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Suicide Silence are one of the largest names in the music scene right now and luckily enough for me, I got the exclusive opportunity to speak to Mitch and Mark from the band about their new record '€˜The Black Crown'€™, their time at European Festivals and their spot on the Mayhem Festival this summer! Read on for our exclusive interview!

This is obviously a little soft one to start but you guys do steadily tour all the time. What would you say like are the three things you must have while you'€™re on the road?
Mark: I'€™d need my guitar(laughs), picks and an amplifier.
Mitch: Man I don'€™t know! The main things that we need on tour..I'€™ll go for comfort type things! A pillow, a blanket, shit! Something that'€™s going to make it feel like home when I'€™m trapped in a bus or backstage.

Then the new CD '€œThe Black Crown'€ comes out next month so really soon!
Mitch: July 12th.
July 12th yes! What would you say is maybe the most like most familiar sounding on this record to Suicide Silence fans and maybe like the most unfamiliar?
Mitch: There'€™s a very unfamiliar song that'€™s called '€˜Witness The Addiction'€™ and it sounds nothing like Suicide Silence has ever done and we have a guest vocalist Jonathan Davis.
Mark: Jonathan Davis of Korn that is!
Mitch: It'€™s like we have this huge entity with Jonathan Davis of Korn singing on it so that'€™s already crazy and the song sounds nothing like a Suicide Silence song so it'€™s super different but then there'€™s a song that is hundred percent a Suicide Silence song. What would you say is a hundred percent Suicide Silence song?
Mark: I think that '€˜Slaves To Substance'€™ the first song on the record is very Suicide Silence-y.
Mitch: It'€™s all really Suicide Silence. That'€™s what we'€™ve done with this record. We created our own sound. We kind of on the last two records we did have just been well that doesn'€™t work, that doesn'€™t work and this is our sound!
Mark: We took everything that we knew that worked on the past records and we just went with that and I know that this is the best record that we'€™ve written and it'€™s going to do well I believe.
Mitch: Yeah! They are actual songs. We actually wrote songs. Not just guitars, guitars, guitars and a song. It'€™s like the repitition is there, the structure is there. Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge. It'€™s like actual structured songs. I feel like a lot of bands almost stray away from that now and we went back to it because some of my favorite music is shit that was made twenty years ago. So we know that we'€™re making music that is like what we were influenced by and we just want to make music that we actually like to listen to.

Good answer! Then how do you guys normally go about writing? Is it one person, is it more collective? Did it change for this record?
Mark: It'€™s the whole band. We all have the ability to write an entire song if we wanted to. We'€™re just all so stubborn that if one person wrote a song we would probably hate it. So we all have to put our input into it.
Mitch: We'€™re an actual band. We'€™re five dudes that make a sound so for us to make it sound properly we utilize all five of our dudes and the best way to do that is for all of us to get together and just sit down and write a song together. We get influence from Mark, we get influence from our other guitar player, we get influence from our drummer Alex and we get influence from John King then the last final thing is like putting sprinkles on a cupcake and that'€™s my voice. Every aspect of the band has to be on point and creatively the best and now here we are with '€œThe Black Crown'€!
Mark: We'€™re all pretty harsh on each other. If we don'€™t like it, we don'€™t like it!
Mitch: We'€™ll be like well why don'€™t we try something else or I don'€™t like that part and it ends up sounding better in the long run.
Mark: We all listen to each other too which is pretty jaw dropping because we'€™re all pretty different people but when it comes down to making music, everyone'€™s really supportive of one other and everyone'€™s really good about communicating with each other.

Awesome and then maybe where'€™s one of the stranger like places you guys have found inspiration! Maybe for this record like something some one said or something that happened for a song title or song idea.
Mitch: The inspiration for the record is basically like when you'€™re a full time touring band you go through the whole world and you realize how shitty everything is. For me, it'€™s hard to see a lot of people living in those cities and towns and states their whole life and they'€™ve never really get to see anything because they never leave their bubble but just being able to see the entire world you really realize how shitty everything is, how privileged half of the world is and how the other half lives. It really opens your eyes to want to write things that have meaning to them and any of us to write a song and really take something away from it even if they don'€™t speak English. That they translate it to their language and it'€™s going to mean something to them. They'€™re going to take something away from it!

Awesome and then you said it'€™s really different then the last two records so how do you think it contrasts with the past ones sonically?
Mitch: I mean this being our third record we realized that we tour nine months out of the year every year so now we feel like we know what our fans want to see. With the old fans that come out and even the new fans that have never heard of us before and we play with them. We feel we'€™ve realized what works really well from our live shows. We look at what makes people go insane. We look at what makes people want to scream the word. What makes people just want to have an outlet! Everyone needs an outlet. When you go home and all you see is shit on the news and in the media, like you get angry at every one as an outlet so we wrote music to basically have people come out to a show and release everything they have inside of them and go home and feel ten times better about it!

Then you do already have so much coming up! I know you go in just over a week to Europe and then you'€™re playing Mayhem Fest all of the summer. What are you most looking forward to within these next few months?
Mitch: This is our first time that we'€™re going over to Europe and doing all the European festivals. Like we'€™ve gone down there before and we'€™ve done all the European festivals but this time we'€™re doing the majority of them which is amazing because we'€™ve never had the opportunity to do that. I mean it'€™s just really cool to be at the age where I'€™m playing like main stage at Download Festival and playing a whole lot of festivals and then coming straight from that and going right into a major United States tour with Disturbed, Godsmack and Megadeath. It'€™s just like we'€™re flattered!
Mark: I'€™m also really excited to be headlining that festival in Spain. I feel bad because I don'€™t know the name of it off the top of my head. It'€™s something Fest. I think it'€™s called Ghost Fest but I'€™m not sure.

And then obviously you guys have been touring a lot and with some pretty big names! If you could go out with any three dream bands, who do you think they would be? They could be broken up even.
Mitch: Who'€™s our favorite band that we'€™ve toured with?
Or who would be like your dream three bands to tour with?
Mitch: Dream bands to tour with? Man we'€™ve toured with almost every band that we could have ever dreamed of playing with which is really weird but I would love to tour with like Lamb of God and-
Mark: I hate that question but I mean obviously Pantera would be great to tour with but that would never happen. I mean just to say that we'€™ve toured with like Mudvayne, Slipknot. We'€™ve played shows with Korn, we'€™ll be opening for Megadeath, Slayer. We'€™ve played with Disturbed, Killswitch, I mean there'€™s so many bands that we'€™ve already toured with that it'€™s ridiculous and we'€™re very grateful. I mean you name it! A metal band that is around that we haven'€™t toured with? We'€™ve love to tour with (laughs)!

Awesome and then these may be a little embarrassing but first off what was the first CD or cassette you ever bought as a kid?
Mark: The first, well I bought two CD'€™s, in one day. My first cassettes were home made cassettes recorded off the radio but the first two CD'€™s I ever bought were Coolio'€™s '€™Gangster Paradise'€™ and Red Hot Chili Pepper'€™s '€™Blood Sugar Sex Magic'€™ I bought them in the same day.
Mitch: My dad would come home from work and burn me like cassette tapes and some of the cassettes were like the first Korn record, the self titled Deftones record!

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