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I pride myself on not just covering the same old genres that tend to be interviewed a million times and while that may make my schedule so full, every opportunity is one I'€™m glad I take and a special opportunity recently was a turn sitting down with Beau Bokan of Blessthefall while they headlined the Fearless Friends tour this fall! Beau as well as the band are a huge part of the current alternative scene and have become known for the growing musicianship especially on their latest release '€™Awakening'€™.

The interview was an excellent time to really delve into their writing process as well as Beau'€™s main influences and turned out to be a great first interview! Read on for our exclusive and catch them on the now announced US tour opening up for We Came As Romans in the spring!

Obviously there'€™s a lot going on with the new CD just dropping so maybe a soft one! What are three things you must have while on the road?
Must-haves on the road! I must have my skinny jeans. I need to have deodorant and must have cereal and milk. Almond milk! That'€™s what we actually put in our rider.
Almond milk, really?
Almond milk, yeah! Most people ask for like food and we just ask for cereal and almond milk and some of the guys get beer but what else do you need? You need a tooth brush. Your teeth get really gross. You know from eating a lot of treats. Must have treats.

And then '€˜Awakening'€™ is obviously not your first record but how has it been going over so far? I know it came out in October.
It'€™s going over great! When you do your sophomore record, well their sophomore record with me so to me this is our sophomore record because with '€˜Witness'€™ I feel we really kind of made it our statement here in the scene and stuff. It'€™s been getting amazing reviews and I always see posts about it. They notice how we stepped up musicianship wise and me as a vocalist I feel like I'€™m at the top of my game right now so yeah it'€™s going great. Everyone seems to really like it so we got lucky! We worked hard on it.

Then being your sophomore record, did the writing change at all? How does the writing process normally go about? Is it one person, is it more collaborative between the band?
It didn'€™t really change. The only thing is that I'€™ve been in the band longer this time when we were ready to write this record so I feel like we were all just more comfortable so we knew how we did the first one and we just kind of went for the same idea. Like we'€™ll all sit down and just write tons and just shred. Whether it'€™s a riff or a chorus or even a whole song and then show the rest of the dudes in the band who will add their parts to it and then they'€™ll bring it to me. I always have the lyrics to my songs anyways so sometimes I'€™ll be like '€˜What I'€™m listening to really matches up with these lyrics I have in here'€™ or '€˜I'€™m feeling this way'€™.

Then maybe what'€™s the most similar sounding song on the new CD for Blessthefall fans and something new you maybe tried?
The most familiar song to the last record is probably '€˜Bottomfeeder'€™. It was one of the first songs we wrote and there'€™s a song called '€™Witness'€™ on our last record and it was one of our favorite songs on the record and so we loved that direction. We kind of had that same vibe and people were like '€™This one really reminds me of this one'€™ so I think those two. '€™Bottomfeeder'€™ is more like an amped up track with like dubstep in it. Way faster.

Then is there something really unfamiliar to you? Like maybe something new you guys tried?
Yeah! I'€™d say '€˜40 Days'€¦'€˜ and '€˜Bones Crew'€™. Well I think there'€™s growth. There are songs that are pretty poppy but those two songs are ones kids have really wanted us to play. Have a little more pop feel to it but with our energy so it'€™s still like heavy but with pop choruses so yeah I think those songs are a little bit farther from what Blessthefall normally does. We just wrote something new and cool.

Perfect and then right now obviously you'€™re headlining on the Fearless Friends tour with people that are all on your label and all kind of similar to you besides really Tonight Alive who are completely different. Maybe if you could collaborate with any of them, like maybe the most different from you or the most similar, who would they be to write with?
To write with on this tour?
Yeah you could pick a singular person too. Like Telle or Chris.
Yeah I would love to collaborate with Chris from Motionless! Me and him get along really well. He'€™s like crazy and I think we just would do something cool. They'€™re kind of opposites to us. They'€™re really dark and goth and have these crazy edgy videos and stuff and we'€™re..I mean we'€™re heavy but we'€™re more like the kids next door. We'€™re the pretty boys type so I think it would be awesome to collaborate with them. That would be cool to do like a good versus evil song. Not saying they'€™re evil but you know what I mean they got that vibe.
Yeah they put out that vibe kind of.
I think that would be cool to do something like that. Like have a song where we go back and forth a little.

Then maybe to end it off, what was the first CD or cassette you remember buying and the first concert you ever went to as a kid?
The first cassette I ever bought was actually, I'€™m kind of embarrassed to say this, but It was MC Breed and it was a song called '€™Ain'€™t No Future in Your Front'€™. It was a hip hop song and it was just the single and after that I bought Dr. Dre'€™s '€™Crying'€™ and that was heavy. I was into hip hop as a kid through living in the ghetto (laughs). So yeah those were the first tapes I ever bought and then the first concert or first show? I mean..
You can say like your first concert because a lot of times it'€™s '€™I went to see a local band play'€™.
Yeah the first show was like a backyard punk show but first concert was Blink 182 in 1996 and it was when '€™Duderanch'€™ had just come out. They were like my favorite band from that day on. I had loved them before I saw them live and I just had the time of my life. Like crowd surfed for the first time. I actually got on stage and ran around. So I remember it like that. There are so many awesome memories from that day. Just singing every single song they had. I knew every song. They only had two records out. I actually still have my ticket from that show. I don'€™t fan out or anything on them though! I'€™ve met Travis a bunch of times and Mark a couple times just in passing but I think like I would love to have my ticket signed by them. Just be like '€™Yo dudes you were my first show and you'€™re my favorite band.'€™ I think they might appreciate it though.

Oh I'€™m sure and do you think those, I mean that obviously still influences you today being in a band and just you as a person but do you think all of those musical experiences still influence you in a way?
Absolutely! I mean those rappers that still live in my city are like '€˜You have the swagger of an hip hop artist on stage'€™ and I'€™m just like '€˜Thank you!'€™ You know that entertainment aspect of it and when I was watching Blink on stage and seeing them having a blast. They'€™re just not caring and making like fart jokes or whatever. They'€™re doing what they love and just having fun doing it and they'€™re icons to a lot of people but they are your every day dudes that you can see on the street but they'€™re on stage and they'€™re playing to thousands of fans. So I took that and that'€™s how I connect to our fans. We have very energetic live shows. We have a blast on stage and we want to be entertaining, you know what I mean! To go up there and be a band who'€™s having fun and just reach out to the fans. I think that'€™s something worth it you know.

Then to end it off, I'€™m sure you guys can'€™t talk about it much but what is coming up? Do you think you'€™ll be steadily touring, may even write considering it was a really recent release?
Yeah we'€™re going to Europe with Asking Alexandria in January so that'€™s going to be fun to go back again. We just got back from there from our tour with Motionless in White and Pierce The Veil. Anyways, it was a blast and we got great reviews. It was crazy! Like Kerrang ranked us as a five for our live show and we were all just like so shocked and so humbled by it. We couldn'€™t believe it you know. We were like we didn'€™t pay them to say that either. So when we saw stuff like that, we were like oh we'€™re going back! Then there are some other plans for more international touring then another US tour and then a cool summer thing. So..yeah! But we'€™re excited and we were talking about even going in and doing an EP. Like a quick three or four songs and maybe a couple remixes just because we always write and we'€™ve been writing some super heavy stuff. I thought it would be cool to like do a quick EP and maybe have a bunch of guest vocalists. Like our friends. We want to hit up our friends and be like oh guys will you do a quick turn on these songs. Just do something special, you know what I mean! I don'€™t know though, we'€™ll see! Ideas, Ideas!

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