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It'€™s crazy to think that I'€™ve been steadily writing about the alternative music scene for two years now and one of the bands that has been there the whole way through really is We Came As Romans and luckily enough for me, I have had the opportunity to sit down with the members of the band four times now! Our most recent meeting was with the guitarist and major songwriter for the band Joshua Moore at Warped who I have had the opportunity to talk to one on one three times now and in our latest interview we discussed everything to do with the new record coming September 13th.

To think this is only the sophomore record for the band is insane. Since our first interview with these talented Michigan boys back in February of 2010, the band has grown to incredible heights having several of the bands that they opened for on that tour now open for them and be one of the bands that definitely puts in the most touring hours out of many I have been able to interview. Since then, they continuously grow in the most natural of ways to the point where they currently find themselves killing it every day on Warped Tour and will be hitting the road for their new headlining tour with Of Mice and Men and Miss May I directly afterwards! I'€™m incredibly grateful for the time I have had with the band and only hope to be able to continue our coverage of them in the future.

So you announced it really shortly after our last interview that the record is coming out in September so it'€™s really close. I know you have a large hand in the writing from what I understand, pretty much, you write the words to the songs.
A lot of them! How did the writing go for this record maybe in comparison to the first one?
It was tough honestly because we were on the road so much and before when we did '€œTo Plant A Seed'€, we definitely weren'€™t touring as much. I mean we didn'€™t have like the fan base or the following because we released our four song EP and that only goes so far. You can only listen to that on repeat so many times before you'€™re ready for new music and so a lot of the writing was done on the road and all the lyrics I wrote on the road. Thankfully, in like last October/November we went to Europe and then we were in Australia in December and inbetween those two trips I was able to write a good majority of the CD but for the lyrics, really all the lyrics were written on the road. Besides I think two of the songs I wrote in the studio. Just because they would be like '€˜Oh we'€™re recording this song tomorrow'€™ and I was like '€˜Oh alright well I guess I'€™ll go write the lyrics in my bedroom right now'€™. I mean I have some stupid notebook app on my phone that I always write down a bunch of ideas in so when we got back from Europe, I was home for ten hours got home at like 11:30 at night and then went to bed and woke up at eight in the morning and drove to the studio and so like all the ideas that had been brewing I just didn'€™t have time to do. I mean we got to the studio and started tracking guitars and programming the next day. So it was just a lot of work and then after we got done tracking guitars, I was like okay I can finally put all these ideas into songs so other then that all the lyrics were written a lot of them on Gamechangers Tour. From my top bunk in the bandwagon. Yeah I actually have a little note book that I wrote every thing down in that we may auction off or something.
Oh really?
Because it'€™s all the first sets of all the lyrics and of course some of the lyrics changed through it but it'€™s like the first sets of all the lyrics and all my ideas of like how the vocals should go and everything. So I don'€™t know it'€™s kind of weird. I hope that, I don'€™t know for sure, but I hope that other lyricists in bands do handwrite their lyrics. It gives it a little more emotion.

Then this is a little different but our first interview was at The Emptiness where you were one out of five and then The Word Alive ended up opening for you and then I know it'€™s just a rumor but I'€™ve heard that Of Mice is possibly opening for you.
You guys have grown so, so much since that first interview. I mean I think we'€™re four.
I think four.
Are we four?
Because the first one was four of you guys like Dave was there and Andy.
Gamechangers was our third so this would be fourth.
But you'€™ve obviously grown so much since then. I know like I said it'€™s just a rumor with Of Mice opening for you but you were one out of five at that point. What'€™s been like the biggest moment for you, like the one that stands out the most in such a short amount of time?
Just being able to do what we do and then seeing the response. I mean we released two songs on iTunes and one of them we play it live called '€˜Misunderstanding'€™. It was on the top ten charts and then two days ago it was on the front page of iTunes. It was recommended and stuff. It'€™s weird to see that. Even like three months ago, it wouldn'€™t have been that way. Our growth just keeps happening and it'€™s just awesome. I know it'€™s not like because we'€™re so awesome dudes. We have just great fans. I mean we do signings every day where there'€™s kids that are just so stoked to meet us because they say that we'€™ve had influence on them and stuff and that'€™s more than I could ever ask for. Knowing that our lyrics and our music is actually reaching out to kids. It'€™s awesome and hopefully that just continues. I mean it'€™s kind of the whole point of the band so if it didn'€™t continue, I don'€™t really see the point of being around anymore.

