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Going to shows six or seven nights a week can really burn out a rock writer no matter if they'€™re old or young but when a band like The Postelles is on the agenda for the night, I know I'€™m in for a genius time! They are one of the stand outs in a genre that gets me every time and I find myself squeezing into the middle of the crowd and just letting go so whenever I get the chance to sit down with the band, I always jump on the opportunity.

Most recently, I grabbed some time with Daniel and David on a bench in Webster Hall while taking a rare trip to NYC for the CMJ festival where we talked everything about both their debut record which was so long in the making to how they are already recording the second full length record. This band has been making moves non-stop and don'€™t show any signs of slowing down any time soon so get your dancing shoes ready!

So obviously since our last interview, the record'€™s been out. It came out this year a few months ago. Was it something that had been done for a while or did you re-do it?
Daniel: No, it had been done for a while. There was definitely some remixing and mastering things that we might of added on and we recorded a newer song called '€˜Sound The Alarm'€™ that went on it but the overall recording process had been finished for a while.

Then now that it is finally out to the public and everything after being talked about for so long, how do you think it'€™s going over with the fans? Your fans?
Daniel: Oh, our fans! I think I mean we did a headline tour that started off with a CD release show and it went really, really well. I think people actually knew a lot of songs from the record I guess because it had been finished for so long and live clips on Youtube and all that but it was pretty cool. I think people really have been digging it so it'€™s exciting.

Then you'€™ve had the EP put out in the past.
Daniel: Yeah that'€™s true with '€˜White Night'€™.
Yeah the EP '€˜White Night'€™ so maybe for the new CD, for people who have heard of you before, what'€™s the most familiar sounding song for past fans of the band and the most unfamiliar?
Daniel: Well unfamiliar would be '€˜Sound The Alarm'€™ just because it was the latest addition to the album. The most familiar maybe '€˜White Night'€™?
David: Yeah I think '€˜White Night'€™ and '€˜Boys'€™ Best Friend'€™ would be the most familiar songs on the album. Like we had an EP that we did before the album that was the first thing we ever did as a band and some of those songs are now on the album.
Weren'€™t all of them on the album?
David: Yeah, I guess all of them really.

And then you'€™re touring so obviously you'€™re on tour now with The Wombats and then The Kooks are your next tour. What'€™s going to be going on after that? Are you just going to keep on touring like crazy?
Daniel: Well first we'€™re headlining a show in LA.
David: That'€™s true! Yeah we'€™re going to LA December 6th and then take the holidays off then come back in 2012 to start touring.
Daniel: We are recording though.
David: Yeah!
Daniel: Recording our second record right now!
That'€™s what I was going to ask because you'€™ve had the record written for so long. Like even when we talked back then (June 2010) you had pretty much the CD written.
Daniel: Oh sure, yeah! We already have twelve new songs recorded that we'€™re going to sort of get together to make the second album so we'€™ve been recording a lot and writing a lot.
Do you think that will be something that you put out pretty quickly or are you going to wait it out?
Daniel: No, we don'€™t want to wait. I mean we don'€™t know how soon it will be and that'€™s up to a lot of people other than us but we don'€™t want to wait. We'€™ve already done a good amount of touring on this record since it'€™s even been out and beforehand even more so there'€™s no reason to wait.

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