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While I may not travel into the hip hop genre much, a boy who is always a must have interview for me brought me into that for a night with Modsun. One of the hardest working musicians I'€™ve had the pleasure of speaking to twice, he has finally come into his stride and all the hard work is paying off with the release of '€˜Blazed By The Bell'€™! He told me that this is what he'€™s been trying to do this whole time with hippy hop and finally our ears get to hear it!

Growing up in the Minnesota scene, the brotherhood that the area is known for is clear with Mod as he is constantly helping others succeed in music, records all of his material on his own which he then gives away for free and does it all with no management, no publicist and no agent! Yet he still finds himself on the road with huge names like Shwayze, Scary Kids Scaring Kids and The Summer Set and you can find him on the road tons next year including this little summer tour you may all know about with some of your favorite bands. Check out our exclusive interview below and catch him on the road with Shwayze right now!

So '€˜Blazed By The Bell'€™, your newest one.-
Got the remedy, I'€™ve got the remedy! '€˜Blazed By The Bell'€™ is hosted by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rock Star! It is the piece of music that I'€™ve been really wanting to make since I started doing this. '€™Need That'€™ was my first step in the right direction and then this whole mixtape is literally the definition of what I'€™m aiming to do with hippy hop. Pick it up, it'€™s out right now! Totally 100% free. Go to modsunmusic.com and get it now. Like I said, it'€™s exactly what I'€™ve been trying to do so I'€™m very proud of it and I'€™m going to play some new songs tonight!

And then is it pretty similar to the last one or is it really different?
I mean it'€™s MODSUN stands for Moving On Dreams Standing Upon None. I'€™m all about it inspiring myself and the fact that you wake up every morning is reason enough for me to celebrate you know what I'€™m saying. I really, really like being alive so every song I write is to make people feel happy. So it'€™s been a constant step in the right direction and now I'€™ve only been doing this for about two and a half years. The only way I'€™ve learned how to do this is by making art. You make more and more songs and you start to find your sound and your sound finds you. So it'€™s definitely a step in the right direction. Definitely goes deeper then our last stuff but it'€™s still hippy hop. It'€™s still hippy hop.

Then you'€™ve been crazily growing since that Summer Set tour. I know you were up for that Rolling Stone cover and you'€™ve been touring consistently with Scream It Like You Mean It. How has it been this year?
You'€™re good by the way! Everybody out there this is a good interviewer right here. Man everything has been amazing. Like I said, I'€™m a totally independent artist. I have no label, no manager, no agency. It'€™s literally me, my best friend Mike Bryant and my lawyer. And obviously Pat Brown and B-Rolla you know what I'€™m saying and we have the whole tour and stuff but for the most part it'€™s literally just me being independent. It'€™s definitely not a job but I don'€™t go to sleep as anything but Modsun and I wake up as Modsun. As an independent artist, you have to be able to do everything your self. So it'€™s been amazing. Like I said it'€™s all led up to '€™Blazed By The Bell'€™ and this whole time I'€™ve never had like official music videos which is a key part to hip hop and for the visuals. I just shot three videos off '€™Blazed By The Bell'€™ Three professional, official, real, director concepted, really cool videos. I think I might be dropping one this week. Look for that this week and the other ones will follow but I mean it'€™s been great and the best thing is that I'€™m totally not satisfied, comfortable, by any means. I'€™m still hungry as ever. Not even half way to where I want to be yet.

You'€™ve been steadily giving away your music for free. How do you think that'€™s helped you as an artist?
A hundred percent! I have my own studio and I'€™m utilizing the fact that it is really easy to record your own music and anyone who tells you different is lying to you. So I'€™m utilizing my equipment and showing that you literally can do this by yourself and that you can literally put out music by yourself and that'€™s how I started and it caught on. I put my very first song up on there (the internet) and it sits right next to my last song I wrote. It shows development. It shows that you can start out and become something. So, everything'€™s good (laughs)!

Then I know you literally just started this tour.
Just started today. I haven'€™t played a set yet on this tour.

Then what is coming up? You'€™re on this one for a while and then?
And then I have an awesome January tour and then I will be out all summer on an awesome tour.
Let me guess!
(Laughs) Maybe you'€™ll see me this summer on a tour with a lot of your favorite other bands!

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