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So you'€™re on this tour now headlining. How has that been going considering you'€™ve been opening for people in the past on their tours as of late?
Yeah, like in the states, we did some really small stuff. It'€™s kind of weird because we'€™re used to playing bigger rooms. The last show we did in the UK was 2,500 people after ten months, so it went so fast and then here it'€™s a much bigger country. Things work differently in the states but I love small rooms. These are like my favorite places. We'€™ve played to nine people and we'€™ve played to nine thousand and my favorites are around the two fifty group. I just love that type of feeling. It reminds me of being a kid in church when I was growing up so yeah, I like it a lot. If I could play for the rest of my life in that kind of a venue and still get the word out as big, then I would do that but I mean obviously, one needs to grow but sometimes we'€™ve missed it. Obviously you'€™re happy because you'€™re playing bigger places but even when we were playing the UK and Germany and stuff like that and places start getting bigger, you kind of miss it. You feel more and more distant the bigger it gets.

And then I'€™ve been talking to a bunch of bands that are from the UK so they'€™re trying to cross over here while you guys have experienced a lot of success over seas and then your first album is coming out here. So maybe how has that been? Because you'€™ve opened on pretty big shows here like you were with The Airborne Toxic Event and that was theaters and then going out with Noel Gallagher in April. All those shows are going to be huge shows again.
It'€™s a bit of a mind game because you come back from wherever and it doesn'€™t feel real. So until it happens here, it'€™s not that those people don'€™t mean anything because we made a lot of friends and fans but it just doesn'€™t feel like it is resonating yet until its'€™ your own country so I mean I'€™ve had friends that are in bands with similar things who have had huge success in other parts of the world but till they did it here, it didn'€™t feel like it mattered. There'€™s a little bit of that but you have to have a lot more patience because it is so much bigger. It'€™s not hop in the van and hit the whole thing. It'€™s awesome! You go from Glasgow to Brighton, that'€™s like the North of the UK to the South of the UK and you can do it in like the distance of Chicago to Nashville. Not even thinking of trying to go East Coast to West Coast. So it'€™s a chess game mentally because you got to be patient.

And then the first one comes out here Tuesday which is huge and the song'€™s on the radio so people are starting to hear it. How excited are you to finally have a full length record out here?
It will feel like it'€™s materializing. You'€™ll meet people and they'€™ll be like '€˜What do you do?'€™ and you'€™re like '€˜I'€™m in a band'€™. '€˜Do you have an album?'€™ '€˜Kind of not here We have an EP but the single you can download'€™. It'€™s frustrating. Even friends and family are like '€˜Well can I go to wherever and buy it?'€™ We just weren'€™t here so it was stupid to release a record and not be able to follow it with a tour and we'€™re doing Leno on the same day. It'€™s kind of like a foot print, like a first step. It'€™s like '€˜Okay, let'€™s get started!'€™

And then maybe you said you'€™re working on the second record because the first has been out from my understanding in the UK for a while, just not here. How do you go about the writing process?
I mean I write all the vocal melodies and stuff like that but the band definitely collaborates. Right now, it'€™s just trying to collect ideas and figure out what direction we'€™re going to do next. I mean you have bands like The Strokes where they do albums that are pretty similar but the second was another step. If you were into them, you appreciated the second album more and you have bands like U2 where they completely redesigned themselves. We'€™re trying to figure out how far to go with it and how much do you want to take and experiment or piss off your fans that quick. I think we'€™re feeling out things with time but the way I write is all on my own so as far as lyrically, as time goes by, it'€™s not really going to ever change. I don'€™t really sing anything unless I believe it. I'€™m not a great story teller. I'€™m more of I guess an expressionist. You can feel what I'€™m kind of shouting across the room where as Dylan when he'€™s talking about the Jack of Hearts and all this story stuff. My brain just doesn'€™t work like that. I guess I'€™m more of an emotional baby. If it'€™s a mean song, you can tell because I sing it pretty angrily.

Then maybe, a soft one, do you remember the first CD or cassette you ever got as a kid or the first concert?
All my first musical experiences were in the church so I didn'€™t really discover rock and roll till later. I remember in an old beat up Dodge Caravan my mom had this sixties and seventies '€™Crusin'€™ Classics'€™ CD that she got at like a Shell station which was old Doowop stuff. We used to listen to a lot of oldies which I think is hilarious because as an adult, some of that soul music is the most sexual music that was around at the time but I can'€™t really remember the first. I remember stealing like a Aerosmith CD from a Walmart or something. I can'€™t remember which one it was but I think it was because I saw Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstone in that video and I wanted them. I didn'€™t know if they were like in the band or who they were, I just remember seeing the video and I wasn'€™t allowed to watch it. I was sneaking around watching it thinking this is awesome but then, I obviously got Nirvana amongst other things.

Slow one to start, you'€™re headlining which you haven'€™t done in too long. How has it been going so far considering you have the new record out with '€˜Bad Habits'€™?
It'€™s been good! This is only the fifth day so it'€™s still pretty new for us to see the response to the new material. It'€™s been good! Fun! The past couple days have been brutal because the rides have been extremely long and I feel like it'€™s just been a blur. Haven'€™t really had a good sleep yet. Every singer on this tour has been fighting with their voices. It'€™s been alright though!
It'€™s been long drives? What'€™s maybe the longest one you'€™ve done so far?
Nine hours last night, ten hours the night before, seven hours before that. So yeah, we haven'€™t been in a hotel for longer then four hours in the past four days. It'€™s been great!

That'€™s perfect! Now that '€˜Bad Habits'€™ has been out for a while, being put out in August, you did Warped Tour, you were on tour when it came out. Then you did the Yellowcard tour and now you'€™re on this one, how has it been going over compared to '€˜Picture Perfect'€™?
It'€™s been good! We'€™re playing all but one song off the new record and I feel like kids have really been reacting well. I shouldn'€™t say kids, the people, it just feels weird to say that, but yeah we'€™ve been on some great tours. Everybody seems to really enjoy the new songs and we get excited when we play them. Every opportunity to play them is great!

Then maybe what'€™s coming up after this tour, touring-wise?
After this tour, we go to the UK with We Are The In Crowd and then after that, we don'€™t have any plans. We'€™ve been writing and just playing it kind of by ear. See what'€™s going to happen!

Because we have interviewed in the past, it doesn'€™t make sense just to ask the same questions so maybe what are the three things you must have while on the road to survive?
Things I need to have on the road? Phone, I need my phone! When people ask me these questions, I'€™m like what do I need! I wear the same clothes every day. I don'€™t really need much, I gave up on socks.
You gave up on socks?
I gave up on socks. I kept losing them. I'€™m just sick of laundry. It'€™s been too hard to wash and it'€™s easier if I don'€™t change my clothes every day. I'€™m just kidding guys, I'€™ve got good hygiene! Tooth brush, phone and I like to have books. If I have some thing to do, my fucking head piece doesn'€™t go nuts!

Then maybe even though '€˜Bad Habits'€™ just came out last summer, you do put out records pretty steadily, like you have a few records under your belt. Maybe is one even in the works, like writing for a new record or is that still a little whiles away?
We'€™re definitely writing. We'€™ve talked about it but we have no idea. We'€™re not really setting anything in stone yet. We always write though. I always have songs running through my headpiece and so when the time comes, we'€™re always ready.

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