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To go from interviewing the heaviest bands to folk to ska to the next band Go Radio is the best thing about Warped Tour press! Lucky for me during my time at Warped this summer, I was able to catch up with Jason Lancaster who doubles as the lead vocalist and major songwriter for the band Go Radio who have been winning over new hearts every show!
While I may have seen the band croon their way inbetween heavier acts like Chiodos and Emarosa to their time with more similar A Rocket To The Moon to their headlining tour with Sparks The Rescue, every time the crowd is won over despite the acts that may surround them on the bill. Being a band filled with wordsmiths, I was instantly sold on this act as a huge fan of words clearly as can be seen in what I do so I was grateful for the opportunity to catch up with Lancaster at Warped this summer where we talked about some of the things and events he'€™s inspired by to what he needed with him on Warped Tour this summer and how the experience has been!

Quick question to start! What are the three things you made sure to have while on Warped Tour?
My Xbox, my toiletries bag and my acoustic! Those are all super important things.

And then '€˜Lucky Street'€™ has been out for about four months. I mean it'€™s still really, really new but you'€™ve been playing these shows, you'€™ve been touring! You did the headliner tour, you did the Rocket tour. How has it been going over so far?
It'€™s been going amazing. You know like kids are really getting into it. It'€™s something we were kind of worried about at first. Like is the message going to be gotten, you know? Are people going to understand it? And it is! It'€™s going over really well and we'€™re really excited about it.

Then being a band that is known for their way with words, what'€™s been one of the like stranger places that the band has found inspiration?
You know like everything inspires all the time. Like if you wake up in a bad mood, that'€™s something to write about and it might not turn into something that makes it onto the record but I write about everything. I think probably the best place that I'€™ve found inspiration so far, besides from my father, was our friend Carly. Carly passed from cancer not too long ago and just the amount of inspiration that I'€™ve gotten not just from that happening but just like reviewing her life in general. Just how happy she was and also all the things that we would take for granted on a daily basis that she would just always be with it. She loved everything it was amazing.

Then I know you'€™ve written '€˜Forever My Father'€™ with your brother Daniel who has his own band as well. Has it ever been really hard to play those songs live?
Yeah absolutely!
Being about something so recent.
Yeah it'€™s always hard to play live. Whenever you'€™re on stage, you tend to relive those moments and that'€™s never something you want to go back to but you kind of have to sometimes.

Then maybe what'€™s been the biggest lesson so far as a band on your first Warped Tour together this summer?
Bring a lot of sunscreen I guess (laugh). You know Warped Tour is a good place to be. The amount of camaraderie that goes down here every day is just incredible. You know the bands looking out for other bands and friends looking out for other friends. People who you didn'€™t even know who were your friends will be out here and be like '€˜Oh I'€™ve been listening to your band forever and you'€™re such a huge part of my day in general'€™. We'€™re like '€˜Oh that'€™s crazy because I like your band as well'€™. It'€™s just like, what (laughs)?

And then maybe where can kids find you this summer? I think you'€™re playing on the Nintendo stage and are you going to be doing signings and everything?
Yeah we do signings every day! After our set, we always go back to our merch tent to do signings and then randomly we'€™ll have other tent signings. Like today we'€™re at AP Tent and then back at our tent at 6:10!

Then what'€™s coming up with in the next few months for the band? Are you going to be touring more? Are you going to be taking a break at all?
Yeah we'€™re just touring! Touring is exciting. We can'€™t let out where we'€™re going yet but yeah we'€™re definitely doing it. It'€™s going to be huge! We'€™re really excited!

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