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Dating back to January of 2010, I'€™ve had the great opportunity to consistently sit down with quite possibly the kings of New England pop punk with Sparks The Rescue and our latest took place as they headlined a huge local show this summer in Boston which ended even in advice for the local bands in Boston just starting out!

The band is two full length records deep now dropping '€˜Worse Things I'€™ve Been Cursed With'€™ this past May and while they are unsure where their fall is going to lead them (you know besides that big U2 tour) they are sure to be on everyone'€™s radar soon enough! These are some great gents in Sparks The Rescue and if you haven'€™t checked them out yet, I hope you do soon!

Before this album came out, it had definitely been a while.
Alex: Yeah it has.
How has it been going over so far?
Alex: It'€™s been great! I mean we just started touring on our new record. We just got off tour with Ludo and that was our first full US on the new record and it was a great time and people have been responding really well to it. It'€™s been awesome!

Perfect and then this is obviously a little bit different from '€˜Eyes To The Sun'€™.
Alex: Yeah you know we wrote this record altogether and lived in a house for three months and wrote it and we tried to make something that'€™s like '€˜Eyes To The Sun'€™ but definitely a little grown up and taking it to a couple different places. We had a bit of a different feeling to songs. A few slower ones and some more jamming songs to kind of bounce a little bit. We had a blast just writing it.

So maybe on this record what'€™s like the most familiar sounding song, like maybe for past fans of the band and the most unfamiliar?
Alex: I think the most familiar song would be '€˜Saturday Skin'€™ on the new record and '€˜Better Side of Me'€™ even though there'€™s a rapper in it. Yeah I think those are like the two most familiar songs.
Nate: I'€™d say the most unfamiliar would maybe be like '€˜Vanities'€™.
Alex: '€˜Weirdest Way'€™.
Nate: Yeah just like the more mid-tempo songs.
Alex: We never got to do like a ballad so '€˜How To Make A Heart Hollow'€™ is kind of like our ballad.

And then I know you guys were on tour with The Scenic and The Dangerous Summer into the Ludo tour so how has it been going? Like with the new CD?
Alex: It'€™s been awesome. I mean we'€™re still a relatively small band although our fan base is growing every day which is really, really cool to watch. With the Ludo tour especially, we went out there and were playing for a lot of kids that have no idea who we are. I'€™d walk around and tell kids like if you'€™ve ever heard of like All Time Low or Mayday Parade a lot of kids are just like '€˜No? Like I have no idea who these bands are'€™ which shocked us but at the same time it was amazing. It was like pretty cool to get kids interested. Getting these fans that are a little outside our usual genre that we'€™ve been in.
Nate: They'€™re wild fans! At shows, we'€™re used to seeing kids come and just stand around, no offense, till the band is on that they really want to see.
Alex: Yeah they were really good to all the bands that played on that tour. It was really cool!
Nate: Dressing up like vampires, aliens every night. The tour was themed!
I saw you for like a second that night and there were kids with like aluminum foil hats?
Alex: Yeah it was space night! There were three themes on that tour. Like we dressed up. Like when it was Dracula night, we would dress up like victims. We'€™d be Men In Black on alien night and then the Sparks The Rescue basketball team and I was a referee with a prison shirt on because I bought the wrong kind of referee shirt. Apparently, vertically is a referee shirt and I brought a horizontal shirt so I looked like a prison ref but it was okay because I had a whistle so it all worked.

And then what is coming up? Are you guys going to be touring again?
Alex: We'€™re going to be doing a lot of college shows in the fall and sticking home. We'€™re hunkering down and are going to write this winter.
Nate: We'€™ll play at your college, let us know!
Alex: We'€™re looking for a bunch of college shows and we'€™re probably touring. We always are! We don'€™t have anything confirmed right now. We can'€™t say what'€™s confirmed I mean yeah we'€™re doing a full world tour with U2 coming up but other then that!
Nate: We'€™re gonna write a lot! Yeah this record just came out and we just started playing it but we'€™re just going to have a little time off and get creative you know.
Alex: Yep!

That'€™s what I was going to ask because I know when you signed to Fearless, you re-released it but it had already been out I think since '€˜08.
Alex: Yeah it had been out for almost a year before Fearless released it. We put three new songs on there.
Nate: But it was remastered and all that jazz.
Alex: So I think we'€™re trying to put a new record out by next May or June. So about a year after this last one then we'€™ll just go on it! We'€™re going to keep touring that'€™s all we do. We love it!

Then you guys aren'€™t from Boston but you are from Maine so as some one who is breaking out from New England, you'€™re touring nationally, you'€™re signed to a label with two full length records out. What advice would you give to bands first starting in New England in general?
Nate: Write great songs, do shows and the only reason we got out of Maine is because we got lucky. We wrote '€™Secrets'€™ years ago and kids just loved it and we packed the places we played and then we changed our sound and it happened again.
Alex: Yeah for us I mean it'€™s just take over your local scene. Like wherever you live. If you'€™re a band from Boston and you'€™re not, you might get signed and blow up right away but for us, it took us like really being the biggest band in Maine. You got to build that home base. Maybe you'€™re not the biggest but you'€™re still strong. Like three to five hundred kids when you play and if that'€™s happening there, then you could say well '€™Alright if we can do this here, it can happen all over the place'€™. Like this has some longevity. Either way, you just got to play and work hard and be driven.
Nate: I see so many bands that have so much talent.
Alex: They just don'€™t take it seriously it bums me out. You got to work hard!
Nate: And I see bands that are absolutely horrendous but they just got a lot of heart and that'€™s why they'€™re doing what they'€™re doing.
Alex: The amount of effort you put into anything is pretty equal to what you get back. We definitely put a lot of effort into the band and what we do and talking to fans and making new friends. That'€™s how we'€™ve been successful.

Then obviously to start it off, you don'€™t have a choice of where you play on tours when you'€™re opening for some one else so you guys don'€™t play too, too often when you'€™re in Portland or Cambridge today when you'€™re on tour so how is it to be these local shows, like as direct support for Hey Monday?
Alex: It'€™s amazing you know? We got the call for this and we were just like hell yeah we have a hometown show coming up on the 20th in a couple days now in Portland, Maine so it'€™s just amazing to come home. We'€™re definitely ecstatic when you can have hundreds of kids sing along, it'€™s such a rush!
Nate: It'€™s also great because we'€™ve always played upstairs here and it'€™s always been great. We played it with Ludo but after the Ludo tour and this show, playing downstairs! Oh my gosh, I never want to go back upstairs again. It'€™s amazing down there! I mean we totally will but you always walk by the door and you'€™re like '€˜Oh man I want to be down there'€™

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