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Back in September of 2009 I did a phone interview with this next band who had just released their debut full length '€˜Losing Sleep'€™ with their debut single '€˜She Is Love'€™ being all over radio! Since then, I'€™ve steadily interviewed the band to the point where they are now six months in to having their sophomore release '€˜The Way It Was'€™ out. Through these last two years, I'€™ve seen them kill it to packed rooms, steadily have their music all over the radio and open the show for The Goo Goo Dolls and The Fray to having current radio mainstays Hot Chelle Rae open for them on the road! Yet this time, it was a little bit more low key when I met up with Will and Nate on a day off in Boston during their acoustic run as a twosome! Read on for a quick catch up with the guys as we talk about their upcoming tour with OAR to the fact that they'€™ll be on the road non-stop in 2012!

Last we talked was during the Goo Goo Dolls tour in Boston so it hasn'€™t been too long since but the record has been out for about six months now. How do you think that'€™s been going over? Playing these shows and everything?
Will: I think this last tour really helped us realize how well it'€™s been doing. You don'€™t really know until you do a headlining run and your fans are there kind of singing along and I think we realized '€˜Okay!'€™ and I think we brought in a new fan base which is awesome. I think with '€˜Kiss Me Slowly'€™ now being the single, we have a couple more singles and then shotgun sort of speak. I think it'€™s a great start and I think it will just get bigger. It'€™s just awesome!

Then you played with The Fray last night in Worcester, how did that go?
Nate: That was a great show! It was sold out. 1600 people. Great to be kind of having a more intimate sound just being Will and I and we had a great time. Loved meeting the guys in The Fray and their fans are fantastic. We'€™re big fans, excited for the new record!

And then you have a bunch of shows coming up. I know you play a ton in December and then you'€™re back on the road in January. Is it acoustic or is it full band?
Will: The December dates are acoustic and in January, when we go out with OAR it will be with full band again rocking and rolling! So we'€™re really excited about going out with OAR. We toured with them way back a couple years ago. Two or three years ago to colleges and now it'€™s fun to go back with them and see their cool fans and hang with them because they'€™re good friends.

Do you think you'€™re going to continue to tour a lot in 2012? Are you going to focus on writing maybe even again because the last record was so long in the making?
Will: Yeah I'€™m always writing so that'€™s not really a factor into the equation. I wish it was that would be great but we just kind of always write so I think we tour, tour, tour until we start recording. No real breaks but it will be exciting!
Nate: Regardless of what it is!

Since it was a catch up interview, the next single is on radio now or is it coming?
Will: '€˜Kiss Me Slowly'€™ is on right now.
Nate: Will be into 2012!
Will: It'€™s exciting! It'€™s doing really good and people are really responding to it which is awesome.

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