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The music industry is changing more and more every day and artists are becoming more strong minded and determined as it does so. One shining example would be the boys in The Cab! Despite beginning persay as a signed, major label band with Fueled By Ramen where the band released their first record '€˜Whisper War'€™, the band has now left their label and independently released '€˜Symphony Soldier'€™.

Definitely a departure from Whisper War, it is still clearly recognizable as The Cab in a brilliant way yet still is something a little bit new and more mature. The band has become known for their lyricist skills as well as the strong musicianship each member brings to the band. Read on for our exclusive with Alex Deleon during their time as support on their last tour with Simple Plan!

Last time we talked was at Warped 2010 so it was before 'Symphony Soldier' was coming out. How is it to finally have that record out?
I mean it's just a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders. We fought so hard for that album to come out. We were told no by so many people. That it wouldn't come out or that it wasn't good enough. So I guess just to finally have it out and just to be able to prove all of them wrong and just to give a gift to our fans. They waited so long, so patiently at times, not so patiently at others but I feel for them. We wanted to put that album out so bad so I guess when we finally got to put it out it was just great for everybody. Everybody involved in it.

And now that you are independent and not with a record label right now, how has that time been? Like having full control over everything with this record?
You know it's great! We don't have anyone to tell us how to do it or how your band should be, it's just all doing it yourself. I mean obviously being independent has been kind of a challenge but it's been great so far and the fan response has been incredible. Just to get back out on the road just doing what we love to do I think that's what's most important. It hasn't been too big of a difference or an effect. I mean album sales are just as good if not better than where 'Whisper War' was and that was with a full label. You know like marketing and promoting and pulling all there money into it. It was just putting our own money into it and we just kind of fought for our fans, fought for us.

Then do you think that's a possibility that you may re-sign in the future?
Yeah I mean it's possible. We could stay independent forever or we could sign a massive record deal. Depends on the deal you know and depends on that through the bottom line if you have some one that believes in you and wants the same direction for the band that we do. If we find a label that will support us and believes in our songs as much as we do then yeah we'd love to sign with good people.

Then you were taking it kind of easy tour wise while you were focusing on the record and now that you are back to the touring ways that you were in the past having the tour already announced with The Summer Set for 2012, how has it been going so far?
I love the ride. I live for traveling it's my passion in life so any chance that I get I take. Being at home is great but you start getting bored. Especially once you've toured once and you get to experience it, it's really something hard to get off of. It's hard to not tour because you're not getting that constant sensory overload. Especially when we go overseas, like we just got back from Japan. We're going to Australia early next year and possible other places after that so I live for that you know. That's what I love. I think I can say the same for the other guys as well. We have fans in other countries that listen to our music! To be able to encompass the entire globe is really flattering and awesome.

Then maybe a softer one! What are three things you must have while you're on the road?
Some are the most obvious. Having a tour bus. To be honest, I would say my laptop and iPad but that all got stolen a few weeks ago from me. I was pretty bummed but I think the most important thing to have on the road is just friends. People you can hang out with and talk to. Tour is so much better when it's with people you actually love. Like your friends and family.

And a local band member in Boston actually wanted me to ask you, @NuzzOSA! Is it something that's in the process of being recovered? Is it something you had a back up of?
No I don't have a back up but I still have hopes that, we're actually still working on the case, there's still people on it and there's still leads so I'm hoping that I get it back. Oh well! So no I don't but the good songs I remember and the ones I don't I'll just write more. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

And then the first CD or cassette you bought as a kid? And the first concert you went to?
That I bought? I think when I took the money for the first CD I ever purchased it was Nelly's 'Country Grammar' at Tower Records. It's crazy. I was so stoked about it. I can picture him on the cover shirtless and first concert was Garth Brooks with my mom. He was her fave. First rock concert was , other then my dad since he was in a band, was Incubus and my first pop concert was NSYNC.

Then do you think those experiences influenced you at all?
Yeah I mean the band is a mix between hip hop and NYSNC and Incubus and Brandon Boyd definitely influenced me as a front man. Justin Timberlake influenced my music immensely. Michael Jackson, all that stuff. I think everything you listen to somehow influences your music.

And then coming up, you did just announce the tour with The Summer Set coming through. Are you going to be maybe writing since Symphony Soldier was so long in the making? Touring, writing?
Yeah just touring a lot. Definitely I'€™m sure I'€™ll be writing. I don't want to wait another three and a half years. I mean we're always writing. I'm constantly writing songs! We all are so we'll be writing and hopefully we'll have something out early 2013. So that will be about a year and two months and that's probably the goal.

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