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To say I Set My Friends On Fire are an interesting group of guys is an understatement! I recently got the chance to sit down with Matt and Joe from the band at Warped Tour this summer and with everything included in the interview from prosthetic eyeballs, peeping tom'€™s and of course everything you need to know about the writing process for their latest record, I knew it would be the perfect start to Music Remedy'€™s Warped coverage this summer!

The band has been known for their eclectic blend of genres and are definitely one of the stand out'€™s on this summer'€™s tour! Pick up their new record that hit shelves just this June and read on for our exclusive life lessons with the boys on everything from their writing style to touring essentials to exactly what shapes your prosthetic eyeballs should be!

Your new record just came out! How excited are you to finally have that out?
Matt: It'€™s actually already out!
That'€™s what I heard, yeah!
Matt: But I'€™m definitely very excited that it'€™s out. We'€™re getting a lot of different feed back from it and that'€™s always fun to hear. I don'€™t know, I'€™m really happy (laughs)!
Joe: Really exciting.
It'€™s like it'€™s just really good (laughs).
Joe: Really good!

And then what would you say on the record is the most unfamiliar sounding song to fans and the most familiar for like past fans of the band?
Matt: Good question!
Joe: On the new album?
Matt: On the new album. I don'€™t know because they'€™re all pretty-
Joe: I think the most familiar is probably '€˜It Comes Naturally'€™.
Matt: Yeah and most unfamiliar maybe would be..
Joe: Narcissismfof, maybe?
Matt: Yeah there'€™s a song called '€˜Narcissismfof'€™. Kind of just a catchy song! '€˜Narcissimfof'€™ is a fun song but people aren'€™t used to it so I guess that one!

How did you go about the writing for this record?
Matt: I don'€™t know like I would actually sit up through the night thinking about a lot of random things. I'€™d lose a lot of sleep and I would sit up and think about all the crazy random things. I kind of just got weird and like went out of my mind and I guess when you'€™re out of your mind, it'€™s a lot easier to write things that are kind of outlandish and different then what you normally do. You know what I'€™m talking about?
You know what I'€™m talking about?
Matt: Um yeah! I think me being delirious was the real help towards this record.
Being delirious?
Matt: Basically my advice to any one out there is just to get delirious.
Joe: Yeah don'€™t sleep for like ten days in a row.
Matt: Think about really random shit.
Joe: Don'€™t eat and don'€™t go to the bathroom.
Matt: And you can drink but only drink coffee.
Joe: Yeah or beer.
Matt: Or beer!
Joe: No water. Absolutely not.
Matt: No water.
Joe: And you'€™ll only write out an album that people are not going to really understand.
Matt: But have alka seltzer.
Joe: Or pepto bismol. Or Robotussin. Or Hansen soda.
Matt: No water.
Or no Peace Tea.
Matt: No Peace Tea.
Joe: Plus PCP. Or Angel Dust. Sorry!
No, it'€™s funny! It breaks it up a little bit!

Then obviously you guys have been around for a while. Maybe like as a touring band, what are three things you must have while on the road?
Matt: Oh must haves! I must have food.
Joe: Chicken nuggets.
Matt: Chicken nuggets I must have. Cucumbers, pickled sausages.
Joe: Potato salad.
Matt: Potato salad. I must have toilet paper that'€™s a must. Baby wipes.
Joe: Rush Hour One, two and three.
Matt: Yeah have to have those.
Joe: We'€™ve got those actually.
Matt: Got to have nutella.
Joe: You eat a lot of it!
Matt: I eat a lot of Nutella. Got to have my drum sticks. Not drum sticks to drum with but the ice cream drumsticks. I also like having prosthetic eyeballs in my bunk. I don'€™t do anything with them but I keep them there.
Joe: I look at them and I faint.
Matt: They don'€™t look at me, I don'€™t look at them back. No questions through out the day. They don'€™t really say much. Got to have them though!
Joe: (laughs) Got to have them though.
You guys are so bad! So bad.
Matt: Eye balls?
Talking about prosthetic eye balls.
Matt: Imagine having every eye ball color in the world.
Joe: We have all kinds. Big, small, medium.
Matt: Ovals.
Joe: Squares.
Matt: Alright, that'€™s it!
Joe: We just have so many types.
Matt: Yeah. And there'€™s this one shape I want but I can'€™t remember it right now.
Joe: Quadraplegeon? Is that even a shape? I feel like that is a made up word.
Matt: Ruinacube.
Joe: Ruinacube.
Matt: Ruin cube (laughs). I just realized that we'€™re talking about eyeballs. The last one is like fly eyeballs.
Joe: Oh yeah yeah because it has like fifteen eye balls.
Matt: Sixteen actually. Sweet sixteen! There'€™s a guy named Edy Stallion who knows the Egyptian secret. Like to building the pyramids and that secret number is sixteen. Called sweet sixteen! Just letting you guys know that.
Joe: Pretty sure that was a show on MTV also.
Matt: It was a show on MTV but it was also a code of life.
Joe: And it'€™s about eyeballs and flies. That'€™s what that show was about. Pretty cool!

And then what'€™s going on at Warped for you guys? Where can they find you on Warped Tour?
Matt: They can find us on the Nintendo 3DS stage. It'€™s usually in an ampitheater if there is an ampitheater at the venue but if it-
Joe: May be in the middle of a dirt field.
Matt: It might be in the middle of a dirt field. It'€™s really easy to find. Just go there! Actually.
Joe: Yeah! That'€™s all I will say. Peeping toms. So bring your own fence and then look over it.
Matt: Yeah! Don'€™t come to the stage.
Joe: Also you have to be old and balding with a mustache.
Matt: You have to be bald. Only have three strands of hair, go to the fence and watch our set from fifty yards away. With your hand in your pants.
Joe: No! With no pants.
Matt: With no pants.
Just no pants.
Matt: And a sandwich in your hand.
Joe: Being a peeping tom. That would be awesome if our entire audience was full of peeping tom'€™s.
Matt: That would be a great photo. Guess what, guys? That'€™s going to be our new photo. Yes that'€™s right you just heard that.
Joe: Peeping Tom mosh pits.
Matt: There'€™s literally going to be a picture of us standing on stage with at least like five hundred people that look like peeping tom'€™s behind a fence that'€™s a hundred yards away.
Oh my god! (laughs) Alright guys that was a good one!

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