Perfect then maybe on this record, what would you say is the most familiar sounding song for past fans of the band and the most unfamiliar?
Well on the new CD, on over probably three fourths of the CD, it is in completely lower tuning then '€˜To Plant A Seed'€™. So I guess there'€™s some of it that sounds a bit heavier but I feel like we still did songs in Drop D which is what '€˜To Plant A Seed'€™ was recorded in. I feel like when kids listen to it, they'€™re still going to be able to tell that it'€™s us. I mean hopefully. We'€™ve been trying to establish a sound that is We Came As Romans and we try not to stray far from that sound but at the same time, you can'€™t really be contained in just what that is. I mean no one'€™s trying to make To Plant A Seed Volume Two in September. They want to hear something different and so hopefully with the music I mean they'€™ll still be able to tell it'€™s us but it'€™s a progression of us. I mean just as we'€™ve grown as people and we'€™ve grown as a band. I mean they directly link to each other. I mean I feel like I'€™ve grown as a person. I hope! It would be really bad if I didn'€™t actually after all this talk about planting seeds and growing and all of that I mean. I got to practice what I preach, you know?

And then how much do you like, I can cut this out if you want, write really? Like how much of a hand do you have in writing?
I write all the lyrics and then I write, for '€˜Understanding What We'€™ve Grown To Be'€™, I'€™ve written all the music as well. Eric ended up writing his drum parts. He sat down with Joey and perfected them and everything which is great because I don'€™t know how to play drums and I'€™m terrible at that. I write the songs and I'€™d just kind of demo drum parts just to kind of get an idea of like how I saw the songs developing in my head then he would go and do his own thing with them and like add the character I guess that was We Came As Romans to it but as far as the music goes, I wrote all of it. There'€™s actually one song on the CD that Joey and I wrote together in the studio that'€™s awesome because that'€™s something that we'€™ve really wanted to do and we didn'€™t have a chance to do it with To Plant A Seed and Joey and I worked really well together and I'€™m really stoked on that song. There'€™s a song that barely made it on the CD that I wrote while in Europe after we had already spent a month in the studio. I wrote this song in Europe and we came back and I was like '€˜Alright Joey I really want to put this song on the CD'€™ and I'€™m really stoked it actually ending up making it. But yeah, like I said, I write all the lyrics and stuff but it'€™s not like all the words are just my personal thing. I write all the lyrics in my little book that I mentioned and then actually on the Gamechangers tour, I ended up showing it to all the band and they were really stoked on them. It was like they had written it themselves. They were really, I guess easily relatable, to the rest of the dudes in the band so if someone listens to us, it'€™s not like '€˜Oh I'€™m listening to Josh Moore'€™s words'€™ it'€™s '€˜I'€™m listening to We Came As Romans'€™ and how we feel as a band. Otherwise I wouldn'€™t write it. What we do as a band represents all six of us. Not just any one member. So I guess that'€™s that!

Then where are you guys this summer on Warped, like where can kids find you?
We play the Advent stage. Different time every day. We find out at like nine in the morning then we normally do at least two signings every day. Like two normally two hours apart just in case kids miss the first one. Normally one at our merch table and then we'€™ve signed at like Keepabreast or Music Saves Lives. Just different tents. We'€™ve signed at the EqualVision tent. Like today I think we'€™re signing at Substream tent so I mean we'€™ll be around. We'€™re always around.

Then what'€™s coming up? I know you have the rumored fall tour. I don'€™t know what to say (laughs).
(Laughs) You'€™ll be fine! It hasn'€™t been announced but I mean like the dudes in Of Mice and Miss May I have been saying it in interviews. I'€™ve seen fliers on the ground with dates on it.
That'€™s what I was going to say! Because I'€™ve already done Miss May I today and Levi almost dropped it and I stopped him.
Levi'€™s said it in like every other interview but I mean yeah we'€™re headlining with Of Mice and Men, Miss May I, Texas In July and then Close To Home and that starts the day our CD releases. September 13th!
Does that come to Massachusetts?
I hope so it should. I mean I see no reason why not. Every time we play here it'€™s just awesome. So I mean it would kind of suck if it didn'€™t.

So you have that tour. Is there anything coming up after that? I mean I'€™m sure you'€™re touring!
Yeah we'€™re booked like through next year. Like probably through the next like six months right now. There'€™s nothing that I'€™m allowed to say. I'€™m not going to pull a little Levi Benton and start announcing tours that I can'€™t and I hope Levi reads this and understands. Hopefully! No, Levi'€™s one of my best friends! I'€™ll just go beat him up later. I know where he sleeps.

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