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While the main stage this summer at Warped may seem to be dominated by the latest in hardcore, some other stages on the tour are providing an excellent alternative be it pop rock to the best in guitars to this next band who definitely stand out on their own during the tour! That band is River City Extension which sings to the tune of an eight member line up and are quite possibly one of my personal favorites on the tour.
We initially sat down with Joe the incredibly talented lead singer and founder of the band during their time with Dashboard Confessional last fall and since then they have been steadily touring with The Get Up Kids to now just finishing Warped Tour and then going out with Alkaline Trio all month. With plans to record their new record, the band shows no signs of stopping any time soon so definitely check them out!

I want to say this is the second or third day-
Second day!
Second day. It'€™s so new so what are you most looking forward to being on the tour?
I am looking forward to going to Canada. I am looking forward to seeing Relient K and I am looking forward to breakfast tomorrow! Those are the top three things I'€™m looking forward to right now!

Great one, I like that! Then you'€™ve steadily toured with the Get Up Kids and Dashboard Confessional who are really big bands .What would you say are like the three things that you must have while on the road?
The three what?
Three things you must have to survive on tour.
On tour? Three things you must have to survive on tour.
Maybe being in such a big band people wise.
You have to have bottled water. It sounds silly but it'€™s something to always have in your van. You have to sleep and you have to not take everything seriously because it'€™s a really stressful environment. You have to have patience, you have to have water and you have to get sleep. Those are the most important things.

Then you have grown to be such a big line up being the eight of you so was that always the intent of the project? Because I know you started on your own.
I think when we got to eight, that was when I felt like I knew. I was like '€˜Alright, well that'€™s what I was looking for'€™. Before that, we had played with more and with less but it felt like we had just found the right group of people.

And then you have the split with Kevin Devine but is there a chance of another LP coming soon?
Yeah! We'€™re working on another record in October. We'€™re tracking in October, mixing in November and the record will be out the beginning of next year. Second full length record!

And these are a little bit different. What was the first CD or cassette you ever bought and the first concert you went to?
The first what?
The first CD or first cassette and then the first concert, do you think those influenced you?
The first cassette I can'€™t remember but it was probably, I grew up in the church, so it was probably some type of church music. My first concert that I ever saw was Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy at the Asbury Park convention center and I think that'€™s why I'€™m so excited to be there. Because that was on my thirteenth birthday and I turned twenty three in September so I haven'€™t seen Relient K in almost a decade which is wild to think about but I'€™m just so glad they'€™re still around. They'€™ve always been one of my favorite bands.
Will today be the first day you get to see them play?
Well, hopefully! Hopefully I see them play it might be tomorrow. Our set times are a little close today.

And then where can kids find you this summer? Like what stage are you playing and everything?
We'€™re playing the Kevin Says Stage. The time changes every day but you can check our twitter account which is @rvrctyext and we'€™ll be posting times on there daily.

And then are you going to be touring again after Warped Tour? Going to be focusing on the record, what'€™s going to be going on?
Yeah we'€™re actually going to be touring up until the recording. We are doing the Newport Folk Festival after this and then we have a short run with our friends in Alkaline Trio and a band called The Smoking Popes which is in August and I'€™m really looking forward to that and we'€™re going out with friends of ours Apache Relay in September. Then after September, we'€™ll take a week or two off and then we'€™re going out West to do some recording.

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