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Last night I got the excellent opportunity to head out to the debut night of the current Two Door Cinema Club headliner to speak to Jamie of Bombay Bicycle Club where we learned all about their new record and their time on this tour. It'€™s not a secret that his band while at home as well as Two Door have developed a huge following in the UK where they'€™re from despite maybe being a support act here but as you can read in our exclusive interview below, it will be like a relief for the band to play in that position! Still the pressure will be there as the tour has really almost completely sold out already with the Boston show last night being sold out the day it was announced.

The band just dropped their third full length release '€˜A Different Kind Of Fix'€™ on August 26th in the UK with the release available on iTunes and on their current tour but they are in talks with several labels to sign so a physical is sure to be dropped soon here. For now though, get your fix by checking out the band on the road and reading my exclusive with Jamie below!

I know you just put out your new record like a little over a week ago.
Yes, in the Uk.
In the UK. Is it coming out in the US?
We'€™re just sort of finding out, well, deciding on the label at the moment. But I mean it'€™s on iTunes and people can illegally download it.

And then like how is it going over like maybe you said back at home and then you did play New York last night so how have the kids been about it?
It'€™s really good. It hit like top five in the UK so it'€™s good. Yeah because it'€™s kind of different to the first two albums well like all the albums we'€™ve put out have been a little bit different to each other. So it'€™s probably quite hard as a fan if you really like one album and then this is something that'€™s a bit different but people like it. That'€™s what'€™s important.

And then how did you go about the writing for this CD? Was it just one of you, was it collective?
It'€™s always been Jack the lead singer that drives the live tunes. He'€™ll just have a riff or an idea or something and bring that to us so that record was no different to that. He also did a bit of writing with one of the producers Ben Allen in Atlanta.

So did that change on this record? Like is it something new?
It was more just, I think it was because, he was a bit sort of stuck at one point for some of the songs and then they recorded our new record so he just got caught. In a way that producers do quite a lot of writing.

And then on this CD, what would you say is the most familiar sounding song for past fans of the band, like on your last releases and most unfamiliar/?
So the most familiar?
So if they like bought the CD tonight, what would be like the most familiar sounding song for past fans of the band and the most like new or left field?
The last song on the record called '€˜Still'€™ which is just like a pianoy ballad. Sounds lame, it'€™s not (laughs). It sounds like Thom York or something. That would be most different. There'€™s songs that would fit on the first album like the classic indie rock songs. Probably like '€˜Leave It'€™ I would say would be much familiar.

You played in New York last night but this is your first night on the tour with Too Door. You and The Lonely Forest I would say are more like dreamy and pretty sounding a little bit. A little bit different from Two Door. They have that but then they'€™re really electronic and dancy so what are you looking forward to on this tour?
Well to be honest in the UK like fan wise, if we did a joint headlining tour we could probably do like stadiums.
Oh really? Your fans cross over a lot?
Yeah I mean really our new album is quite dreamy but live we'€™re very energetic and it'€™s more of a rock show probably then it is on the record. It'€™s also going to be like a bit of healthy competition between all the bands on the tour. Out for each other.

Then obviously both of you are big in the UK both you and Two Door and you'€™re both gaining success here as well. How are the shows different from shows in London and you said stadiums if you were co-headlining?
Well we'€™ve been doing bigger tours in the UK like we'€™ve got this like month long UK tour in October but it'€™s quite nice to be able to have the pressure taken off a bit by being a support band. People don'€™t really expect anything from you. You can only sort of do better than their expectations and also it'€™s a chance to make loads of new fans and you can only do so much touring in the UK. It'€™s not like a big country. You can'€™t go to like a hundred cities like you can in the US so we'€™ve kind of reached that tipping point in the UK like maybe we'€™ll do two tours for this album but hopefully we'€™ll keep coming back here.

That'€™s what I was going to ask. I mean I'€™m sure it'€™s going to go well playing these big rooms and kids are sure to be crazy but do you think if this goes well, you may come back to the US pretty soon?
I think we'€™ll come because we haven'€™t been to the West Coast to tour yet so I would have thought we'€™d come back maybe in November to do some dates over there but it depends on the label situation so hopefully by then we will have a physical release. We have CD'€™s with us as well.

So as a band you'€™ve released three albums and toured your fair share. It'€™s goofy but what would be like the three things you must have while on the road to survive. Like tour essentials!
I'€™m a bit sad I always just pack everything really. Just pack a wash bag, a good supply of food and green tea.

Then maybe who would be your dream act to tour with? It doesn'€™t have to make sense it could be with anyone.
Well we supported the Pixies actually in Europe which was pretty amazing. That was kind of a dream. I would like to tour with Radiohead but their fans are quite militant. I don'€™t know yeah that would be cool.

Then taking it back a bit. What was the first CD or cassette you bought as a kid and then the first concert you went to?
First concert was (Iaughs) Limp Bizkit. The first CD was Offspring I think. Pretty lame!

And then maybe that doesn'€™t influence you now personally or Bombay but do you think it does?
(laughs) No! I'€™ve always liked the guitarist in Limp Bizkit so maybe I'€™ll start wearing like the masks and stuff.

And then we talked about it but you just put out the CD, maybe you don'€™t know the situation in the US signing wise and stuff but are you just going to keep on touring in these next few months?
Yes I think so. The US is particularly hard. You can'€™t keep touring as all. It needs to be something, especially with a British band, it seems to be like there is one thing that sort of pushes you from being just like a british band playing to three hundred people to being Mumford & Sons and playing to thirty five thousand people.
I'€™ve interviewed a band You Me At Six who I believe as well is big in the UK and they'€™re in the same situation. Like this will be their first time back in October and they'€™re opening for other people it'€™s understandable.
And yeah they'€™re pretty big in the UK.
Yeah that'€™s what they told me (laughs).
It'€™s like I promise you we are.

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