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With tons of new records dropping these fall, it'€™s hard for a music listener to really break through the good and bad of it all but one band dropped an excellent effort which this writer has been playing for months now with '€˜Best Intentions'€™ coming out from We Are The In Crowd!
I originally got the chance to sit down with duo vocalists Jordan Eckes and Tay Jardine during their time on Warped in 2010 where they talked about how post tour they were going to start putting those words together for the aforementioned release and it definitely was worth for their listeners the time it took to come to fruition. I caught up with Jordan again during their time in Boston on their current tour as direct support for Mayday Parade and we discussed everything about the new record from the writing process of it to what he feels are the most different and similar from the EP to their plans coming up!

So you finally put out your first full length '€˜Best Intentions'€™. So, so new, I mean it'€™s only been out for two weeks but you'€™re playing these shows. How do you think it'€™s been going over so far with the kids and everything?
The reaction'€™s been awesome. I mean we were definitely a little bit nervous because we'€™ve been playing the same six or seven songs for the last three years of our band'€™s existence but yeah I mean kids know the words and they'€™re singing along and we'€™re testing the waters right now. We'€™re playing four new ones. It'€™s a lot of fun though. I mean we'€™re all super stoked to add four songs to our setlist and not be playing the same songs over and over.

Did the writing process change at all for this record? Like compared to the EP?
We had a lot more time which was awesome because for the EP I remember we got the warped confirmation and we didn'€™t have a release so they were like '€˜alright you guys need to go in the studio right now. We need to have you guys record an album.'€™ We had two weeks to write the EP but this time we did the writing in the winter after the Hey Monday tour and all this other stuff, so we had literally so much time to write it. So we had twenty five to thirty demo'€™s to choose from and we had a little over a month in the studio. It was awesome.

Then maybe on this new CD, what'€™s the most familiar sounding song for fans you already have and the most unfamiliar, maybe something new that you tried?
I think the most familiar would probably be like '€™Rumor Mill'€™. '€™Rumor Mill'€™ has the '€™Lights Out'€™ feel to it and '€™CounterPages'€™ had like a heavier feel but I mean we definitely tried to make some more dynamic songs this time around. Like we had '€™You'€™ve Got It Made'€™ which is more of a ballad. It'€™s a little slow. We have tracks with super simple drums and clean guitars and that'€™s probably a little bit different for the kids. But then we have '€˜Kiss Me Again'€™ which is super pop. Like jumping, radio and that'€™s exactly what we wanted it to be. So I mean there'€™s really something for everybody.

Perfect then obviously you guys have grown really fast over this past year and a half. You'€™re direct support for Mayday Parade on this tour. How has this been for you, this journey?
It'€™s been crazy. We'€™re still catching up. I mean for a band that'€™s not even a band for three years yet. For us to be already direct support for a band like Mayday Parade is blowing our minds and I know we weren'€™t up for Warped Tour this year and things happen but it'€™s crazy. I mean it'€™s cool but it'€™s also really hard on us because we'€™re still such a young band and we have to kind of catch up with bands that have been doing it for the last like six or seven years but we'€™re doing our best.

Perfect and then to end it off, what is coming up after this tour now that you have the record out?
After this tour we'€™re home for a little while! We have a couple holiday shows. We have a show in Danbury, a show in Poughkeepsie and I think Glamour Kills is doing it. With The Wonder Years, The Dangerous Summer and a bunch of bands it'€™s going to be real cool. Then we go overseas to the UK with All Time Low and The Maine and then we go to Brazil with The Ready Set and Rocket To The Moon it'€™s going to be awesome! I know Brazil is freaking out so that'€™s going to be really fun and then we come back home for a spring tour that is a co-headliner that hasn'€™t been announced yet!

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