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There are a few people that through out the past two years I have been interviewing bands that stand out in my mind and one of those bands is Never Shout Never. I'€™ve interviewed them through three records being out with What is Love?, Harmony and Time Travel being their latest and always appreciate the band taking time out of their busy schedule to talk about their music for a bit!

Most recently, being last night, I sat down one on one with Christofer Drew from the band being our first interview since the Harmony Tour around this time last year and he gave me a look into what the next album will be like even though Time Travel did just release. It'€™s a drive that I'€™ve become used to from the band who never stops writing but this time around I learned that the whole band will be having more of a call on the material that will be released on the new record writing their own tracks and all sharing the writing responsibility a little bit more. Read on for my exclusive with Christofer and pick up the most recent record Time Travel!

We have talked in the past it was a while ago.
Yeah I remember you.
Oh you do?
Yeah I do!
So it has been a year but in that time you put out '€˜Time Travel'€™. I know you'€™re always putting out new music, you'€™re always writing and how do you think this one maybe differs from the past releases?
This one'€™s a little more limitless. You know we weren'€™t trying to stick to any style. We just went in there and whatever happened happened. Honestly this album was insane because we just kept stacking up tracks and I was like I just want to make the craziest sounding music on this one. I mean just show people that we'€™re never going to limit ourselves to one genre or anything like that or one sound. So I mean it was just a totally different record then anything we'€™ve ever done which I think is exciting and it'€™s cool to see these kids still connecting with the songs and stuff. It'€™s nice.

Do you still play a lot of the old stuff?
Yeah we mix it up a lot. We play quite a few tracks off '€˜Harmony'€™ and a couple off '€˜What Is Love'€™ and we play a couple oldies like stuff like '€˜Big City'€™ and '€˜On The Brightside'€™ and just laugh and stuff like that.
You still play all the way back to those records?
Oh yeah! I try to play at least one song from every release that we'€™ve done. I always play '€˜Trouble'€™ and that kind of stuff. Just because the kids really dig it and then the OG fans that are still coming out to the shows, you want to give them something that they'€™ll know and stuff like that because a lot of the kids, you know, they don'€™t know the new record yet so we want to give them their money'€™s worth I guess.

And then last time I talked to you was with The Maine and they really are doing something new with their record as well. How do you think that'€™s helped you as a musician? You know how some bands stick to the same genre and the same kind of music forever.
I would just hate to be caught in a stagnant career you know what I mean. Playing the same thing over and over again because I grew out of so many bands growing up that I listened to and things like that. I don'€™t want to see that happen because musically I feel like our band just has a lot to offer because there are a lot of great players in this band and a lot of great songwriters too.
It would just suck to be caught in that same old, same old kind of situation. We already have the new record pretty much written. We'€™re going to go back and record that in ten days. We'€™re setting a ten day limit. We'€™re going to record a new record in ten days, song per day and I think we'€™re thinking maybe psychedelic blues or something like that. We don'€™t really have a name yet but it should be a really cool record. We'€™re just all trying to put out new music and more then anything now, we'€™ve just come to terms with that the only way we'€™re going to be stoked to be staying on the road and living the crazy lifestyle we do is that we'€™re having fun playing the music that we'€™re putting out or if we'€™re proud of the music too. A lot of the older records I was just never too proud of. I never really wanted to share them or show my friends, things like that, just because I felt like I was writing for a certain demographic but now we'€™re just kind of writing for all demographics. We feel like that'€™s the most efficient way to do it is just to write for the parents, write for the kids, write for the older brothers, older sisters, you know. Write for everybody. So everybody uniquely will want to hear the record.

