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Lately, the alternative artists I'€™ve been interviewing for years are getting their turn at radio and the '€œmainstream'€ crowd starting with Parachute to current chart toppers Hot Chelle Rae to this next band Breathe Carolina with their current hit '€œBlackout'€! The band is filled with some of the most genuine boys I'€™ve met through my career and I couldn'€™t be happier for them!

Since September of 2009, we have spoken to the band four times with our most recent going down on their most recent headlining tour with Big Chocolate here in Cambridge! So much has happened since we last talked including the release of their third full length '€œHell Is What You Make It'€ and several successful headlining tours this past year and a half. Read on for my new exclusive with the creators of the band David Schmitt and Kyle Even where we dissect everything about the new record to the craziest parts of their journey so far!

It'€™s been a while since the last interview, like I said, it was at Warped Tour 2010. It was before '€˜Hell is What You Make It'€™ came out. Maybe it wasn'€™t even recorded yet so maybe how did you go about the recording process for this record? Did it change at all?
David: Yeah, I mean what we did, well, it was kind of a crazy recording process. We were with all of our boys this time so it was us five in the studio. We went down and recorded a few songs and then we had to do a tour with Mayday Parade so we did a full US tour then went back and recorded a couple more songs then we went to Japan and then came back for a couple more songs then we went to Australia and came back and recorded more songs. So we got to really sit with the songs a while you know what I mean. Like half-way finished songs. It was a cool process because we could really think about all the songs. We didn'€™t have to rush and get it done in like a month and a half. It was a span of over six months working on it but obviously we'€™re here now. It was awesome! It was my favorite recording process for sure. We had a lot of fun doing it. We just would go into the studio and we'€™d go home at night and just party and just wake up in the morning, go and write songs. It was really cool.

And then because you have the full band, I know the two of you have been working together obviously for a really long time, did that affect the process? Were they part of the process?
Kyle: Yeah Josh and Eric were there with us the whole time we were doing the record. It was cool! It was just nice to have more hands in the circle and I think it really made for a more mature record. Pushed our band forward a little bit more.

Then maybe on this one, compared to '€˜Hello Fascination'€™, what'€™s like the most familiar sounding song for Breathe Carolina fans and the most unfamiliar, like something new you tried?
David: I'€™d say like '€˜Sweat It Out'€™, if you really want to take it to trying to compare, like the most familiar new song. I think because it'€™s with me and Kyle switching off vocals. I'€™d probably say that one I think.
Kyle: Going back to the beginning I would say is the most familiar. Like '€˜Wooly'€™ is really close to '€˜Hello Fascination'€™ I feel like. I don'€™t know! They all have their things that they don'€™t do you know. We tried to pull from ourselves a lot. It'€™s kind of hard to take one that'€™s really different. It'€™s tough!
David: Probably the most different song on the record I'€™d say would maybe be like '€˜Last Night In Vegas'€™.
Kyle: Yeah maybe!
David: Yeah! I feel like it'€™s super poppy even for us in that sense. It was a fun song to make. We never really had done songs that are so poppy like that. We'€™ve done poppy but not like that.
Kyle: We had fun writing it.

Well, then obviously, besides '€˜Black out'€™ with it'€™s radio success which was the first major for you guys, how is the album going over in general with maybe your old fans who have been devoted to you before '€˜Blackout'€™?
Kyle: I think it translated well. I mean we see the same people coming out to the shows that have been coming out for the last few years. I think that shows us how our record did and the translation into the radio world. Hopefully kids just keep coming out is all we care about. After that, more new people man come out and hang! We just want to make the party bigger.

It'€™s a not a bad thing! I mean you guys have been working so hard for so long over these past few years. It'€™s off your third full length but I'€™m sure there are kids who are here because of hearing '€˜Blackout'€™ on the radio. You guys have worked so hard.
Kyle: I mean hopefully people are getting turned on to what we'€™re about. Not to hear say of like '€˜Oh that band is like this or like this'€™, hopefully you'€™ll actually stay hooked and hopefully you'€™re listening and if not, then go check it out!

Then as a band, doing these alternatively for so long maybe four or five years now. You'€™re getting pretty far into being a band.
Kyle: It is! I think it'€™s five years in terms of the band being created this next March and four years touring coming up this December.
David: Wow.
Kyle: Isn'€™t that right? Four years.
That'€™s insane though.
David: Maybe it'€™s the third anniversary.
Kyle: The beginning of 2008 we started our first tour.
David: So it will be four years. That'€™s crazy! Yeah, four years.
Well, then maybe obviously a lot of bands are mainstream but you guys have already done three full records, two full Warped tours, touring so much since then. What was maybe the biggest moment for you guys? I mean this is nice, it'€™s good to have radio, but you guys have been doing this for so long, you'€™ve had so many accomplishments it'€™s like an added bonus.
Kyle: Yeah exactly! As a band, it'€™s progressing. I think it was just the first couple shows for me honestly. I'€™ve never been in a band that had a start like that. I didn'€™t know any thing different. It'€™s bigger then anything I'€™ve done.
Do you have a moment? Just like everything I'€™m sure!
David: Yeah, I just, it'€™s everything! It'€™s just crazy you know what I mean. Just keeps going and keeps getting better and we'€™re working harder and harder.

Then what is coming up after this tour? I know you have '€˜Blackout'€™ on radio, the record came out in July, you'€™re on this tour. Are you going to continue to tour steadily in the new year?
Kyle: Yeah, yeah I mean we'€™ll always be touring. What we'€™re doing is kind of up in the air. We'€™re going to go back and write for a couple weeks and just hang out. Rest ourselves a little bit that will be fun. Just kind of wait and see what happens. Have our summer plans but can'€™t say what they are yet.
Thank you so much guys!
David: Yeah, thank you!
Kyle: My pleasure!

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