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Fearless Friends this year gave a whole lot of exposure to two amazing while still new to the label bands that don'€™t exactly call the United States home! While I already posted my interview with the Australian representatives of the tour, I also spoke to the singer of a group of Parisian boys named Chunk! No, Captain Chunk who were just on their second tour of the US but that wasn'€™t how it appeared as the band slayed it the night I sat down with lead vocalist Bertrand!

Still being so new to US touring, I was very gracious of him to take the time to do the interview considering as is sure to be expected their English is still not quite the level of fluency as is their native French. After just a few minutes with Bertrand, I could tell barely a difference and learned so much about what is coming up for the band, how they go about the songwriting process and really through the whole interview learned how much passion this band truly has. Read on for our exclusive and keep those eyes peeled for interviews from the three last bands Motionless In White, The Word Alive and Blessthefall!

You're on tour currently with several label mates. All pretty similiar to your sound, besides Tonight Alive, so if you could collaborate or write with any of them, who would you choose?
Actually Tonight Alive would be good (laughs). Yeah they're just kind of unique but I really like all the other bands of course but yeah it's kind of a tough decision. I don't know how to describe it but yeah totally Tonight Alive.

And then now that you've toured quite a bit here in the US, how's the experience been so far?
Awesome again. It's our second time here and one, once again, that's amazing. We love the United States and for touring and everything, it's the place to be. Especially in our kind of music because everything here is easier to tour and once again, we're having such a good time on this tour and it's just more cold. It's just colder that's all.
It's a little bit chilly!

And then, now that you've really toured a bit in the states as well as at home, do you see the crowds and reactions, is there a difference? Like in how crowds compare?
The crowd is definitely more crazy. Yeah crazier because Europe has a different crowd. It's really just different but for example, we played in Russia. Russia was like the craziest crowd ever. The people are just, yeah, they're crazy. Like very crazy! But here, we have a very good response from the crowd every night. Almost every night. So, that's very cool and yeah we definitely prefer touring in the United States.

Great! And then what are the three tour essentials, like things you must have, while on tour?
(Laughs) I would say, probably, I don't want to be rude but condoms, clean underwear and water. Water, yeah! Love water. A lot of water.

And then you covered Ke$ha for Punk Goes. How did that choice come about?
We were actually debating before what to cover between two songs. Between this one and Avril Lavinge's 'What The Hell?' but everybody from the label told us to choose Ke$ha because like 'Yeah, it's more popular'. So yeah we had a lot of fun recording this and we're actually really proud of it! Because we made it by ourselves, recorded it, mixed it, and everything so it was a good experience.
The whole thing? You made it, produced it yourself?
Yeah, yeah!
That's awesome!
Just the mastering of the final process wasn't. It was made by another one.

And then now that 'Something For Nothing' has been out since July at least here, how do you feel it's been going over so far?
So in July the album was re-released here through the label but actually, things are getting bigger and bigger for us. We have a lot of tours planned for next year and the year is growing so we're really glad and we are actually currently writing the next record. So yeah we are almost done with the writing process and probably, hopefully, next year we'll be recording it but we want to, before that, we want to explore the maximum of this album 'Something For Nothing'. Then the things we have already planned are for next year which is a good way to do that.

And then how does the band typically go about the songwriting process? Is it one person or is it collaborative?
As the singer, I think that every song, well the most important thing in a song are the melodic lines. Yeah, that's the difference between a hit single and a random song. So, I try to write most of the songs and then I send the demo's to my guitarist and then he'll find some riffs and stuff like that. So yeah that's usually how we do it. First, the melodic lines, the basics of the song and then the particular things.

And then what was the first CD or cassette you bought as a kid?
Oh I remember I think it was Green Day's 'Dookie'. Then Blink 182 but definitely pop-punk from the beginning.

And then what was the first concert you went to and do you think either of those experiences influenced you?
I remember my first concert was a shitty little pop-punk band. Pop-punk concert but it was cool and because it was at the beginning of my road into pop-punk and stuff like that. So I remember at that first concert I was like "Oh I want to do that! I want to be in a band!" but it was a long time ago and now I'm inspired by different things. Actually I'm not inspired by pop-punk. Yeah I try to do different stuff that's not pop-punk.

And then what is coming up with in the next few more months for the band? More touring, like you said, or writing, like you said?
Actually, a lot is coming up but everything is not announced yet so I cannot just say it. The next tour is announced already! We will tour with Attack Attack! and The Ghost Inside and Sleeping With Sirens in the United States in January/February and then I cannot say because it's not announced yet but we have a very busy schedule for 2012 for sure! And we have a new music video that's about to release for 'Captain Blood' so...yeah! A lot of things will come during this year.

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