I know you'€™re always writing. You have been writing steadily since you started this project but is it something as well completely different from '€˜Time Travel?'€™
Oh yeah, totally! We'€™re not going to use, we'€™re probably never going to use, as many synths as we used on '€˜Time Travel'€™. I went kind of haywire with the synths. It'€™s nice because I programmed it all myself. It'€™s not like some producer was doing it for us. I was programming in my room in my in home studio and stuff like that. You know there were probably thirty synth tracks on every track on '€˜Time Travel'€™ which is pretty insane. A little over the top so this one, there'€™s not going to be any vocal effects. It'€™s all going to be real. Do a lot of one-takes. It'€™s going to be definitely a raw rock and roll kind of record. It'€™s going to be really chill. Should be fun! I mean the songs are probably the best songs I'€™ve ever written. The parts I'€™m putting in. Caleb is I think putting in a couple songs for it too and I think Tay'€™s putting in a song and Hayden'€™s working on one right now. We'€™re all definitely putting in songs on this one which I think is going to be fun. We did that on this record with '€˜Time Travel'€™. We put one of Caleb'€™s songs on it called '€˜Silver Ecstascy'€™ on it. That'€™s just fun to play. I love singing a song that I didn'€™t write because every Never Shout song until '€˜Silver Ecstascy'€™ was written by me so it was just my songs every time but here it'€™s changing it up and keeps it fresh.

And you'€™re becoming now known as a full band like you guys are a band together.
Yeah it shows. It'€™s actually transposing really well. I didn'€™t know how it would be accepted but I think the photos and the new sound is a little more progressive. It helps, you know! Initiative for the full band instead of a solo project. That'€™s really not where my heart'€™s at. I don'€™t really feel like being the center of attention all the time anymore. It'€™s just not me. I'€™ve never really liked being the center of attention. I more just like playing music and playing with my friends and sharing the spotlight is a little more my cup of tea.

Yeah I kind of see that. I mean I was waiting for an interview and saw you outside and they weren'€™t attacking you as much. I mean honestly I think the first time I talked to you was at AP Tour and they stampeded.
I think maybe the mania is over a little bit. You know the weirdness. So now that I'€™m getting a little older, age is taking it'€™s toll on me too. I'€™m looking a little older too but everything'€™s working kind of according to the subconscious plan that I'€™ve had in the back of my mind the entire career that we'€™ve done so far. Everything'€™s really just on the right track. So nothing to complain about that'€™s for sure!

And how has it been maybe sharing some of the writing responsibilities with your band?
Really low key and relaxing. You know because I trust Caleb, Taylor and Hayden like if I just laid down an acoustic track and just told them to put some fucking music to it I would trust them completely but we'€™re always putting our two cents in and it'€™s just a very balanced thing. Caleb definitely helps out a lot. Caleb is one of the most talented musicians I'€™ve ever met so having him be a part of this band is like a privilege kind of.

Then since we last talked obviously Joplin experienced a huge loss with the tornado. I think you raised something like one million?
Oh I have no idea! The second that we put up a donation site I stopped paying attention. I don'€™t think it was anything that was too ridiculous like a million dollars. I think that was said but I don'€™t think it was close to that. I just don'€™t see how that'€™s possible but I mean maybe we did. That would be cool but it was just a crazy time. A lot of moving, a lot of working. Everybody'€™s working hard for a couple weeks there. Moving their friends, family, things like that but it was an hell of an experience. It gave me a lot of perspective. It also made me fall in love with the town all over again because you don'€™t really know what you'€™ve got until you know half of it is gone so it was just a very enlightening experience. Like it sucked that it happened, you know, but at the same time it brought the whole town together. Everybody is kind of united. It'€™s unanimous there which is really cool.
It was such a random occurrence when I heard that it was Joplin, right away I was just like ah Never Shout. I couldn'€™t believe that it was that town.
So random.

Then obviously you said you'€™re about to go into the studio and this tour is about to finish!
We'€™ve only got about a week and a half, two weeks on it. Then we'€™re going to go home for a bit. We'€™re going to finish up our Eatmewhileimhot album and that should be really cool. It'€™s pretty much done all the way we just have to mix it and we'€™re just going to mix it in my bedroom since I have a nice little studio set up in there and we'€™re just going to keep it chill. We'€™re spending the holidays off which is nice. I haven'€™t been home for Thanksgiving in two years so that'€™s going to be cool to be able to share that with my relatives this year. I mean we'€™re stoked! This time off is going to be great. Christmas is going to be awesome. I really haven'€™t gone Christmas shopping ever for anyone.
Oh this would be the first time?
So yeah this year I think I'€™m going to fly out to New York City and go shopping for everybody. I'€™m going to try and ship most everything back home that I'€™m going to address and stuff. I'€™m just really going to go for it. I just love everybody in my life so much especially right now I'€™m just in a very loving mood. I'€™ll go do that.

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