amazing. No, for real! Driving across the bridge today was absolutely amazing and getting in the van after being out of the van for like three days was amazing. Having to get in the front doors.
Travis: It was awesome.
Chris: Was awesome.
Travis: Our van doesn'€™t work. The back doors only unlock from the inside so you have to climb over the merchandise and the equipment. They only open from the outside and the side doors don'€™t open at all. You have to get in from the driver and passenger side.
Chris: And it seemed annoying at first but now we miss it. It'€™s funny to jump in and out.
Travis: However, our buddies from Equal Vision purchased this van for us for a thousand dollars and we couldn'€™t be happier. From Make Do and Mend! Great dudes!

So you put out the full length record.
Travis: Yes!
How has it been going over so far? Since Ghost Thrower really did just start getting going.
Travis: Well! I mean the record came out, well technically, we did an EP in May and that was cool. It was our first release. It was our first launch into the world and it was cool. It got a little bit of buzz and the second EP came out at the same time the full length did which was both EP'€™s combined and it worked really well. I couldn'€™t be happier. We'€™ve got a record. What am I supposed to say? It'€™s awesome!

Then maybe how did you guys go about the writing process for that record? Was it just one person, more collective?
Chris: Trav did a lot of it.
Travis: I basically wrote three songs and they turned out well enough that I pitched it to my friends who are here with me now and they were into the idea. I went into a studio and recorded them with Mike who played drums. Just Mike and I doing everything and then that went well enough that Equal Vision was kind enough to pick it up and that lead us to having everyone come in, record and it was a process where I was really bummed out with a lot of shit. I ended up just sitting in my friend'€™s apartment recording music. Writing songs in Garage Band and yelling over them and it worked to the point where we were able to get into a studio and record ten songs right away and when it came time to release a full length, we decided to call it '€˜Ten Songs'€™.
It'€™s clever.
Travis: Very. My first thought was Fugazi who'€™s one of my favorite bands. They have an album called '€˜Thirteen Songs'€™ so when I was thinking about what we could the compilation of the two EP'€™s, the two five song EP'€™s, '€˜Ten Songs'€™ came to mind. Not going to lie and just be like '€˜We wanted to call it something artsy'€™. It was like why not call it just what it is and what it is is a collection of songs . Ten songs.

Perfect! And you'€™ve toured and you'€™ve played shows like outside New England.
Travis: With in these past two weeks, we played probably about I'€™d say under thirty shows and ten of them were in those two weeks. So we'€™ve been a band for over a year. We just did our first tour in the van that I told you about and yeah we couldn'€™t be happier with how it'€™s all going. We have a record to play with, for people to listen to and we have the necessities to tour.

Then maybe now that you have toured like outside of Boston, are you going to try and do more of that this year?
Chris: We'€™re all trying to get fired and collect unemployment to go on tour.
Travis: We'€™ve played in bands for a long time and Chris played in Therefore I Am with myself and we played in a band called Shipwreck. Ben'€™s been in music school for fifteen years. Something like that!
Ben: Yeah!
No big deal!
Travis: And we all decided that we didn'€™t want to tour. We just wanted to play in a band and release music. After doing this tour for a week and a half, its'€™ all I can think about. I mean I got the post-tour depression the second we pulled into New Jersey.
Chris: It was forty five hours from Austin to Boston.
Travis: And those forty five hours were fantastic until we got back to the North East and then instantly all I wanted to do was tour. So I'€™d like to say in the next few months you'€™ll see a lot more of us out of New England.

Perfect then a little soft one to end it off, the first CD or cassette you remember buying then the first concert you remember going to?
Travis: First CD or cassette!
Chris: Well, the first cassette I ever remember getting was Phil Collins.
Travis: That'€™s awesome!
Chris: It was amazing!
Travis: Really!
Chris: Mine was Phil Collins '€˜But Seriously'€™. My brother'€™s was Janet Jackson '€˜Rhythm Nation'€™ and I was jealous of his actually because I'€™m a bass player and I just feel their music but I love Phil Collins.
Travis: You know it'€™s funny! My First two cassettes were at the same time. It was Green Day '€˜Dookie'€™ and Alanis Morisette'€™s '€˜Jagged Little Pill'€™. My older sister bought those for me because my mom wouldn'€™t.

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