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Being at Warped Tour for a day filled with interviews for the third summer in a row, I was actually looking forward to speaking to a band that wasn'€™t brand new or the band on everyone'€™s lips. I was most looking forward to the opportunity to speak to Josh Eppard and Fred Mascherino of Terrible Things who have been in the music game really for their whole adult lives and killed it to a crowd of fellow Warped tour mates later on that day when I was able to catch their set!

The band dropped their debut full length last year and quickly after the release, they left Universal to become independent artists once again which in our interview we discussed why there aren'€™t exactly cons to doing so! Read on for my exclusive time with these Warped Tour vets and look for new music to come soon from the boys!

The record came out last year. How has it been going over so far? You guys have been playing shows and touring steadily how has it been doing?
Fred: This is really the first tour where we can see some affect of all the work we'€™ve been doing on the road. It'€™s kind of the biggest tour we'€™ve done and seeing people in the crowd knowing all the words has been really exciting. You know the first record was our very first effort here and we weren'€™t overly enthusiastic about the job the label did. So we'€™re now away from them and looking forward to actually future records and that'€™s one of the things we started doing was writing before we left and we'€™re actually playing a new song at some of the dates.
Josh: You know I think it'€™s worth saying that I still look at the Terrible Things record like a new record. We'€™re still out here supporting it and we still believe in this record. Definitely excited about where the band is going to go. We'€™re creative souls so we'€™re definitely itching to get into the studio and do a new record of course but we did put in a lot of work. Fred'€™s very nice because we weren'€™t really overly enthusiastic about the job. We felt like the record still does deserve a chance and it'€™s kind of ironically appriopate that now that we'€™re not with Universal, now the crowds have been bigger and people are singing along and we are getting to see some of the seeds that we planted and it'€™s been really exciting. I can'€™t say enough about how excited the band is and how great Warped Tour'€™s been for us so we'€™re lucky to be here and trying to make the most of the opportunity.

Perfect then obviously you both have been in past bands and now you'€™re Terrible Things. How is it been being Terrible Things on Warped Tour? Kind of like, well not smaller but newer band.
Josh: Oh definitely a smaller band.
Fred: Yeah, yeah!
Josh: Well, it is! That'€™s fine. That'€™s the thing! People ask us that and there'€™s no shame in loving music.
Fred: Yeah!
Josh: We'€™re starting over. Sure I was in Coheed and Fred was in TBS and we played to ten thousand people but neither one of those bands play to ten thousand people anymore. We'€™re a new band! But I'€™m saying even those bands, I mean Coheed'€™s been able to hang on to their audience and let it kind of grow and evolve and they'€™re doing great. I'€™m just saying that it'€™s a new band and I think it'€™s for the love and the music that'€™s the reason that it doesn'€™t even phase me that we play in front of smaller crowds. I'€™m just excited that we get to touch anybody with our music. We definitely have been watching it grow and evolve so.
Fred: I think like the fact is that it is what it is. Josh and I have been playing music since we were little kids and it really doesn'€™t matter what the size of the crowd is. We have a good time. Even if no one was watching, like when we play at practice, we still play our hearts out every time.
Josh: You would think we were playing a show.
Fred: Every show we do, I mean we'€™re rock and rollers, we'€™re musicians. So we'€™re right at home on that stage. Whether it'€™s twenty thousand people or twenty people.

Perfect and then you said you'€™ve left Universal. You'€™ve both been independent in the past like The Color Fred and then Josh obviously has Weerd Science so how has it been? Like what would you say are the pros and cons to being independent maybe?
Fred: Right now I can'€™t see any bad part of being off of it (laughs).
Fred was not happy (laughs)!
Josh: That'€™s like Fred for fuck you basically. No, I'€™m just joking around.
Fred: No but we'€™re looking forward to things that we couldn'€™t do before. Like put some songs up for free for people to hear or for donation or maybe not record meaning maybe not be rushed to record and maybe do an EP and put it on vinyl instead of a full length. Essentially what I'€™m looking at it as is whatever our fans are calling for, we can now do it instead of having to follow the factory assembly line that we signed up for mistakenly two years ago.
Josh: In hindsight or 20/20, I don'€™t think there'€™s any band on Warped Tour that kind of still in their first years, playing to a hundred to two hundred people a day would be complaining. I mean I'€™ve seen this thing growing. It'€™s really exciting. What could be more exciting and like Fred said, I mean when we were off in our other bands we were playing hometown shows in small clubs because it'€™s just what we loved to do. When Fred mentions putting a record on vinyl or doing some of those other things, I think that'€™s why Terrible Things is more exciting now then ever. For where the band is headed and anything even in the present right now we'€™re really excited to be on Warped Tour. Universal or no Universal or whatever may transpire, we'€™re always going to be a band and always putting out good music.
Fred: I also feel like we'€™re playing better then ever on Warped.
Josh: I think anything has to come in its own. I agree!
Fred: We did a lot of rehearsal before this tour and we were doing some writing. Like we have had Brian Weaver playing bass for the past year. He'€™s officially in the band now and it feels like '€™Okay, this is starting to happen'€™ and we'€™re getting into our groove.

And then to end it off! Where can kids find you this summer? What stage are you playing, are you doing signings, are you hanging out?
Josh: Well we'€™re always out and about. Either at the Terrible Things tent, we'€™re playing the Ernie Ball stage, and we'€™re just always out and about. Meeting people and just kind of come to the Terrible Things tent and you'€™ll definitely catch one of us or our roadie Dennis who'€™s probably the most interesting character. Definitely! No fault there!
Fred: Yeah we'€™re not sitting on our busses in the air conditioning. We'€™re old school Warped Tour veterans and we like to go out and meet people. So come say hi!

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